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How to make profitable marketing strategies step by step


How to make profitable marketing strategies step by step

We all know how important it is to create a good action plan before each new project. In fact, we shouldn’t start a new business without one. And yet, incredibly, every day we find entrepreneurs who make no effort to create their own profitable marketing strategies . We are going to explain how we do them but if you do not see yourself capable, you can always resort to our professional services.
The strategy should show us the way forward to make our project known to our potential clients. The objective is to occupy a space between all the options to solve the problem of our client with our product or service. Here’s an audio summary on our episode 63 podcast in case you don’t want to read:

We have to make ourselves known. It should help us to focus our attention on our solution. product or service.
Develop profitable marketing strategies
Why invest so much time and money in creating a new business without having customers or users?
This is to open a Singapore Business Phone List premises on a busy street because customers are going to come.
If you want users, you will have to actively seek and find them, and then make them understand that you exist. The only way to improve the visibility of your business is with a solid marketing strategy.

According to market studies, 46% of brands still do not have a defined digital marketing strategy, and 16% do have the strategy but have not yet implemented it.
These data show that more than 50% of businesses are not carrying out marketing strategies for which they do not have exposure to their customers and potential users simply because they do not even know that your product or service proposal exists.
When you don’t have a marketing strategy, you run the risk of going nowhere, wasting time and money efforts on channels like digital that aren’t giving you results, and losing potential users to your competitors.



However, it is not so difficult to make your own profitable marketing strategies . Here are the 4 steps it takes to make a marketing plan that works for you.
marketing strategies
How to do our Marketing Strategies
We are going to see the essential steps that we should take into account to define our marketing strategies:

Meet our target customer
The first step in creating your marketing strategy is understanding who you are sending your marketing message to. Doing so confirms that our sales efforts are targeted, and as a result, you will get the return on investment you want.

A common way to do this is to define our buyer persona or ideal buyer. By doing this process, we can be sure that we are directing our business efforts to people who are genuinely interested in our product or service. Otherwise, your marketing strategy resembled the image of a man standing tall and drawing the attention of anyone close to you at the time.

To improve your approach to your target customer, you should ask yourself some basic questions to define it:

Location : Where do you live?

Age : What is the age range?

Sex : What is your gender?

Interests : What are your interests?

Education level : What is your education level?

Professional experience : What fields of work do your potential clients work in, and what kinds of professional degrees do they have?

Income level : What is your income level?

Relationship status : What is your marital status?

Language : What languages ​​do they speak?

Favorite websites : What types of websites do you usually browse?

Reasons to buy : What are your reasons for purchasing your product?

Excuses : What are your common excuses for not purchasing your product?

When defining your potential customer, we must not stop at superficial segmentation data. We need to understand our target customer as if they were a close and personal friend, as if we were going to observe them for a few beers this weekend. One of the typical mistakes in this phase is to make assumptions about our potential customer. Betting Email List  To avoid this, we have to go outside, and start interviewing the crowd and get real data. Asking is the closest option we have to get an answer. If they do not respond, it is because they are not interested in your product or service.
Ask them for 10 minutes of their time for an interview, or send an easy survey. Interview people who are not your users yet, but who fit the profile of your target customer.
Find a way to reward the public for interviewing us by offering a sale or a free product. Whatever the reward, our ultimate goal should be to know what potential audiences really think when they view our store or business. This phase is essential and we do not have to pass it quickly. The more time we dedicate to knowing the reasons why buyers come to our website, the more efficient we will be in our marketing strategies. Only once this phase is passed, we will be able to advance to the next phase.

Investigate our competitors
No business exists alone, even if it has an exclusive offer for a very specific niche. You can be sure that at some point, you will meet a competitor, and each of them will have their own ideas on how to contact their potential users. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time exploring the market and obtaining data on competitors and their activities. From my point of view, the competition is an opportunity to keep improving. The competition demands you to be better and can give you ideas on how to improve your product and service. Competition helps you keep looking for new opportunities to improve the profitability of your own business. A good way to learn with your competition is to follow them on social networks and understand their sales channels, communication with their users and know the public message they communicate.
This can be done easily with utilities known on the internet such as Mention or Brand24 , which allow us to follow mentions of our brand or that of our competitors on web pages or social networks.
Take advantage of this active listening on social networks to see what products users are buying, how they found out about them, and if their experiences were positive or negative. Learn what promotions they may be offering through their social networks.
Another huge utility that you can use to research profitable marketing strategies is to check their ads and ad campaigns.
You can see what keywords are betting on in search engines like Google or see the messages to launch through social networks like in the Facebook Ads Library .

Through marketing tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush you can check what their content strategy is like, which are the pages of their website that are getting the most traffic and see what their link building strategy is. That is, research the SEO positioning strategy of your competition.

Finally, I would recommend you simply create an email account and sign up for their email list or newsletter and see what their email marketing strategy is like. How it is communicated, with what frequency or regularity, that it offers through email.

All this knowledge of your competition will give you a close and personal perspective to define your own profitable marketing strategies . Among other things, we can know if they are launching a new product, and if so, how they do it. Or if they are betting on a product similar to yours. In the end, it helps us to find out what is happening at all times. Of course, there are also many more utilities and procedures that you can use to investigate your competition. But my idea is to at least arouse your curiosity and take the first step to start somewhere. Choose our content and advertising channels
Nowadays, we have many alternatives before realizing and launching our marketing strategy in front of our potential clients. We can carry out a classic advertising strategy, from making advertising brochures, buying ads in newspapers or local radios or putting posters on billboards, or we can study more current and constantly evolving tactics such as advertising campaigns in search engines or on social networks. , SEO positioning or content marketing.
Whichever path we take, we must choose which channels we are going to use and what communication we are going to carry out in order to transform the general public into potential clients and then into real clients.
To achieve the expected return on our investment in communication, content or advertising campaigns, we have to make choices about the most profitable channels to reach our target customer.

Choosing the communication, content or advertising channel is not always easy. And it will cost us resources and work to find the most profitable channel for our business or company at the present time.
Following free fads, instincts, or advice doesn’t usually bring good results. And of course, don’t be nervous if you don’t get it right the first time. It is normal.
Channels available for a digital project
Social media
Email Marketing
Advertising Campaigns
Our website is usually the base of any digital project. Its essential purpose is to communicate our project to the rest of the planet. In it we place our presentation, who we are, how to contact us. On our website we place our main message. What make us different from the others. What makes us unique. It should be a reflection of our personality and character. On our website we control our entire message and where we place the way to contact us or buy from us if we associate our ecommerce.

The blog is usually on the website but we consider it as a place to add value. Share our knowledge. Give our point of view. It is the right place to position our digital project. Choose which keywords to attack and rank for. And as in our website, the control is total of all the content displayed but we can begin to receive comments and feedback on that content.

Social networks are different. We use them as a form of communication but also as a way to increase exposure. Therefore, its management and choice is essential. Increasing exposure increases the risk of inappropriate or critical comments or founded or unfounded attacks that we must know how to face and manage with a predefined strategy. There are companies that out of fear or ignorance do not face taking the step of exposing themselves to social networks.

Email marketing is another channel in which there is feedback. We launch messages and we usually get a percentage of responses. The control of the sent message must be total, original and unique. And we must be prepared to answer any type of message that is going to reach us.

Advertising is where the level of exposure increases because we seek to attract customers among those who do not know us. And therefore, it is a great way to receive broad feedback. We receive it from the null response to the message issued, which is already a form of communication, to the achievement of the customer interested in our product or service and even finally buying.

The way to improve results is to come up with several alternative messages and see which of them has the best possible response. All this within a budget to study what is the best way to communicate with our potential client.

As you can see, the choice of the channel for our marketing strategy should not be an arbitrary or punctual process or the result of the undocumented opinion of a third party. It is an important decision and to which we should dedicate time to study and reflection.

In addition, and within all channels, we can also make a classification regarding the traffic that our digital project will receive, that is, how customers get to know our physical or digital store:

The traffic achieved is what we achieve by ourselves. For our digital exposure, for our positioning, for our communication style, for our social networks, for our issued emails and for all the means that we control to send our message.

Paid traffic is what we get by attraction through advertising campaigns. Either in search engines, appearing on other web pages or through most social networks.

Referred traffic is always known as “word of mouth” that with the current media has achieved exponential levels of exposure.

The referred traffic is the result of our activity at all levels and our quality in the emission of messages that can potentially go viral. From social networks to our website. But it is an uncontrolled result because it occurs when we share our communication beyond our means. Enter private WhatsApp or Telegram groups, get retweeted or shared to infinity and beyond by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Analyze our sales funnel
The last step to develop our marketing strategy is to develop the steps that the customer has to go through to convert, to buy or consume our product or service. Those steps materialize in the sales funnel.

The most common and generic format in the market for building a sales funnel is the AIDA format of: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

It is not the only way to define your sales funnel but it is one of the most common.

At the top and widest we will have all the potential customers who at some point come close to our offer. These are people who until now are unaware of our product or service and our goal is to capture their attention and interest in some way. This is what we call cold traffic because it does not know us before.

When we capture your previous objective, the objective is to generate the desire for the acquisition or consumption of our product or service by increasing the temperature of our traffic.

Finally, it is about turning that desire into action. This is achieved by converting the visit into a specific action within our website that can be from leaving us your contact information through a lead to buying our product or service.

What we must do in our marketing strategy is define the path to be taken by the client within our sales funnel.

By analyzing each stage of the customer journey we can find out our weaknesses or possibilities of leakage of customer care.

The sales process has to calculate how many clients we have to attract in the initial stage so that enough clients reach the final step to meet our results objectives defined in our reference document, which should be the digital marketing plan.

This exercise can be incredibly helpful in determining which marketing tactics we want to use and where to implement them.

Ready to create and execute your own profitable marketing strategies?
It is what we wanted, to show all the key points to create our own profitable digital marketing strategies .

The creation of our own profitable marketing strategies is unique, thoughtful and is essential if we want our company or business to have the intended result.

No matter how important or great our product or service is, if no one finds us, we cannot make any sales.

Clients don’t appear spontaneously, we have to earn their attention.

And take your time !!! This can take anywhere from a few hours to many days. Developing your marketing strategy takes time. But above all, it will help you to know in which direction to move and what steps you have to take to get there.

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