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HubSpot vs WordPress: which is the best CMS for you?


HubSpot vs WordPress: which is the best CMS for you?

If you find yourself in the situation of having to choose a suitable CMS for the development of your website, blog or other pages, it is possible that you have reduced the possibilities to two of the most powerful platforms today: HubSpot and WordPress. But how to choose between these two?It is not about deciding which one is better, but rather knowing which content manager may be the one that best suits your needs. This is why I want to explain its main advantages and El Salvador Phone Number List .list_altIndex of contents
The benefits of the HubSpot CMS
The best of the WordPress CMS
HubSpot and WordPress: what do they have in common?
At first, comparing HubSpot and WordPress may seem somewhat excessive, since the former is a marketing tool that offers a wide variety of services beyond the CMS, while the latter is the king of blogging par excellence. But this time I would like to focus on the functionality of HubSpot as a CMS (Content Manager System) versus WordPress as a developer of any type of pages, not just blogsIn this article we are not going to review all the functionalities of each tool, but we will see what each one offers us compared to the other.

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The benefits of the HubSpot CMS
The most advantageous thing about the HubSpot CMS – and that could become the main reason to win the game – is that it is an all-in-1 platform .As I have mentioned before, HubSpot does not act only as a CMS. All the other Betting Email List services and systems that we need to develop an inbound strategy are integrated from the same platform:Marketing Hub (for marketing automation)
Sales Hub (CRM for sales)
Service Hub (for customer service)
CMS Hub (the content management system)
When all these tools are integrated, we can get more out of the CMS.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Customizable content
On the one hand, this inclusion of all services allows us to take advantage of all your data to personalize content .HubSpot allows us to add contact information that we already have in the database to the pages ; in this way we can appeal to them and offer them more appropriate content.For example, on a page where we offer a consultancy or demo or similar, we could add the name of the user to be closer to him: “Juan, we will call you as soon as possible.”Or on the services page we could include the sector in which the user who visits us works to highlight that we work with companies of its type: “We offer marketing consultancies for human resources companies.”Another personalization functionality HubSpot offers is Smart Content .We can display one content or another according to the characteristics of the user (lifecycle stage, pages visited, emails opened, demographic profile, etc.).

For example, in a services page we can make that if the user has already contracted a specific service, a new one is shown. Or, in the same way, if we offer downloadable content on the blog, we can show only those that each user has not yet downloaded.ic-app-hs-vs-wp-hs-smartIntegrated tools
On the other hand, being a tool designed to develop marketing strategies, HubSpot already includes in an integrated way all the functionalities that surround a CMS that we may need to develop and optimize our campaigns, among others:Analysis toolsSEO recommendations
A / B test
Multi-language pages
CTA inclusion
Inclusion of forms
Google AMP version of the pages
Hosting service, SSL and CDN
The best of the WordPress CMS
After talking about the benefits of the HubSpot CMS, I explain the main reasons that would lead you to choose WordPress .Open sourceWordPress is an open source software platform. This means that you have access to all the files and codes that make up the software, and you can modify and develop whatever you want.This characteristic is the main differential advantage, since Open Source provides great freedom for the development of functionalities and creating all kinds of web content.

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Plugins and add-ons
Although WordPress is Open Source, it does not mean that you have to develop all the functionalities you want in your CMS.

In fact, due to its high popularity (and Open Source itself) there are an infinity of plugins and add-ons to increase the functionality of the web: to add sliders, custom forms, user ratings, etc. without having to program anything on our part.

The implicit risk is that, because these plugins are developed by third parties, there may be incompatibilities between them.


With the WordPress CMS you have greater control when it comes to determining styles, script development, element locations on the page, etc. This, in turn, allows us to obtain an optimal level of Page Speed.

In addition to all the implicit advantages of Open Source, another compelling reason for its great popularity is that you can download WordPress for free. This implies that, apart from the hosting, the platform itself has a zero cost.

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HubSpot and WordPress: what do they have in common?
Both platforms are easy to manage, intuitive to use, and a smart choice.

Both HubSpot and WordPress allow you to create and customize your own templates , although in WordPress there is more freedom when developing more complex designs.

Also both platforms allow you to download or buy existing templates . Each template offers you different customization options, depending on how they were generated. If you don’t have a development team, HubSpot templates may be easier for you to use, as they are very much geared towards non-technical teams.


Finally… did you know that WordPress can be integrated into the HubSpot solution?

So, perhaps in your case, the best thing is to be able to use both to take advantage of the best of each one and have access to all the functionalities.

For example, to start developing a web page from scratch, WordPress can be an excellent option, but when creating landings or thank you pages, HubSpot may be more convenient. And, in addition, we have the other HubSpot marketing services to manage the brand’s relationship with users, customers and prospects.

Would you like to know more information about WordPress or HubSpot? Leave me your questions in the comments section!

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