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How to improve the sales process of your business [+ Guide]


How to improve the sales process of your business [+ Guide]

When it comes to seeing how you can improve your business to obtain more sales, you need to consider what your sales process is and what can be improved in it. In this post we will help you to hit the nail on the head. Shall we start?list_altIndex of contents
AIDA and the stages of the sales process
Sales process: how can I improve it?
Inbound marketing: fundamental pillar of the sales process
Before entering the Austria Phone Number List , it is important that you understand for sure what is understood by the sales process. Also known as the ” sales cycle” , this process is the one that takes place from when the company begins with the acquisition of clients until the transaction closes.Within the sales process, four stages can be differentiated:Get the user’s attention
Pique their interest
Motivate your decision
Take action
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AIDA and the stages of the sales process
These four stages are also known under the name of AIDA . Do you take them into account?

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A: Awareness or conscience
To enter this phase and attract the attention of the user, what companies traditionally did was develop advertising campaigns that, many times, were invasive. We saw it (and continue to see it) often through television commercials, pop-ups that interrupt web browsing, placements advertising, radio or press advertisements, social networks, etc. But, today, there are better techniques to capture the user’s attention thanks to the paradigm shift generated by inbound marketing.Basically, what it is about is to awaken the curiosity of the user by making them reach the benefits of the product or service, providing them with striking advice, etc. In this way, we can change the “awareness” for the part of “Attractive” or attraction, since you have to generate content that is really of interest to your buyer persona.We are going to give a clear and easy to understand Betting Email List . If I sell a solution based on calculating the expenses of my employees to a director of human resources, what content can I create, be it podcast, video or text, so that whoever receives it is interested?I can think of cross-cutting themes that help an HR director. H H. to make better decisions, control your budget, contribute to the retention of talent, etc. That is, I will have to position my company as the solution to any challenge / pain point that this human resources director may have.I: Research or interest in the purchase process
It is usually conceived as a phase of discovery of the solution that the potential client needs. In this phase of the sales process, the company or individual investigates the characteristics, the price and everything that influences that solution in the form of a product or service. To do this, you will have to find out how long it will take to implement it, who does it affect, what are the payment conditions, how to get ratings from other users, etc.

In this case, from the inbound point of view, we want the user to convert, that is, if this human resources director is reading an article on my blog or is reading a post on Instagram, click on a conversion point from my website or through the Instagram profile, so that you subscribe to the blog, download content or even request a free demo.D: Desire or desireIt is the penultimate phase of the process, since at this point the objective is to position yourself as the best option to the problems of your target audience. Now you know its problems and, even if it is comparing you with your competition, your positioning and offer has to be the best alternative. Here you can play with testimonials, offers and discounts, loyalty plan, etc.In the closing part we want the user to make the purchase or transaction that we want. It can be from the download of an app or a free trial of X weeks, or you end up buying our solution. The more personalized the offer, the more closing opportunities you will have.If, for example, you are an ecommerce, the user tracking option would also enter here, for example, with the automation of emails activated after leaving the cart abandoned.improve sales processA: Action or action
It is the phase of the sales process where you have to close the sale itself. We can understand the sale as a transactional action, either for the user to start or sign up for an activity, download content, register, etc. In this step, you can offer an added scarcity and urgency, for example, play with the terms “last places”, “only today”, “free for X hours”, “less than X days for the offer to end”, etc. .

The loyalty part plays a fundamental role, since it costs more to generate a new client than to grow the ones you currently have. At this point it is about seeing potential opportunities that your clients have. Is it about expanding other markets or territories in different languages? Or grow the current service by number of employees or billing?


Likewise, it should be mentioned that the sales cycle is different from the buying cycle , although they are very close. Since the creation of the internet, these two terms have been moving a little further apart, so that the purchase cycle refers to the process that a user follows to finally make a purchase. Let’s see how to get all the juice out of it!

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Sales process: how can I improve it?
Once the difference between the purchase cycle and the sale cycle is clear, it is time to take action and see how you, as a company, can improve the process you currently have.

First of all, you have to be aware that the internet has brought about great changes within this process, changes that you must keep in mind in order to design a process correctly. We explain it to you.

Changes that the internet has caused in the sales process
Take into account the following conditions that are generated in the online environment and that you will have to analyze for your ecommerce.

Users who search the internet before buying
The Internet puts a large amount of information within the reach of a click, so we find users with the clearest ideas.

Faced with this new reality, we must conceive content as a key piece of the online marketing strategy to be developed.

Similarly, for your website to be well positioned and reach your target audience, you will have to verify that your product or service can generate an active volume of searches per month . If your product or service cannot be the one that generates a considerable volume of searches to attract qualified traffic to your website, then you will have to think of another way to reach your target.

In other words, if you sell a product for everyday use, such as the “robot vacuum cleaner,” you will have a lot of search volume. However, your first objective will not be to sell the product, but rather that, at the moment in which the user has the possibility to compare your vacuum cleaner with that of other brands, choose yours.

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