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How to sell on social networks? [stores on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp]


How to sell on social networks? [stores on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp]

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people do business around the world. When social confinement measures began to be taken, face-to-face purchases in Costa Rica Phone Number List and stores soared to unprecedented levels. Later, when the lockdown became more rigorous, offline purchases plummeted and online purchases took off. list_altIndex of contents
E-commerce through social networks
How to sell products on Facebook?
How to sell products on Instagram?
How to sell products on WhatsApp?
Social commerce vs. own ecommerce store
However, at this point, not all companies had developed the necessary channels to meet the demand of the digital market . For example, despite its easy implementation, social commerce (commerce through social networks) was still unknown by many organizations, considering that it is an electronic commerce modality that had already been in full operation for several years.This is where the pandemic began to mark the tipping point, for businesses and customers alike. Out of absolute necessity, people had to increase their online purchases, and businesses had to manage to improve the online availability of their products, searching and discovering new sales channels online, such as those offered by social networks. In this way, according to data from IBM , the pandemic accelerated the adoption of ecommerce at least in 5 years.

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E-commerce through social networks
Today, the confinement measures have become social distancing, which means that we are already in a new normal in which we must “live” with the coronavirus. In this context, e- commerce in all its forms became a fundamental element to facilitate the transition and permanence in this new normality, with social commerce being one of those modalities that allows companies to reach buyers much more directly .Online stores and product catalogs on social networks are functionalities that are available to any business. From an entrepreneur or micro-business to a large multinational company, they can start selling their products today through platforms such as Facebook, Betting Email List and WhatsApp.The interesting thing about social commerce, and what differentiates it from any other type of electronic commerce , is the high level of interaction that exists between the user and the company. The social media ecosystem is interactive by nature. Publications, comments, “likes”, shared content, tags, hashtags, among others, are elements that, added to payment processors , shopping carts and digital catalogs , make the purchase and Selling products online is as natural, enjoyable and intuitive as it has never been before.Next, we are going to describe the social commerc functions offered by Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp .Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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How to sell products on Facebook?
On Facebook you can use three different functionalities to sell products: the stores , the catalogs and the marketplace .

1. Stores on Facebook
Also known as Facebook Shops , they are online stores within the social network that can fulfill two functions:If you have your own ecommerce site (outside of Facebook), you can use the store only as a showcase for your articles to, from there, redirect interested parties to your ecommerce site, where they will have the option to make purchases.If you do not have your own ecommerce site, then in your Facebook store you can enable the option “Checkout” , which will allow users to purchase your products within the same social network.To create your Facebook Shop you must go to the Commerce Manager (or Sales Manager), and there choose the option Create a store .sell on social networks facebookThen, you will have to choose a purchase method among the three available, which are:Finalize purchase on another website (when you have an external ecommerce site).
Finalize purchase with Facebook and Instagram (when you want the purchase to be made within the social network).
Finalize purchase with message (the purchase can be made through Messenger or WhatsApp).
Once the purchase method has been chosen, you have to link your Facebook business page with the store you are creating . You can use an existing page or create a new one. You must do the same with your Facebook business account , you must link an existing one or create a new one.Finally, comes one of the most exciting steps: adding the products .2. Product catalogs on Facebook
The catalogs on Facebook serve to show your audience the details of everything you want to offer, which can be from one product to millions, as well as different kinds of services.However, keep in mind that the catalog itself works as a kind of showcase, without any option that allows the direct purchase of the products . To enable the purchase option, you have to link the catalog, either with your store on Facebook or with the marketplace (also on Facebook and that we will explain later).In this sense, if you don’t want to link the catalog with one of these two resources, then what you can do is use it to generate traffic to your external ecommerce site.That said, to create a catalog you must go to the Commerce Manager , select Create a catalog , and then choose the type of catalog you want to publish based on the products or services you offer in your business.sell social media productsOnce done, it is time to start uploading the products or publishing the services. Something important to consider is that Facebook stores are only available for the sale of physical products, while catalogs have the option for both products and services. However, and as we have already mentioned, the sale and purchase transaction cannot be carried out through the catalogs alone.


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