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HubSpot Marketing Hub Elementary Audit in 7 Steps


HubSpot Marketing Hub Elementary Audit in 7 Steps

Have you already started working with the HubSpot Marketing Hub ? This software is very complete, the tool that every marketer should use to convert leads and generate customers. However, it is essential to verify that we are taking advantage of its full potential.list_altIndex of contents
Marketing Hub: what is it and what is it for?
HubSpot Marketing Hub Elementary Audit: 7 Key Steps
It happens a lot, not just with Oman Phone Number List Hub. With the routine and the passage of time, we fall into the error of not making the most of some of the functionalities of the tools we use. It is likely that we fall into habits or uses that tend to simplify all marketing processes or, we simply do not make sure 100% that HubSpot is giving us the best results.In this elementary audit I would like to give you 7 steps to follow so that you can always squeeze every last drop of the Marketing Hub juice . You will see that by applying them you will be more productive and save money!

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Marketing Hub: what is it and what is it for?
Marketing Hub software is one of the HubSpot solutions that the company created first, and therefore one of the most comprehensive and well-developed .The HubSpot Marketing Hub provides companies with a set of functionalities and tools so that they can have everything they need to develop their marketing campaigns. A component specially configured for conversion optimization and lead generation.What can we do with HubSpot Maketing Hub?
From one place, Marketing Hub users can:Create form follow-up emails.
Manage contacts and gain global visibility into automatic lead qualification thanks to a well-integrated database.
Develop workflows to apply good automation marketing.
Manage social networks and their respective advertisements.
Improve SEO.Post on the blog.
Create landing pages, CTAs and forms to capture leads .
Plan all the campaigns that include an inbound marketing strategy.
Customize reports.And much more.
HubSpot Marketing Hub Elementary Audit: 7 Key Steps
Once we have made it clear what the Marketing Hub is and what it is for (although you were surely very aware of it), take paper and pen.Now is the time to write down this step by step and check if you are really doing your digital Betting Email List job well to grow your business or that of your clients.Go for it!1. Marketing contacts
The first thing you should do from time to time is to update your list of marketing contacts.Remember that, since October 2020, HubSpot updated its prices and started pricing based on marketing contacts. That is, you pay only for those contacts that you want to include in your campaigns. Are you making the most of the flexibility this gives you?So the first thing is to check if you have “ghost” contacts .

We recommend that you configure a workflow so that those contacts who stop being subscribed to your communications or those who have spent more than X months without carrying out any activity on your page are automatically marked as “ non-marketing contacts ”.marketing hub hubspt contacts2. Buyer persona and segmentations by degree of interaction
It is important that you have the pulse of your database taken. How are your recruitment actions working? Are they bringing you closer to your target audience? Is your content interesting and does it keep your audience active and consuming your content?We explain what you must do to optimize the results in relation to:Buyer personWithin the properties section of HubSpot you have the property “buyer persona”, with which you can:1) Develop the main characteristics of your different buyer persona.
2) Quickly see how your contacts are distributed from these profiles.
You can use this property within the forms, so that each contact can select for themselves which casuistry they identify with, or use it in your workflows to automatically assign a contact to a type of buyer persona based on their responses.


Make sure that you take advantage of the potential of contact lists to group those who are most interested in your content (because they register more visits, open more emails or download more) and also those who do not interact.3. CTA
To convert visitors to records in your database, it is important that a conversion takes place within your website. The first step in this key process is the call to action (Call To Action – CTA), which must attract the user to take a specific action (request information, download a guide, watch a video …).Within HubSpot you can create calls to action (button shaped) or you can upload your own banners and creatives.How to take advantage of HubSpot Marketing CTAs?One functionality that we recommend is the creation of smart versions . This function allows you to show one CTA or another based on different criteria.With this HubSpot option you can optimize your website conversions.For example, you can have a contact who has already filled out a form see a banner for a complementary or more advanced offer. This allows you to be more effective in your strategy, as it prevents users from encountering calls to action that they have completed in the past.marketing hub hubspot cta4. Forms
A few weeks ago I spoke in detail about the different benefits of HubSpot forms (for us, the best on the market). On your way to the HubSpot domain, check if you are already using the following features:Smart fields and progressive fields in series. They allow you to hide those fields that you already know from a specific visitor and show them instead others that they have not yet completed.
Hidden fields . They allow you to instantly tag users who fill out a specific form with a property of your interest. For example, if you have a property to mark those contacts that have historically requested information from your company, you can include it in the form in a hidden way and thus avoid having to create a workflow for it.

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