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“Inbound Marketing Study 2018”: new edition now available


“Inbound Marketing Study 2018”: new edition now available

Inbound marketing is a methodology that offers great results to companies that apply it in terms of demand generation, positioning as benchmarks in a sector and reinforcing the brand .Although it is increasingly implemented in Spanish-speaking countries, before making the decision to incorporate it into their strategy, many companies would like to know the figures and specific data about what they could uk phone number by launching an inbound marketing projectThis is one of the reasons that has prompted us, one more year, to carry out this intense analysis of results in collaboration with the Art of Measurement. In this article we summarize some of the most interesting facts . Let’s see them!list_altIndex of contents
Why is the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018” relevant?
Sample used to prepare the study
Some interesting results from the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018”
Conclusions of the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018”
Why is the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018″ relevant?
Before getting into the subject, we would like to put you in context and explain why this study is so important to us.Specifying numerical results can be difficult, but taking advantage of the large amount of data that we have in InboundCycle from a great diversity of companies, we have decided to create this study with the aim of answering the question “What can inbound marketing achieve in my business?” .


To achieve this, we have analyzed the results of more than 50 projects , classifying them in some dimensions, such as the company’s sector or its size, and analyzing three key metrics: visits, registrations and captured MQLs.We are totally convinced that this study will be a very interesting read, especially for companies that are considering incorporating inbound marketing into their future plans. Do not miss it!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Sample used to prepare the study
This study is based on the analysis of the results of 59 inbound marketing projects over a maximum of two years, which we have divided into four semesters.All these projects refer to InboundCycle clients who started their strategies from January 2016. These projects belong to Betting Email List of different characteristics, sectors and geographical areas.Distribution of B2B and B2C projects
Distribution of b2b and b2c projectsDistribution of projects according to sectors
Distribution of projects according to sectorsDistribution according to company size
Distribution of projects according to company sizeSome interesting results from the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018″
Although there are many conclusions that you can draw from this study, we would like to highlight some that we have found especially interesting and that we hope will serve as a summary.Don’t forget to download the full study to fully immerse yourself in the data and reflections!The attraction of visits can be multiplied x20 after 2 years in B2B projects
As you will see in the following graph, the attraction of visits from B2B projects has experienced considerable growth from six to six months, since the launch of the content channel, reaching a 20-fold increase after two years.Recruitment of B2B visitsThe attraction of visits can be multiplied x2 semester by semester in B2B SMEs
In the following graph what we show is the monthly evolution of SMEs. The collection of monthly traffic is subject to variations that depend on factors such as seasonal periods, start or end of advertising campaigns on social networks, technical problems or Google algorithm updates, among others.Visits to B2B SMEsThe monthly collection of records experiences many variations depending on the type of project
The variations in the capture of records are closely related to the activation or stopping of SEM campaigns and social ads to create traction and accelerate it in some of the projects.Other reasons that affect the variation in the acquisition of registrations are the effect of other traction campaigns not related to the inbound marketing strategy and the creation of downloadable content throughout the project (as the project progresses, new ones are created content aligned with the interest of blog readers).In the ” Inbound Marketing Study 2018 ” we go into detail in the analysis of the reasons for this monthly variability.b2b records captureTraffic capture is multiplied x3 semester by semester in B2C companies in the education sectorThe education sector is one of the areas in which inbound marketing has a particularly positive effect, proof of this is EAE Business School.He knows his success story and delve into the details of how the inbound has helped improve your results!b2c education sectorMQL uptake can multiply x4 after 2 years in B2C projects
If we compare this graph with that of the MQLs of B2B projects, we see a big difference in the behavior because, by going directly to the final consumer, it is much easier to get records and MQLs.In the study you will know the reason for the variations that are reflected in the graph, very relevant factors that we must keep in mind at all times to be able to correctly analyze the results.mqls b2cConclusions of the “Inbound Marketing Study 2018”
Preparing this study has allowed us to confirm that companies that do inbound marketing achieve very good results in most cases , spectacular in some cases.This growth is constant on many occasions, so that companies that apply inbound marketing for 2 years will obtain much greater benefits than those that do it for 1 year. Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy , very interesting in the long term, which can be accelerated with techniques such as inboundization.We understand that it would be beneficial to expand the study with a larger sample, analyzing more projects in some sectors in which the sample was very small.It is also clear that it would be very useful for certain companies to analyze more specific metrics, such as conversion by channels or the time to maturity of contacts in lead nurturing.Taking into account the limitations that we expose, we encourage you to use this report as a tool to see what companies similar to yours have done in the past, based on our content that explains what inbound marketing is and how it is applied.Have you already implemented an inbound strategy in your company? Tell us your results in the comments section!

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