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How to use storytelling for your marketing strategy


How to use storytelling for your marketing strategy

3 tips so that without being Cervantes, you can take advantage of this technique in favor of your brand.
Once upon a time … Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. A study published in Sri-Lanka Phone Number List Journal shows that when someone tells us a story, not only the parts of the brain that process language are activated, but also other sensory areas to be able to live the story . So, for example, when you are told a story where an aromatic perfume is described, your sense of smell is activated without even realizing it.

There is no doubt that storytelling is powerful . Our brains are built to retain stories – not numbers or data! – and when we hear a story it doesn’t matter if we are living it or not.

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If you are not Cervantes and want to take advantage of this technique for your marketing strategy, follow these simple tips to apply storytelling:
Be very clear about who your client is and what their emotional drivers are . If you know how and why the user came to your website, and you know their interests and passions, you can create content that speaks to them directly.
Be authentic. The Betting Email List of the marks has been a tendency in recent years, and this also applies to your storytelling! Use real names and experiences to create an authentic story that your customers can connect with.
Encourage your clients to create their own stories . To connect with them, it is interesting to encourage users to create their own stories related to your product. For you this will mean not only a source of content, but also a way to strengthen relationships between the customer and the brand.

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