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How to use Instagram Slideshows for tourism


How to use Instagram Slideshows for tourism

If a photo is worth a thousand words, why not use 10 photos to promote your business on Instagram? Did you know that Instagram already allows you to display several photos and videos in a single publication?
Did you know that Instagram has an VP Quality Email Lists engagement rate of 4.21%? That’s 58x taller than Facebook, and 120x taller than Twitter?This new feature allows you to upload 10 photos in a single post. How to exploit it? How about behind-the-scenes photos, product launches, events? The options are limitless when it comes to Instagram Slideshow. They are also perfect for the tourism industry.When you upload to your feed, you will see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to all the photos at once, or edit each one. The slideshows have only one description and are only square so far. In the profile, a small icon appears which means that it is a Slideshow (several photos).How to use Instagram slideshowIn the feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know that you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them like a regular post. From stories to live videos to feed posts, sharing your experiences with your friends has never been easier.Use Instagram slideshowsHow to use InstagramSlideshowsWhen you want to add a new photo or video, please follow the steps below.Click on the “select several” option on the right side of the image.Select the 10 (or less) photos you want to shareClick NextAdd a filter to the first photo and scroll through all the other photos in the SlideshowClick NextAdd hashtags and share the Slideshow on Instagram.This is what Instagram says about Slideshows:“This product was inspired by members of our community, who have told us that there are times when they want to share more than one moment of a memorable experience. The ability to upload multiple photos and videos within a post not only adds depth to those moments, but also complements other in-app products, like Stories, in a way that makes it easier than ever to share your moments on Instagram. “Ways to use Slideshows for your tourism businessBefore and afterInstagram Slideshows are the perfect way to show before and after photos. You no longer have to split a photo in half. If for example you are remodeling the hotel, or doing other things that can show the before and after, use the Slideshows to get the attention of the followers.Behind scenesStep by stepShare photos that show the preparation of a recipe step by step in your hotel restaurant or step by step how to get from the airport to the hotel.Mini blog postsUse multiple photos with phrases from a blog post. Create a photo for various parts of the note in a Slideshow.PollProvide multiple answer options on something of interest to potential guestsSlideshows allow you to receive instant feedback on some decisions. Each photo can have a choice and ask followers to leave a comment with their responses.

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Use slideshows for followers to learn something by creating a tutorial. For example, prepare a cocktail that they can enjoy at your hotel, or teach them something through slideshows. Or you can offer them tips that they may find useful for their stay at your hotel or teach them various phrases in the language of your country to foreigners or help them how to pack. Another thing you can do is collaborate with a fashion influencer or fashion blogger to offer tips on what to wear on vacation.PanoramasBusinesses in the tourism sector can show a big scene by creating panorama slideshows. Multiple dusk shots from different angles, for example.Promote your destination with SlideshowsEvents (edit)Instead of sharing multiple photos of your event on Instagram, you can use the slideshows for your events by sharing the best ten photos of an event, arranged in chronological order and make followers feel part of that event, as if they were present.MealIf you own a restaurant or a hotel, why not use Instagram Slideshows to showcase delicious food preparation? Suggest that they click the link in the profile to make reservations.One day at the hotelUse the slideshows to give followers an idea of ​​what it is like to work at that hotel to attract new employees or guests. For example, take a photo on the hour for 10 hours. People love to feel part of something exclusive. Show him the ways of fun in your hotel, illustrate 24 hours of activities in your hotel.Show cultureResumeAnd how about using the Slideshows to recommend the 10 museums they should visit in your city or the activities they should do on their vacations. Or if you are a tourism agency, a Slideshow with the 10 best destinations for summer 2017. Do not forget to add the link that leads to your blog and offers more details and ways to make reservations.CompetitionIf you are considering launching a contest, you can promote it with a Slideshow, using multiple photos to explain the rules and terms to be able to participate, ask them to tag a friend in the comments to increase engagement and awareness for the contest.StorytellingTell deeper stories in multiple photos using hotel event slideshows.

If you are preparing a big launch, you can use the Slideshows to tempt and provoke the followers by giving them a glimpse of what is coming but not revealing it all at once.Satisfied guest testimonials
Take advantage of Slideshows to show the best testimonials that guests leave you on the networksUGC
Share multiple photos taken by users at your hotel or destination by creating a Slideshow that makes followers want to visit the hotel.Demonstrations of places in your destination or products for other types of businessesNew Instagram Slideshows allow brands in the tourism industry to entice followers to book trips in certain cities by showcasing the culture and attractions of each destination with a compelling multi-photo presentation in one post.Other tipsDon’t forget to write a call to action in your Slideshow description so that users can take the next step. Encourage followers to slide to photos in Slideshows. Make sure they know that there is more than one photo, not everyone knows that this feature is already available on Instagram.Choose the first photo well. Use an interesting photo that grabs attention and invites clicks to see all the photos in your Slideshow. Make sure the first photo shows value to the followers.Final recommendations for using Instagram slideshowsDon’t forget to remind them to click the link in your bio that leads to what you are promoting or what you want them to read.Use branded hashtags in a comment, not in your post descriptions.Use a mix of photos and videos in your Slideshows.Stick with a theme for your Slideshows. Keep all your photos relevant to each other in a Slideshow. You will not be able to catch the attention of the followers if the next photo they see in the Slideshow has nothing to do with the last one. For example, if the photos in a Slideshow have to do with presenting the employees, it is better not to include photos that sell one of the products you offer.Use a good description for your Slideshows. You can upload multiple photos, but Instagram allows only one description, so it should be something that has to do with all the photos you have included.What do you think of Instagram Slideshows? Have you already created your first Slideshow? In what ways do you use it? Go ahead and share your tips or Slideshows in the comments and if you want to be a Betting Email List that inspires your followers , you can receive these tips in the comfort of your email.

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