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How to use Facebook for schools


How to use Facebook for schools

So many ways for kids to use social networks, especially Facebook … How many are the best? We give you 7 examples. What will you do in this container?

7 Ways to Use Facebook to Attract Students to EscuelasRealize Virtual VisitsQuestion for You Escuela: Generating Sense of BelongingQuestion for Your Escuela: Swag Question for Your Escuela:
Groups of alumnos alumniQuestion for your school: Sharing decentralized contentQuestion for your school: Llegar a los Estudiantes ProspectusQuestion for your school: Encouraging them to check inQuestion for your school: The use of social networks through schools, from primary schools to universities I am also obliged to those institutions that seek to capture students and increase their enrollment. To check the previous one, we could quote a date that changed the unstoppable rise of this trend. At the beginning of this year, researchers from the University of Massachusetts asked a representative group of students from the United States if they used some social networks to attract possible students, 100% of them answered what they were. Four years ago, only 61% used to be the same.

Facebook is the most common social tool in digital Chief VP Compliance Email Lists for schools; 98% of universities in the study studio that have been there; This data can be extrapolated without fear to various latitudes. In Mexico, for example, more than 95% of Internet users are present on Facebook Social networks but used in Mexico “Potential students, priests, current students, ex students… everyone is present in one way or another on Facebook,” say Kevin Morrow, executive director of public affairs at the University of Syracuse. For this reason, the schools are practically unanimous in their use of Facebook to attract students. It’s interesting that the way he uses it varies from high school to high school. It’s a story that’s scribbling. How to capture students for a school

Chief and VP of Compliance Email Lists

7 ways to use Facebook to attract students to schoolchildren
Make Virtual VisitsLa Universidad de Syracuse is one of the best universities that use 360 ​​videos to build a virtual tour on their Facebook pages, in addition to their web sites. for 360 degree images of the campus without spending money to travel there. Click on the link and asmbrate Other universities, like Stanford, take a more simple approach to show their campus. Stanford’s album, Summertime at the Farm: A Walking Tour, is one of the many things you’ll find on its page, featuring colorful installations. a video, with a photo album, 360 technology? The option is tuya, but you have to do it. How would you expect to attract new students to the next event? Generate a sense of belonging
There are many ways to create a sense of belonging to an educational institution, from highlighting achievements, showing special rincones or even empowering the mascot.

Take a look at this incredible post from UNAM. Espléndida! and everything that has been studied in this studio house could identify itself with the calls from the islands… There are more than 1,600 reactions and only one image in the rain. Create a sense of belonging to a school. incorporating the priests into the photo (who are not the consumers but the buyers) reinforces the identification with the school. of pictures. The secret is to arouse emotion. The materials generated to generate belonging to the double thread: to reinforce the loyalty of the cautious students and to generate the attraction of the potential… but this is only possible by showing experiences that we would like to experience.
Do you specifically generate material to awaken the sense of belonging? Create a calendar and analyze those successes that could print this added value for your institution; prepare the video camera or photo with the shirt well done. From here, you can develop some fun materials that the same students can use as letters, t-shirts, hats, and have giant frames inside any photo they want.Swag
How to define Swag? It is an end that the new generations use to show that something has style and personality. All educational institutions have their own personal sale, su f

form of being, and creating, wanting it or not, with certain characteristics. For some institutions with a poor positioning, this is a weakness, but in other cases it is definitely a fortress. A clear case is the Tec de Monterrey, which has achieved a prominent perception as forgers of leaders and many entrepreneurs consider that it is the best option for their children to work in the future. The school knows and explores it well, transforming it into… swag. See the video featured on its video section on Facebook and the video included with others on its playlist named #ElFactorTecFor part, the Universidad Panamericana has a style very different, where the values ​​and the construction of the human spirit are primordial; you can see it in his collection of # FrasesUPCreate style for your escuelaQuestion for your escuela:Have your style defined the position that helps you attract students? If the answer is not, it would be worth starting to generate one.Groups of egressed studentsWhen it comes to exalumnos, muchas escuelas tienen Separate Facebook pages for different groups across the countryLa Universidad Privada del Norte, in Peru, has a Facebook page for graduates and the rest of them, which there are obviously designed for them as the generation of working bags. Betting Email List for schools on facebook

Some of the most popular messages on these pages of former students have been simple questions like “How are you favorite of the first school day?”Kevin Morrow, executive director of public affairs at the University of Syracuse señala: “We have students who are dispersed all over the world, and having a good presence on Facebook allows them to stay connected to find out what other students are doing and find out what is going on. passing in the institution ”.Question for your student:No matter what school level you run your institute ¿Contemplas o los exalumnos en special page for them the Facebook group? remember that if you have postgraduate options, you can regress; And if not, your users can also recommend the institution to their peers, so keep them close to strategic action. Decentralized content sharing It is not uncommon for many schools that have several headquarters, also with different Facebook pages. The phenomenon is also repeated in universities that have different faculties; and even starts with a school that manages different educational levels, such as pre-school, primary, secondary and preparatory. See how UNAM has groups for faculties…Digital marketing for schooland pages for levels as postgrado. Marketing for schoolsWhen this happens, the pages can work independently if there is a good user manual and keep it together with the main page with a decentralized approach … you decide, as a federation, where you have a capital, the states are autonomous.

When this scheme is in place, you must ensure that all social strategists are receiving the most relevant information for them, but each one must also be free to act. When the institutions are very large or diverse, you cannot communicate through a single channel. In these cases there is also a strong component of exchange between the different pages of Facebook – a good exchange of content can make a kind of cross-pollination with different audiences.Question for your student:What tactic suits you the most? A centralized page for federative management. No one is better than that, only they are functional according to the institution.Llegar a los Estudiantes ProspectusJust like the websites, the Facebook pages of educational institutions cater to potential students. Even some schools create groups on Facebook for admitted students. So, they can interact with other participants, but not be friends.Yendo más alá, the Universidad de Texas invites students that have approved the admission process, to join the application of the school. The students are found to have five times more likely to enroll if using the application.How to use Facebook for escuelasIn Mexico, many schools have apps, but only use them as a channel for reminders for collegiate payouts or relevant closings … Do you know anything that has a smart management approach to prospects? Question for your student:Do you have any way through Facebook – as a group – an app to directly contact potential students? Encourage them to check inThe past, the University of Kentucky placed several giant wooden markers that pretended to be Facebook placemarks. Use Facebook to capture students in schools“We encourage students to register and check-in so that they keep up with the news and your friends, ”says Kelley Bozeman, marketing director of the school. Question for your student: Do you have any incentives that allow potential students to register on your page and share something to start engagement? Clearly, there are many ways for universities to use social media platforms, especially Facebook … How many of them are better for you?

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