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How to make a good lead nurturing that fits your buyer persona


How to make a good lead nurturing that fits your buyer persona

Surely you have ever found that your marketing actions have not had the expected results: low engagement, little conversion to sales … Have you ever stopped to think if the actions chosen are the right ones for your potential audience? Have you correctly defined your buyer persona and do you know the buyer journey ?If you need to reformulate your lead denmark cell phone strategy and review how to offer useful information to your user to close a purchase, I recommend that you continue reading and join me in this article, where we are going to see together how to make a good lead nurturingthat covers the pains of your buyer persona . Let us begin!list_altIndex of contents
What is lead nurturing?
Do our marketing actions work?
Create the buyer persona and automate according to the pains
What is lead nurturing?
First of all, we must know the terminology we are talking about, so we will start with lead nurturing.It is a marketing technique that is part of the inbound marketing process, in which we intend to convert users who have been interested in our product into customers through the valuable information that we provide them. What we want is to influence the registry that you are prepared to buy.To use the lead nurturing technique, lead scoring can be of great help, since it consists of classifying the leads from a database in order to establish specific campaigns.



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Do our marketing actions work?
Surely you have ever developed a marketing strategy with specific actions that have not yielded the expected results . There can be several reasons why they do not work, and the fact of not having a well-defined buyer Betting Email List can be one of them. We must be very clear about the needs of our public and their countries. You have it?When we talk about pains we refer to any need, motivation or concern that the buyer person has and that can be solved with our product or service. By knowing the pain (or pain) of our buyer persona, we will know the motivation that will drive them to purchase our product or service.Review of company material
It may happen that we are in a business already started in which we have already carried out marketing actions, that we have material created and even that our blog already has articles in which we have seen that there has not been the interaction we expected.To do this, the first recommendation is to review the material created by the company. Once done, we will classify it according to the buyer person to which it is directed. We not only have a buyer person: we can create several according to the needs that they may have and that our product or service solves them. The concern or motivation of each target audience will be different, so the actions and messages may be different in order to reach each of them.Get your ticket for Inbound Leaders 2019!
We recommend you read the article Buyer persona: the key factor in your marketing and sales strategy , from which you can extract guidelines to define your buyer persona correctly. Do not miss it!

If we create a buyer persona that does not correspond to our client, what can happen is that we are investing efforts, time and money in actions that the people to whom they are addressed are not interested. If we know what motivates our buyer persona, because we have investigated and tried to get to know him through previous actions, we can offer him content of interest to him. Only in this way will we have an impact on it and will have the opportunity to generate a confidence that reports us in sales in the medium-long term.It is important to be clear about what you are going to offer to each type of buyer according to their need, and for this you must know what you have. If this is not the case and you send information to one of your target audiences that is not aligned with their needs, you may lose an opportunity, now and in the future.Segment by phases: TOFU, MOFU and BOFU
For the lead nurturing strategy, we must be very clear about the content that the company has as mentioned in the previous point, as well as how we are going to use it according to the funnel phase in which our client is.TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) or BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel), these are the phases of the funnel. The interesting thing is that we classify our content according to the phase in which we want to impact the buyer persona.An example could be this:APP1_Pep Botey_Table sort contentAfter the impact, we should have our funnel automated so that it is agile to move to a record from one phase to another, in order to be able to impact again with something that is interesting to you at the time it is.Drafting of email chains
The part that will take us the most time and on which we must pay close attention is the writing of the email chains so that they coincide with all the information we have about our buyer persona. We can do it in several ways, and one of them is to classify our buyer according to the pains . Once this is done, we must specify the emails that they will receive according to the phase of the funnel in which they are.

Again, an example of how to configure those strings could be this:APP1_Pep Botey_Email chain order template
The layout of these emails is also something to take into account. All the decisions we make will be made according to the interests and motivations of our buyer persona. I repeat myself, I know, but this is a concept that must be clear, since it will determine, to a large extent, the success of our marketing actions. In the article Event Marketing: How to achieve a greater reach, I leave you tips to layout these emails.The most entertaining part of this whole process is making sure that all the workflows are properly configured. Before creating them, we must be clear about the properties that we are going to need for the workflow. The article Workflows in online marketing and inbound marketing can help us throughout this process.How to make a good lead nurturing that fits your buyer persona
Create the buyer persona and automate according to the pains
In this article we have seen the importance of ordering all the content, clearly defining the buyer person and their pains, as well as creating as many buyer person as necessary. The content of the company must cover all the pains and, if not, a review and restructuring must be done so that it can be interesting and motivating, and that it generates a boost in the receiver with a possible sale.As we have seen, materials such as ebooks, articles or courses, among others, must be classified in the different pains and phases of the funnel (TOFU, MOFU or BOFU) to be abe to execute the chain of emails correctly.We must work on these chains by setting goals and a buyer persona and leaving them automated, as well as the subsequent classification of the record so that it re-enters the corresponding workflow. From time to time we will make reviews to see what is working for us and make variations according to the needs or what we discover in the different actions.If we follow these tips, it is very likely that our actions will be well directed to our target audience and that the results will be more satisfactory. Do you have any doubt? Leave me a comment!

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