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HubSpot Starter vs HubSpot PRO: which plan should I buy?


HubSpot Starter vs HubSpot PRO: which plan should I buy?

HubSpot is without a doubt the most comprehensive marketing automation tool out there today. Practically all inbound marketing actions can be done with it: ultra-personalized segmentation of the database, lead nurturing from countless options, A / B tests with multiple variants, truly advanced analysis and reporting …Despite having so many features, we believe that the best of all is that HubSpot is accessible to Lebanon Phone Number List , since the tool has free, basic and more complete plans according to the type of company and the available budget.You do not know which is the most suitable plan for your business and you do not know how to discover it either? Well, you should not worry, because then we clarify all your doubts. Join us!list_altIndex of contents
How to choose the best HubSpot plan for your business
How does my decision affect the different HubSpot modules?
Free, Starter, PRO or Enterprise. What plan should I choose?
How to choose the best HubSpot plan for your business
To choose which HubSpot license is the most appropriate for your business, you should ask yourself questions such as:With this license, will I be able to implement the proposed marketing strategies?
Will this license help me to meet my goals?
Do I have the capacity in my team to manage HubSpot?
Do I have enough budget to make this investment?
Before you start thinking about it, you should know that the current licenses are the Free (or free), the Starter (or basic), the Pro (or Professional) and the Enterprise , which is the most complete of all. To choose the most suitable license for your company, we advise you to take into account all these aspects.


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1. Analyze the needs of your company
If you want to implement marketing automation campaigns or perform A / B tests to draw conclusions and you expect to have many contacts, then you should choose the Pro license . If, on the contrary, you are not going to need these functions or you are starting in the world of inbound marketing, then opt for the Starter version or even the Free version.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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2. Take your budget into account
If you have a limited budget, it may make sense to start with a more basic or even free license , take advantage of it, and expand it as time passes and the level of sophistication of your inbound actions evolves.You can also take another strategy, seeing this as an investment and not as an expense. The PRO license can help you grow faster and generate more profits, so you should evaluate if making this investment can help the development of your business.4. What can you do with HubSpot Starter?
The HubSpot starter license is ideal for small businesses that are just entering the digital Betting Email List or inbound marketing ecosystem and have little experience with automation tools and methodology.Also, if you have few contacts in your database and you have no need to automate your communications with them, then Marketing Starte r can be a good package.5. What can be done with HubSpot Pro?The HubSpot Pro license is aimed at more experienced marketing professionals and teams and strategies with higher levels of sophistication.Professionals with knowledge of inbound marketing, with quality leads and potential clients who want to run automated campaigns and scale them can benefit greatly from the Pro plan. In addition, the Pro plan offers a wide variety of A / B and multitest tests that can be very useful to test the operation of your campaigns.In short, as their names indicate, the Starter plan is to start in the world of inbound marketing and the PRO plan, to grow and improve. So that you can clearly see the differences between one and the other, we leave you a comparative table.HubSpot Starter vs HubSpot PROHow does my decision affect the different HubSpot modules?
As you may already know, HubSpot is divided into different modules. Well, all the plans give access to these modules, the difference will be found in the functionalities of each one of them. The only way to access more features is by paying for higher plans, so you will have to carefully review what each type of license includes and what does not include. Let’s see it.➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guideMarketing Hub
This Hub will help you create attractive content , make it available to the right users, and turn visits into records in your database, records into potential customers, and potential customers into end customers. This is the list of features to which you can access both PRO as Starter: .Landing pages (this plan does not include A / B test)CTA
Ad managementLive chats
Conversational bots
Forms (although they will not be Smart or may have dependent fields)
Information on the behavior of users on the web
Segmentation lists
Email tracking
Sending emails (not automations)
Reports and analysis dashboards
Phone support
Blog optimization and SEO metrics
SEO and content marketing strategies
Synchronization with your social networks
Subdomain connectivity
Although we can access many functions, most of the above features have certain limitations. Make sure to check beforehand what the limitations are regarding the PRO license. Now let’s see what you can do with PRO and not with Starter:

Marketing Automation : it is the big difference between the Starter plan and the Pro Plan . Marketing automations allow us to carry out complex processes more efficiently, obtaining more and better results and with significant time and cost savings. Thanks to marketing automation, the right email and content is delivered to the right user, at the right time and in the right contexts.
If you want to implement it , you must opt ​​for the Pro license, as it is not available in the Starter plan. With Pro you can build buyer journeys and automate many different actions. This includes actions like team notifications, emailing, data management, and more.

HubSpot Starter vs HubSpot PRO

Synchronization with Salesforce: in HubSpot Pro you can two-way sync content, companies, deals and much more between your HubSpot account and your Salesforce account.
Smart Content : you can customize the content of your emails and your website based on much broader segmentations and attributes for users.
A / B Test : You can A / B test emails and landing pages to find the most effective variations in copies and layout so you know which one works best.
HubSpot Starter vs HubSpot PRO

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