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How Voice Search Will Transform Marketing


How Voice Search Will Transform Marketing

For some time, the data reflects the increasing percentage of searches from mobile devices compared to desktop . The change in trends is caused by an increase in speed and opportunities, which make users consult information or buy online, from any place and time of the day, and not necessarily connected from their computer.

Consequently, there is an increase in voice searches from mobile devices and smart speakers . The Siri Apple or Google Assistant Android, have achieved an exponential increase in use, and some studies show that 60% of users use the voice function using your UK Phone Number Database List. That is why more mature markets such as the United States, begin to bet part of their marketing strategies to improve efficiency when it comes to demonstrating results based on voice searches , and better position their products.

The arrival of Voice Marketing
These are all those technologies that allow the use of voice-based promotional marketing strategies. More and more devices are incorporating voice functions, such as Cortana, Alexa or mobile voice assistants. Directly related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and closely linked to the future 5G revolution, more and more devices, appliances and objects will incorporate this technology that allows us to interact with them.


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In this way, companies will soon need to pivot their marketing strategies to serve this growing demand for voice, with the aim of providing more personalized responses than traditional text searches. The main advantage of voice searches is its learning component. For example, if we ask Alexa when Madrid plays, she should know if you mean Real Madrid or Atlético. But when you ask him when is the next home game, he will not force you to repeat the question as he will remember your first answer. This is something that traditional search engines cannot offer. The user has a short query and expects a quick and efficient response.

Voice assistant

From SEO to AEO
One of the most recurrent questions when we talk about voice search is how it can affect organic positioning. From this point on, Betting Email List should include AEO (Answer Engine Optimization) strategies as part of this SEO strategy . The user no longer searches as traditionally searched, but searches based on questions: Where are the Galapagos Islands? o Who is the president of Ukraine? Businesses should work to provide short and clear answers to those questions.

The challenge for companies comes when positioning their content. For example, if a user is in the beach area of ​​Barcelona, ​​and asks “What is the best restaurant to eat paella near me”, local businesses should be as focused as possible, to benefit from those searches. As the answers are short and specific, companies will have to work very narrow niches, and focus on solving very specific questions. It will be necessary to develop Alexa Skills or Google Actions and learn from them, performing analysis and compiling more information on how these keywords are used to respond to searches. Therefore, the zero position for searches is going to be more important than ever, which will pose a new challenge for the SEO and digital marketing departments in general.

Some companies familiar with voice search
There are some companies that have already anticipated this phenomenon, and include voice recognition technologies to add more value to the user experience:

KAYAK : Offers your customers the option to speak to the Google Assistant on Google Home and receive information about their upcoming trips. Just saying “Ok Google, talk to KAYAK” will you receive all the information regarding your trips and destinations.
KLM : The Dutch airline has a bot that allows you to connect through Google Home, and answers questions, such as whether or not it can be carried in the suitcase for your next flight with KLM.
Booking : Thanks to Google Assistant, it is now possible to book a hotel on a large number of platforms such as Booking, in order to speed up the reservation process. At the moment, the service is available only in the United States, but it is an option that we will soon see come true around the world.

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