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How to prepare a report to better present the results of your strategy


How to prepare a report to better present the results of your strategy

“Data, data, data … I can’t make bricks without clay!” Detective Sherlock Holmes, in his fictional world, already loved the importance of data. And yes, data is super important – statistics and metrics are the culmination of hard work.But just as important as the data collection are the conclusions that we can reach thanks to them. Likewise, the way in which this data is delivered can be crucial to avoid laying waste to so much effort.In this post I have proposed to give you some buy cell phone number so that you learn how to prepare a report to present the results of your strategy in te best and clearest way possible.list_altIndex of contents
5 examples of how to write a report
How to know what type of graph to choose?
5 examples of how to write a report
Example 1: bars vs radar
As I was saying, the way the data is displayed can totally change the reader’s perspective . And for a sample, a button. The first example that I want to show you is the case of a technical director who must choose between three players. You are presented with the following graph:how to prepare a report pablo chavez IIWhat is the ideal player? It is quite difficult to determine which is the most complete player according to the needs of the manager.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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In this case, a radar chart, also called a “cobweb” chart, is a very visual way of displaying the data:


how to prepare a report pablo chavez IVThe same data as the bar chart but presented differently. Thanks to the radar graph we can see that player 1 is more balanced than the other two, although in general he is not the best in any specific category. Likewise, it is clearly seen how player 2 stands out a lot in speed, acceleration and energy, but has less stamina. On the other hand, Player 3 is very good at dribbling and free throws. In this way, the technical director can, at a glance, Betting Email List which player is the most suitable according to the needs of the team.Do you have questions about the ROI of inbound marketing? Access the complete PDF to solve themExamples 2 and 3: choosing the correct scale
We continue with another example on how to do a report correctly and we come across misleading metrics . I am not referring to providing false information, but to misrepresenting, probably inadvertently, by choosing the wrong scale .Example 2: scale from 0
Let’s imagine a person who must choose a menu to cook, as the person responsible for a children’s menu in a school. You are concerned that the food is not very high in calories. To help you make the decision, we present the following chart:how to prepare a report pablo chavez VIIIAt first glance, it could be said that it would be preferable to discard menu 4 due to its high caloric content compared to other options. In fact, menu 2 and menu 5 should be the finalists. However, this is a graph with a small catch: the scale starts at 1,450 calories. If we show the scale from 0 the graph looks like this :how to prepare a report pablo chavez IXIn this case, we could say that the menus are practically the same in terms of calories and it is most likely that the person responsible for choosing this menu should use some other criteria to make the right choice.This does not mean that we should always start graphs from 0: in reality, there is no formula that is always 100% correct . But it is true that your duty as a specialist in the data you handle is to show the results in the most objective way possible , avoiding possible confusion or misinterpretation of the data.New Call-to-action
Example 3: logarithmic scale
Another example of possible data misrepresentation due to misuse of the scale is the following: it is the price of bitcoin, in US dollars, in a period of time from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2019:how to prepare a report pablo chavez

It could be concluded that 2016 was a fairly flat year , with little volatility. However, the scale in this case plays a trick on the graph and is hiding important information .This can be solved, for example, with a logarithmic scale . This scale is especially useful when we have very wide ranges of data, so the highest numbers take center stage.how to prepare a report pablo chavez XIUsing a logarithmic scale instead of a linear one we see that the year 2016 did have ups and downs : in reality, it was not a flat year, asit seemed in the first graph!Example 4: goodbye to the pie chart
The pie chart is probably the most widely used type of visualization. Probably the reason for its widespread use is because in the early days of Excel it was what we had most at hand … But really, the pie chart , also called “pie chart”, “pie chart” or “pie chart”, is a way of displaying data that we should avoid .Actually, this graph is best left aside because human beings are not very good at comparing different pieces in a circular element. Have you tried to cut a cake into 5 equal parts? It is really complicated!We agree with Avinash Kaushik when she explains her disagreement with pie charts with a play on words: “Eat pies! Don’t share them ”. That is, “Eat cakes, but don’t share them!” Do you still have doubts? Look at these charts:how to prepare a report pablo chavez Xhow to prepare a report pablo chavez VHow would you order each of these graphs from highest to lowest? Try it before looking at the following graphs… Which piece do you think is larger in Graph 1: 4 or 2? And the smallest in Figure 2? The 1? No, no … the 2nd! More of the same in figure 3…. Almost impossible to determine.Now try to do the same exercise with the same data but, this time, on a bar chart:how to prepare a report pablo chavez VIThis is something else, right? Much easier to compare each result!Example 5: candlestick chart, also useful in marketing
Finally, we want to talk about a type of graph widely used in the world of finance but that can also be very useful in marketing. This is the candle charts .These charts are widely used in the financial world because they show all the relevant information in a single candle . Let’s see what it is about with an example.Suppose these are the prices of a given stock for 5 months:how to prepare a report pablo chavez IHigh: is the maximum price that the stock reached during the corresponding month.
Open: is the price at which the action “opened” (started) in the corresponding month.
Close: is the price at which the share “closed” (ended) in the corresponding month.
Low: is the minimum price that the stock reached during the corresponding month.
All of this is very valuable information, but how do we take it to a graph so that we can more visually compare the months? Well, that’s what the candle chart is for:how to prepare a report pablo chavez IIIThe candlestick chart is showing all the relevant information at once. In this case:The opening and closing price appears on the body of the candle. If the price went up (as in January, March and April), the candle is painted, in this case, blue. If the price decreased (as in February and May), the candle is unpainted, blank. In finance, they usually use the color green for the candles that go up in value and red for the candles that go down in value.The candle sticks also reveal information. In this case, they show us where they had the minimum and maximum each of the months. This allows us to analyze which were the most volatile months (January and May, in this case). As a result of this data, we could ask ourselves: why was there such a high maximum in January? Or why was there a low in May so far from closing?
You may be wondering: “This is very interesting, but what does it have to do with marketing ? Well, again, Avinash Kaushik teaches us that the candlestick chart is a very good way to break out of the averages . And, yes, in marketing we tend to always show averages: average sales price, average duration of visits to the web, etc. But it is highly probable that with so much average we are losing very valuable information around that average .Do you have questions about the ROI of inbound marketing? Access the complete PDF to solve them
In this case, I show you an example of an ecommerce that has the amount of each order received in a certain period of time: $ 19, $ 26, $ 25, $ 37, $ 32, $ 28, $ 22, $ 23 , $ 29, $ 34, $ 39, $ 31 and $ 46. Using an average, we could say that the average purchase order on our website is $ 30. But we would be leaving out a lot of valuable information.Using the quartiles (easily calculated with a formula in Excel or Google Sheets) we can present this data in the form of a candle chart.how to prepare a report pablo chavez VIINow the information is much richer. I can know that 50% of my purchases fall within the candle (between $ 24 and $ 35.5) and that I have more variability upwards than downwards , for example.This visualization allows me to make decisions or “double click” on relevant information. For example, what was that high buy that is so far from the rest? If we had a candle for each month we could compare the volatilities of one and another month, amng other things.How to know what type of g

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