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How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner


How to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Discover how easy the keyword planner is to choose your keyword.
You probably already know the importance of SEO as a web positioning strategy for your Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists , you know that you must use the keywords correctly, create an optimized title , use H1 and H2, put the alternative text (alt) in the photos, etc. But how do you know which keyword to use? While everyone talks about the benefits of SEO , it is difficult to find someone who will tell us how to look for – and not improvise – these important details. Therefore, here is a guide to obtain the best results in web positioning for free thanks to the Google Adwords Keyword Planner :

First of all you must have an account with Google Adwords to access theKeyword Planneror the also calledKeyword Planner.

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Inside Google Adwords you will find a tab that says “Tools”. Click there and then on the option ” Find new keywords and get search volume data .” On this page you can add the keywords that come to mind or that you Betting Email List relevant to your business. You can also put your website or a special category. Keyword Planner The segmentation is very important , especially taking into account that keywords vary depending on the country. Thus, if, for example, your company is only in Spain, you must segment by this country so that it is as accurate as possible what a typical consumer would look for to reach your website.

Click on “GET IDEAS”

Step 2 in the Keyword Planner In order to see all the search results, you must click on ” keyword ideas “, where you will see the “average monthly searches” for each of the keywords you mentioned in the period of time you chose. This will also help you see trends. If in your search you have put several keywords , you will be able to see which are the most searched and those that you thought people were looking for but which, nevertheless, is not the case. Step 3 in the Keyword Planner TIP: if you click on ” average monthly searches “, the results will appear ordered from more to less searches. Also, if you click on “Download”, you will be able to download the keywords in Excel to work them better. With this free tool you can start optimizing your website , from the menu to the content you create.I encourage you to try it and discover it little by little, since it is undoubtedly a great help when it comes to selecting the best keywords for our business.

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