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How to promote organic content on social networks


How to promote organic content on social networks

Organic content is dead but to revive it you only need a little trick… we tell youWhat will you find in this content? An old advice … newDid organic content really die? The secret of organic content on social networksThe formula for your organic content to workHow does your user get to your content today?
In this site we have told you many times that you must create useful, emotional, constant and consistent content for your specific users; However, answer your questions and because you can position yourself well on Google so that when someone asks questions through you, you can see one of the results. We continue to believe that this is the best deal for me, but on this occasion, we want to provide additional advice… Give me a boost in your social networks! You will think that I am a viejo, but not… because social networks and their panorama have changed so much during the last year. A viejo consejo… nuevoLo what is most interesting about this change is the minimum amount of money that can be put behind. for paid advertising to make it work. If you have a brand of any type and size that you want to be seen and listened to, you need to boost the content that you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin or even more. the attention of your potential VP Risk Email Lists . You will say that is it! but what you don’t know is that… you shouldn’t put it on as much a platform as piensas, and you should reverse it in another way… do you know what it is? the organic content of social networks due to the increase in paid advertising. It’s not a secret thing that I have to say is strong: the payment posts on social networks have a huge profit and, at the moment, it seems to be the best deal in all the publicity. Facebook for example could gather in a single announcement, possibilities of awareness and generation of conversion, which historically has never been given.

VP of Risk Email Lists

This post for paid on Facebook, belonging to Google for education on the ground, informs you that it will serve your product, that if you click on it, it will send you to your landing page to request a question. Awareness + conversion in an ad. Jamás used to be present.Mix organic and paid contentThe secret of organic content in social networks The root of Facebook being practically the organic reach and the rest of the social networks le siguieron (today an organic post on a social network is only seen by 1 % or 2% of your audience), everyone thinks that social media will only work when they spend a lot of money on them; however, this is an absolute lack of understanding of the channel. The secret is that… the large container, amplified in a subtle way, can be unbelievably effective.¿Qué rayos quiere decir “subtly amplified”? surely you will ask yourself. There are many ways to amplify… organic and paid. Or, for example, you can use the hashtags added on Instagram to amplify your content, it won’t happen in a week or so, but there will be time. No matter what business you do, your Instagram posts grow in scope if you are consistent and constant in the use of appropriate hashtags. In paid land, you can amplify a content by putting in a few dollars to promote your posts on Facebook and also on Instagram. What little you are doing is that a little impulse to a good content could exploit it all. We will repeat it: a small impulse to a contained substance could exploit it all. This is what we did after Trump’s decision to abandon the Acuerdo de París for the past few days. If the hubiéramos left alone as an organic post, sure that the hubiera had only 10 clicks when much. Do you know how much we inverted? ¡Es de risa !, ¡2 dollars! yes… ¡of dollars!… but only those dollars reduced us in 3 thousand views, more than 60 reactions and 19 shares. Not bad for a simple pair of tickets! Pure Awareness. But it works because it was a good design! Boost your organic content This kind of subtle amplification works well with the best visuals and there is even more with your Facebook videos, because currently the red ones are giving preference to the rest of the posts. however… there is a GRAN PERO… No amount of paid means will convert a badly contained into a good one. My mistake is that no money can save a malo product. This is the reason why you need to improve the quality of what you publish so that you can reverse it in your distribution. So the good organic content has the possibility of shipping when you pay for your distribution.

The videos of LEGO on Facebook for example, works perfectly perfectly in organic, whatever happens when the child invierI’m a little bit, they’re up to the luna. This video, organically achieved more than 600 reactions and 42 shares. How to boost my content on social mediaDebes think about the big game… on the ground in the face you have to face (and this is what you do creating a lot of content BUENO… and constantly). The only way to turn an expert… is to practice. The formula for your organic content to work. If you are a small business, you must concentrate on spending your time, money and effort in creating a well-kept content. You must spend around 75% on the first content creation and only 25% on the amplification paid for on the other hand! spectacular websites, public relations, sending direct mail in cold or inverting it in terms of payment… when it could be spent on this first level creation, separating a small presupposition of amplification to achieve bad results. Are you a user of what you contain? What business owners don’t seem to understand is that quality content is vital to
Betting Email List; any person under 45 years of age discovering on the internet a solo business in two ways: searching for it in Googletopandose with it in social networksAsí… Organic content exampleAsí…
Example of content amplification

If you are not focusing on the content you are going to turn dumb and obsolete in the way of doing business.You need first-class content for your user, to answer his questions and to position himself on Google. However, there are 10 times better than any other similar; and when you have it, you must move it to complement it with social networks; organically first so that you see how it works, and that which changes a little bit more than the rest, you must amplify it.A user who directly links to your page because he finds something that interests him or because he responds to a question that he has, is much more valuable than potentially speaking to someone who has done it through a paid advertisement. The primer is completely hooked, the second one still has to work. The content is your best investment.When contained in your site and in your nets are 1st, food is only rising and just a little boost is needed to make it really green. Today, the search and socialization is the most natural state of the Internet.As the means of payment become saturated, they are leaving a huge free currency for those brands that contain the first correct content: publishing and giving only a little boost to amplify it.You negotiate which side are you in? We would love to know more about you.

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