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HubSpot Marketing Hub: What It Is and How To Set It Up


HubSpot Marketing Hub: What It Is and How To Set It Up

Do you want to take full advantage of the HubSpot Marketing Hub ? If this is your goal, I will try to help you achieve it. In the following lines I explain what this tool is and how to configure the HubSpot Marketing Hub.list_altIndex of contents
What is the HubSpot Marketing Hub?
How to set up the HubSpot Marketing Hub?
What is the HubSpot Marketing Hub?
In its beginnings, HubSpot began as a marketing tool, that is why the Marketing Hub is one of the most powerful and developed functionalities of the tool , which allows you to cover all the automation part for your Namibia Phone Number List .In the HubSpot Marketing Hub you will find from emails to templates, creation of all the capture mechanisms, landing pages, thank you pages , forms, CTAs … You will see that it has a lot of potential, and now I will explain how to configure it, step by step, within the tool itself.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
EMAIL *your emailI have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .How to set up the HubSpot Marketing Hub?
We started inside the Marketing Hub to see all the functionalities that I mentioned. If you click on the marketing section within the HubSpot home page, upon entering you will find the different options that exist:1. Ads
Here you have the possibility to connect your accounts so that HubSpot connects with your social channels, from the same place . Doing so allows you to have all your data integrated and monitor them together. If you choose the option “connect accounts”, you will see all the alternatives at your fingertips to connect . If you have campaigns on Facebook , Google Ads or LinkedIn, you can choose the ones you want to connect directly with the tool. You will have your own dashboards and access to analytics, to know how your ads work. The Ads part is very simple, and once you are connected, access to the data is instant and you can now publish to your accounts from the HubSpot Marketing Hub.


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HubSpot Marketing Hub

2. Emails
In this case, you have all of mail and can segment you first come for campaigns, make different versions, test emails, etc . Here are some creations that you could check out. For example, in the video I show you a new email where you can see the editor on the left and the preview.It is structured by modules, which allows you to change the logo, the account settings, the text (font, size, etc.). Everything can be configured, and that allows you to enjoy many customization options.HubSpot gives you tips on how to improve email deliverability , as well as “opens” and “clicks.”HubSpot Marketing HubYou can start an email campaign from the tool to have everything centralized and more easily access the results:You will see that in the “send” section you can choose who you want to send your communication to. You also have the option of adding it to a workflow or sending it to certain contacts that you have in the account. By clicking on “save”, you would have the entire email ready.The next step is to return to the initial screen, where you find the analysis part that allows you to see the number of emails sent, the open rates, the clicks and also how the deliverability of the emails works. In “email performance reports” you will find the analysis of the emails sent, which allows you to discover their performance . Another interesting section in this section is that of “email health”, which helps to see that the database is correct, has good health and you can send the emails you want.
At the beginning of this section of emails, I have explained how to create one starting from one of the Betting Email List that you find in the HubSpot Marketing Hub . Another way to do it is starting from scratch. To do this, you just need to click on “create new email”, where three options appear: normal, automated or blog / RRSS and choose the preferred alternative. From there you get to the same editor as before and you can choose a template again, if you wish.➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide3. Social
In this section all the posts that are connected to the RR appear. H.H. You are interested in filtering, to analyze and monitor . To create a post it would be necessary to connect with an existing account “get connected”.HubSpot Marketing HubIt works the same as the Ads part; You can visit the full article of my colleague Pep Botey to know how to work your social networks with HubSpot . I also leave you an explanatory video below:4. Website
There are three categories in this section: website pages, landing pages, and blog. If you click on any of them you get to a main dashboard, from which you can access all three, to jump from one to another when necessary. This allows you to create pages for the web, landing pages with an embedded form for downloadable and the blog, where you can create articles and content that allow users to find you organically on Google and improve the results. So, after selecting the type of page you want, you go to the editor, which is very similar to emails.In the video that you will find at the top of the email I show you an example of a contact page, where you see a preview and the analysis data of the page itself (visits, submissions, from which channels the visits come …) . We also find optimization options (SEO and internal / external links) and possibilities to test the results.5. Files and templatesIn this section there are different points. In the first one we see that everything is ordered by folders (both the files and templates created, as well as those that have been purchased in the HubSpot marketplace ). In the video I show a test one, where you see, before clicking and before creating it, as there is already the option of whether you want it to be a drag and drop, or editable by code or by many other options. In this case you also see the structure that can be edited and configured. The same happens with other templates (those that include code can also be modified).What is HubSpot Marketing HubThen you can go to the part of “Files”, what interests us is to have all the files collected in one place. You are interested in having different folders and ordering them as you prefer. “Upload file” and “create folder” are the options that make it possible and the result is improved by importing the free stock images that come with the tool.CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle6. HubDB
It allows you to create dynamic tables and lists, a job that can be entrusted to programmers or designers, and that is used to have other types of content on the web.7. Lead capture
Here you find CTAs and forms . You can incorporate all the buttons and images associated with a link.HubSpot Marketing HubTo learn more about the features that HubSpot makes available to you when creating CTAs, I recommend you take a look at this article or review the following video:Also, if you want to know the HubSpot forms tool in depth, I also leave you this article and a short explanatory video:8. Planning and StrategyThis is a section focused on planning aspects of your campaigns, where you will find resources to fine-tune your inbound marketing strategy.What is HubSpot Marketing HubI hope this content has helped you better understand what the HubSpot Marketing Hub is, how it works, and understand the potential of the tool . Take advantage of its functionalities to gain visibility thanks to the monitoring and analysis options, and enjoy a more comfortable management of your channels by connecting accounts.

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