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Impact and applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing


Impact and applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving and changing: techniques from a couple of years ago have become obsolete and it is essential to find new effective tools.Thus, it is important to know the latest trends and technologies that will transform and improve digital marketing in order to exploit its full potential. Do we see them?This is the case with artificial intelligence: this technology is expected to revolutionize the current marketing paradigm . In fact, many companies are already canada phone directory their digital marketing campaigns today thanks to the application of artificial intelligence.In this article we intend to analyze a little more in depth the expected impact of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and explore some of its applications.Defining artificial intelligence
According to Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind , an artificial intelligence (AI) startup acquired by Google in 2014, AI is “the science of making smart machines.” Far from being an overly futuristic vision of the technology to come, this definition describes a reality that is gaining more weight every day.Do you like what you are reading? SubscribeEMAIL *
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Differences between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learningHowever, the term “artificial intelligence” may seem too generic. We better understand its meaning when we unravel its content. Thus, AI groups together different technologies: the two main ones are machine learning and deep learning.The artificial intelligence aims to replicate partly or completely even so superior human intelligence.
The machine learning is based on giving computers the ability to learn on their own through large data sets (the so – called ‘big data’).
The deep learning goes further and aims to build multiple layers of abstraction over data sets to reach a higher conclusion as similar as possible to how would the human mind.
applications of artificial intelligence



Source: Nvidia

To better understand the difference between these technologies we can use an example: AI would be the system to recognize images of dogs; machine learning would provide the system with hundreds of thousands of images of dogs; deep learning, on the other hand, would help the system to recognize patterns to identify a dog (for example, having four legs would be an indicator that the image found could be that of a dog).Machine learning vs deep learning
Thus, we see that the main Betting Email List between machine learning and deep learning is that the latter does not need to be operated by a human to direct the machine or process the result . That is, it is capable of operating without supervision and thus avoiding human intervention.In fact, deep learning is the facet of machinelearning that is awakening the most interest in many areas, since it allows improving aspects such as speech recognition, vision and language processing in computers, with the potential that this implies.New Call-to-action
It is for these reasons that deep learning has undergone important advances that have allowed machines to deal, alone, with tasks that were previously unthinkable, such as perceiving objects, translating, recognizing voices … The immense possibilities of the application of these technologies to the world of marketing .The relationship between artificial intelligence and digital marketing
As we say, artificial intelligence is beginning to be more present in the world of marketing through increasingly sophisticated technologies and tools. However, the idea of ​​dispensing with human action or supervision is still a long way off: their intervention is still necessary and there is still enormous potential to be exploited.Did you know that the 90% of the world data have been generated in the last 2 years ? Yes: the digitization of our lives and the irruption of the internet in all areas is generating an enormous amount of information. Such an amount of data is impossible for a human to process : people have a finite capacity to define strategies and put them into action based on the information obtained.For their part, AI systems have an infinite capacity to process data and even carry out marketing actions . And in a more accurate, fast and ecnomical way.Bringing artificial intelligence into the world of marketing enables better results to be achieved faster, in turn freeing up a large portion of marketers’ time now devoted to repetitive, low-value-added tasks. Thus, marketing teams can focus on innovation and continuous improvement applied to their campaigns .Applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing
The applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing are present throughout all processes. This graph from Smart insights illustrates this:applications artificial intelligence marketing

Source: Smart Insights

AI is not only present in all stages of the digital marketing funnel, but it can also help us improve results in each of them. Let’s go into a little more detail and see some concrete applications of artificial intelligence in the world of marketing . Although some may seem like science fiction, many are already a reality today:1. Content generation
Yes, far from generating meaningless texts, artificial intelligence already allows you to create interesting and 100% original content. Tools such as Wordsmith , Articoolo and Quill allow you to generate content from a series of very basic data and information . In fact, media such as Forbes or the Associated Press already use this technology to write news and attract traffic to their pages.applications artificial intelligence articoolo2. Content curation
You have surely experienced this type of technology through Amazon product recommendations or Netflix content. This is what we mean when we talk about content curation: offering appropriate content to each user, in a totally personalized way and, thanks to artificial intelligence, also automatically .3. Programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is based on using artificial intelligence to automate the purchase of advertising space to reach much more specific segments . An example of this automation is Real-time-bidding or RTB: this type of programmatic advertising allows you to maximize conversion to customer and reduce the cost of acquisition efficiently and quickly.4. Predictive analytics
Artificial intelligence allows you to take digital marketing one step further: it is possible to anticipate user needs and offer the product or service you need even before you look for it , thanks to predictive analytics. This type of analysis consists of the use of data, algorithms and machine learning techniques to determine the probability of certain future events based on historical data.The applications of predictive analytics are huge in the world of marketing. One of them is lead scoring , a technique that makes it possible to determine with greater certainty the probability that a prospect will become a customer based on their profile and behavior.5. Chatbots
It is possible that when you think of artificial intelligence, a robot immediately comes to mind. In digital marketing , chatbots are very common , the most visible facet of AI and that many brands have begun to implement as communication channels with their customers.The advantages of chatbots are obvious: they allow you to offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . In turn, they are capable of managing a large volume of queries simultaneously and maintaining a high level of service quality .6. Marketing automation
Currently, marketing automation requires human intervention to determine the flows and rules of each customer journey, ironically. However, artificial intelligence could make these tools completely autonomous in the not too distant future.In this way, it would be decided, automatically, which is the best way to follow for each user based on their specific profile and the historical data they have .

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