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How to optimize campaigns in real time


How to optimize campaigns in real time

Improve what you’re doing and increase your ROI with these tips.
Most of the Senegal Phone Number List professionals dedicate all our effort in the strategic definition of a campaign, the action plan and its timing. But… are we including a real-time digital analytics plan ? Probably not. As long as we have the final results of the entire campaign, we will have enough, right?

This vision of the measurement of a campaign is the one that most have, without knowing that this global conversion of 2.5% would have been 7.1% if we had acted at the right time.

Marketing campaings

Different channels, creatives and formats are used in every campaign. In order to know which ones work best, the first thing we have to do is add the tracking of the analytical tool that is used in the URL of the destination landing, personalized with each of the variables of the context in which it will be published.

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For example, if we make a publication in a Display environment, with the “Summer” creative, and with the Banner format (350 × 250), we will have to add the following utms in the destination landing (eg Betting Email List Analytics):


Thanks to this tracking, Google Analytics will collect the users who arrive through the ad, identifying the medium from which they come (Display), the source (Quisma), and the type of banner through which they have accessed (Banner 350 × 250).

If we follow the same pattern in all the ads, we will be able to know the effectiveness that each publication is achieving and identify the type of variable that works best.

Once we have everything tracked, why wait until its completion to analyze it?

Let’s take advantage of the power we have in the data to detect possible improvements, and make changes in real time !

Thus, if only some channels are providing us with quality traffic, we can redistribute the investment in those that work best.

In the same way, if we see that 80% of the traffic is coming to us from one of the 5 paid posts on Facebook, it is also optimal to reinvest in it.

Once we have the campaigns controlled and we know how to optimize them in real time,

What is the next step to continue optimizing and increasing our ROI?

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