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How to take advantage of “The Fun Theory” in your e-commerce


How to take advantage of “The Fun Theory” in your e-commerce

Using the game and emotions could help you increase your conversion rate. All e-commerce has by nature the desire to increase its conversion rate , which determines the value of its sales. Improving usability, VP Quality Email Lists, minimizing the purchase and / or payment process, increasing the range and / or description of the products, are some of the ways to achieve this. However, all of these alternatives are, dare I say, traditional. Nowadays, consumers want something more, to have a good time, to be surprised. In short, they are looking for a differentiated shopping experience, powerful!

Chief and VP of Quality Email Lists

There is a way to encourage the customer to participate or to encourage him to buy. It is the so-called Theory of Fun or ” The Fun Theory “, a method that uses game techniques to influence and motivate people. And although it is not a new phenomenon, since it has been working in some sectors for years, with the arrival of gamification to the 2.0 world, innovation experts believe that it will play a notable role.

The idea is that through our Betting Email List strategies we encourage the client to participate, share and interact to achieve loyalty. It does not matter if it is on our website, blog or social network, the idea is that the potential client wants to play and interact with us for fun or excitement. The Theory of Fun or ” The Fun Theory” can be used in any e-commerce involving, playing, sharing and interacting with a large number of people to retain them through a new shopping experience that includes emotions, fun and finally our product.This theory basically preaches that people can change behavior habits – for the better – thanks to stimuli from game dynamics, or in other words, if they promise us that we will have fun doing it.

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