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Inclusion in Marketing: Pantene’s Brave LGBT Content for Christmas


Inclusion in Marketing: Pantene’s Brave LGBT Content for Christmas

Pantene has created powerful and courageous content What will you find in this content?Pantene, beyond inclusion in marketing
Behind the 2019 spot Beyond Sri-Lanka Phone Number List , the essence Inclusion in marketing, a cutting-edge brand issue
Pantene’s 2019 Christmas ad is a shining example of Inclusion in Marketing. The spot that has been running for days on social networks begins with an overwhelming fact:While 137 million Americans will be traveling home this holiday season, 44 percent of LGBT + people feel they can’t go home showing themselves as they really are .Pantene has created powerful and courageous content to be distributed on its digital channels at this time. The spot is part of its efforts to show it as an inclusive brand that fully supports the LGBTQ community.The ad features the Los Angeles Trans Choir and mixes it with some scenes of members of the choir gathering the courage to travel home to see their families for the holiday period.

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Pantene, beyond inclusion in marketing
For Pantene, inclusion is an issue that goes beyond marketing and into the culture of the brand itself. Pantene is one of the brands that has taken the issue of diversity more seriously, and has not been shy about producing content to demonstrate it, which has allowed it to create a better perception among its consumers and interest groups, and also, of course , has allowed you to generate reputational
Betting Email List efforts .Behind the 2019 spot The Christmas spot was not released alone, but accompanied by a complete series of other content: videos of transgender people who explain what their homes mean to them and how the adaptation process is very difficult in a world that frequently does not understand their reality … including their families.This is an example of those videos that accompanied the Christmas spot. In it, a trans man, Steven, is shown taking his boyfriend home for a first vacation with the family. “Having someone loving to take home is something really special,” he says.Beyond marketing, the essence
“Inclusion is at the heart of Pantene’s mission to celebrate the beauty of all transformations and of all people,” said Ilaria Resta, Vice President of Procter & Gamble.

Hearing these LGBTQ people talk about the trials and triumphs of coming home for the holidays, as well as their irrepressible desire to be their true selves, will inspire others in the community and remind us all of what true beauty is all about. ”.Along with the series of ads and videos, Pantene has committed to making a donation of $ 100,000 to Family Equality , a charity that fights for members of the LGBT + community to have the right and opportunity to raise and support a family. lovingContent on site
It should be noted that these videos are not the only effort in digital content that the brand has generated. In an example of audacity on the subject, Pantene is one of the few brands that has generated a section within its corporate site to display LGBT + content .Inclusion in marketing Inclusion in marketing, a cutting-edge brand issue It is not a matter only of marketing, but of cultural transformation and even business. Deloitte’s latest Human Capital Trends report found that companies with inclusive talent practices can generate up to 30% higher revenue and higher profitability than the competition.

Diversity and inclusion in marketing have become a paramount issue in the world’s leading companies. Organizations today thrive on empowerment, open dialogue, and inclusive work styles.From 2014 to 2017, the number of entrepreneurs who mentioned diversity and inclusion in marketing as a priority increased 32%, according to Deloitte, for whom the rules have changed dramatically on this issue.Inclusion in marketing and business cultureIn a world where brands with purpose gain more ground every day and beauty brands seek to show considerations beyond physical aesthetics, Pantene has long taken a huge step into the future … how long will it take for the others?If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail the marketing and communication strategies to create inspiring brands, you can receive them at the door of your email … And if you need advice for your business or training in online marketing , send us A shout. We love hearing from you.

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