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Inbound marketing for universities: how to attract new students [+ Guide]


Inbound marketing for universities: how to attract new students [+ Guide]

In previous articles we have explained how to make an inbound marketing strategy and other online marketing techniques for different types of companies: B2C, B2B, large companies, SMEs, startups … But perhaps you have ever wondered if inbound marketing is adequate for your company in relation to the sector you do business in.list_altIndex of contents
How to do inbound marketing for universities or educational organizations
Success story: EAE Business School
How to do inbound marketing for universities or educational organizations
Offering education does not mean talking about education, but it is a possibility. Content in the education sector can have many facets. First you will have to think about what you want to achieve and who you are addressing before proposing the content, that is, who is the buyer person of your organization.Once you are clear about your buyer persona, you can approach your conten in different ways depending on your objective:If your intention is to attract students to your university or center where you offer a multitude of courses, you can choose to talk about training in a more generic way: its benefits, why you should train, how to do it, where to do it, etc.
Another option is to focus on specific studies. You can choose a more generic study theme that covers different courses. In this case, you could talk about cell phone provider lookup canada more oriented to these topics: specific skills of those studies, professional opportunities, etc.
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Another option is to create a strategy to promote a specific course. In this way, you would not have to talk about training, but you can deal with topics directly related to the sector in which that course is located. Thus, you will educate the user in this area, which may increase their interest and make them end up training with the course you offer.
By campaigning for a specific course, you are giving it a lot of visibility in a unique way. It will be taking presence and you will gain brand awareness in two ways: both for the center and for the course itself, and this may be imposed on similar courses of the competition. Keep in mind that many educational institutions do online marketing for their school brand, but not for their various courses.



You can also discuss topics that are included in the academic program of the course and present and relate them to the study plan directly or indirectly, and thus generate more engagement. In the same way, when connecting content with an educational center and course, you can have teaching authors specialized in these topics, which will give prestige to the content; And, producing the same effect in the opposite Betting Email List , if the content is of quality, it will give prestige to the team, the course and the center.
This aspect that characterizes inbound marketing is very useful in educational projects, as it offers the possibility of using lead nurturing to offer highly personalized content to users in an automated way .Even if you make more generic articles and ebooks, you can create stronger engagement knowing what topics the user is most interested in and providing them with specific content in that area.Of course, don’t forget the buyer’s journey . You can also customize the content and your relationship with the user depending on what phase of the purchase cycle they are in, or even when they are in the admission process . Do you know that training can be a solution to your problem? Thinking of taking a course? Are you already looking for centers? Depending on where you are, you can offer personalized content such as comparison tables, testimonials from former students, success stories from courses or from the center, etc.In this way, by knowing where the user is in their research and purchase process, you can detect those users who are more prepared and speed up the admission process.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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When we want to share and disseminate our educational content on social networks, all of these become “ vertical networks ”. Perhaps we are used to hearing that horizontal networks are those aimed at any user and vertical ones are those on a specific topic or with a more specific purpose.But if we take the content theme into account, some networks are more oriented to some sectors than others and therefore some networks work better than others. Let’s be concrete.We would say that Facebook is a horizontal network, and LinkedIn is a vertical network, aimed at creating and establishing professional relationships and connections between different users. But taking the issue of education, it works much better on Facebook ; while for example, computing works better on LinkedIn.The main reason is that education is highly represented on Facebook. We can consider training as a step prior to the job jump. All these students do not have a platform to join, express themselves, ultimately create a community (as professionals do on LinkedIn), so they group together on Facebook.In addition, Facebook allows the creation of groups and pages in a very agile way , which are highly exploited by this sector. Let’s think about groups of alumni, teaching staff, groups in defense of a quality education, resource centers, etc.On the other hand, Facebook is such a wide, well-known and easily accessible network that it is the perfect catalyst for such a broad topic that touches as many users as education first-hand.Analysis of results
Another main attribute of inbound marketing is the ability to accurately measure its effects. In the case of attracting students, you can see with great specificity how many enrollments you get from the strategy , either directly through lead nurturing or by users who have come to your website after viewing your blog.Success story: EAE Business School
Within the education sector, EAE Business School is one of the main business schools in Spain, dedicated to offering quality training and at the forefront since 1958.They already had their own marketing department and, although there were no specific problems, they were clear that with inbound marketing they could generate more traffic and improve lead acquisition based on a sustainable recruitment channel. Hence your decision to start working with InboundCycle.To know in detail the characteristics and results of the project, you can download the PDF here .Now you know how inbound marketing can help specifically in universities, schools and education projects, and what strategies to use.


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