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HubSpot CRM: opinions, prices and features


HubSpot CRM: opinions, prices and features

Do you know which is one of the most striking features of HubSpot CRM? That it is totally free with the functionalities that form its base. That’s right: HubSpot CRM offers a number of features available for free, and when I say “free” I don’t mean there is a “free” trial . I mean that the basic functionalities of the CRM are totally free. Forever. list_altIndex of contents
HubSpot CRM and its competitors: what are the differences between the most popular CRMs?
Difference between HubSpot and HubSpot CRM
So can I use HubSpot CRM for free forever?
For which companies is the HubSpot CRM ideal?
What are the limitations of using the free HubSpot CRM features?
A CRM in constant evolution
What do these basic functionalities include? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a list of mobile numbers in uae contacts, unlimited users, some interesting options such as live chat, email templates, email scheduling, task organizer … As you can see, these functionalities are basic, but nothing scarce. Surely you are wondering: “But is this CRM really that good?”. Considering these features included in the free plan, the HubSpot CRM is a much more attractive option than other paid CRMs . But … is it the ideal one for you? And what are its weak points? Go for it!


HubSpot CRM and its competitors: what are the differences between the most popular CRMs?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is used to centralize all information related to customers and potential customers of the business. These systems allow:Manage relationships with these people more efficiently
Make it easier for the teams involved, such as sales or customer serviceLaunch marketing campaigns
Typically, growing companies start by using spreadsheets and note papers to collect all of this information. But if a centralized system such as a CRM is not implemented, all this information is duplicated , lost and silos are generated that make it very difficult to scale the business.For example, marketing might have a list of contacts that you’re doing promotional campaigns about, while sales reps have their own notes on these people. What happens if all this information is not centralized? That you can end up sending contradictory information or be approaching the same person from marketing and sales at the same time.Implementing a CRM in the business ends up creating a more unified experience for the customer , means more efficiency in the teams and also greater visibility and information about the marketing and sales funnel.There are hundreds of CRM providers on the market: doing a search for this category in G2 we found 650 results . Some of the most popular, beyond HubSpot, are Salesforce (probably the best known), Zoho CRM, Pipedrive or Freshworks CRM.


Source: G2

But how does HubSpot CRM differ from these hundreds of other options? Basically the main difference is the way the CRM is interconnected with the marketing, sales, customer service, operations or CMS tools .HubSpot is a software focused on the inbound methodology . The customer is always at the center of the strategy, and for this reason the CRM is also at the center and helps to give the customer the importance they have.All these tools for marketing, sales, service, etc. they are not different softwares that are integrated between them (as could happen with Marketing Cloud and Salesforce). Everything is built on the HubSpot CRM as a base and the rest of the functionalities expand the possibilities of this CRM to make it much more powerful.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Difference between HubSpot and HubSpot CRM
The HubSpot CRM is the centerpiece of the HubSpot tool, a platform that offers different products focused on satisfying various functions within any business.As we have already mentioned, the HubSpot CRM has free functionalities and has a practically unlimited capacity (how many companies will reach the million contacts they have as a limit?).But if you want to expand these free functionalities, you can do so by contracting HubSpot’s paid products:

Marketing Hub : includes tools designed for marketing, from marketing automation to SEO tools or social networks.
Sales Hub : Offers tools for sales teams, such as automated email sequences or advanced analytics and reports.
Service Hub : product focused on customer service teams, which includes tickets, knowledge bases and satisfaction surveys.
Operations Hub – The latest product for operations teams that need advanced automation, integrations, and data quality control systems.CMS Hub : a CMS that allows you to build and manage from a blog to a website.The advantage of having these products on the same platform as the CRM is that all the information belongs to the same database : nothing needs to be integrated, everything is part of the same tool.This offers many advantages and possibilities that other HubSpot competitors simply cannot give us. Do you want an example?You can automatically customize the content of your website based on the user’s profile if you build it with the CMS Hub, since the information you need is in the HubSpot CRM.
The transfer of leads between marketing and sales is completely natural, since, with the Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, information and contacts are centralized in the same place: the HubSpot CRM.
We are, without a doubt, before a freemium model : the HubSpot CRM is the base product for which many users are beginning to be interested in this tool.Once you have it implemented and yo see the real value that software like this has, it will be a natural progression to hire more advanced products like the rest of the Hub as your business grows. These will allow you to get more out of HubSpot CRM and be able to turn HubSpot into the machinery of customer and lead management in each of the phases of the funnel.

➡ Click here for the full HubSpot guide
So can I use HubSpot CRM for free forever?
As we have already explained, there is neither trap nor cardboard here: HubSpot CRM is really free, because HubSpot knows that when you see the value it brings you, you will surely want to hire one of the paid Betting Email List to take full advantage of it.However, it is a totally valid option to stay with the free features of the CRM, and the truth is that this can be enough for many businesses.The free tools of the CRM are, among others:Contact management
Possibility of analyzing the contact’s activity on the website
Real-time data and metrics
Sales team activity recorded automatically, without having to enter data manually
Live Chat
Form creation
Meetings: meeting management tool
Integration with Gmail and Outlook
Email templates
Email and notification tracking
Call tool through CRM
As you can see, many sales teams will have more than enough with these CRM functionalities. However, other companies that need a CRM and use HubSpot will end up expanding the Sales Hub to be able to add more possibilities such as the Pipeline, sales automation, automated sequences or even electronic signature.If you want to know more about what features each HubSpot package includes , I recommend that you read this article .CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
For which companies is the HubSpot CRM ideal?
As I told you at the beginning, one of the great attractions of HubSpot CRM is that it is free. But beyond zero cost, HubSpot’s CRM has many other benefits :

Despite being a CRM with free features, it is very powerful and offers more possibilities than other competitors .
Ease of use: HubSpot CRM has an easy, intuitive and beautiful interface . All of HubSpot’s products are very fcused on being easy to use.Lots of documentation and training available – HubSpot Academy makes it easy to get started with the tool .
Flexible packages and prices : you can expand the tool and hire only what you need.It is an all-in-one tool (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.).
It has extraordinary support , although only available in paid plans. The free plans have a very extensive knowledge base where you can find everything you need.
Integrations with thousands of tools in the HubSpot ecosystem.
Taking all this into account, we can say that the HubSpot CRM is ideal for you …If you want a powerful CRM for your sale team that allows you to centralize all customer information without this involving a first-time expense.
If you already use the HubSpot marketing platform and want a CRM to manage your business contacts.
If you want to adopt inbound methodology, have the client at the center of the strategy and have a global vision of this client.
If you have foresight to scale the business and you want a CRM that can grow with you.
If you have little technical knowledge in CRM and you want a powerful but easy-to-use tool at the same time.
What are the limitations of using the free HubSpot CRM features?
On the other hand, it is also important to know that using HubSpot CRM’s free tools you may encounter the following limitations :If you need to separate business opportunities into 2 or more independent pipelines , for example, to separate different sales teams.
If you need to create a lot of resources for the sales team , such as automatic sequences or playbooks.
If you need automation of sales tasks , a sophisticated system for assigning leads or managing tasks.
If you want to send email marketing campaigns to your contact base.
In these cases, the free CRM may not be enough and you will have to hire one of the paid plans, such as Marketing Hub or Sales Hub.There are also businesses that have very specific needs or need advanced features in their CRM. For example, if you need to make automatic commission calculations for the sales team, integrate custom fields with other platforms, predictive lead scoring, or store databases that are not contacts or companies (for example, a product catalog).HubSpot can do all this and much more, but in these cases free CRM tools will not be enough and you will have to consider paid products.With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to appreciate the differences between the products and packages available and their prices. If you find it difficult to find the plan that best suits your needs, I advise you to have the advice of a Solutions Partner such as InboundCycle to help you in hiring the tool (without paying more than if you did it on your own).A CRM in constant evolution
The HubSpot CRM was launched in 2014 and since then we have witnessed a great evolution in everything it is capable of. As we have explained, it is a great option for businesses that want to have a powerful tool to manage their clients without paying anything and for those who are willing to expand the CRM functionalities as their business grows.It is true that HubSpot CRM, in its free version, has limits in terms of functionality and flexibility. For this reason, those companies that are very complex, specialized or with advanced needs may experience difficulties with HubSpot’s CRM in its free version.But over time we have seen how payment plans are becoming more complete and attractive, so we believe that HubSpot CRM is a great option both for businesses that are starting and have basic needs and for established companies willing to implement. and fully customize your HubSpot account.

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