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How to improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce


How to improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce

If you have an online business or are considering opening one again, you have surely heard of the “conversion rate”. But what exactly is it and what benefits does knowing how to measure it correctly bring us? I’ll tell you about it in this post! list_altIndex of contents
What is the conversion rate in ecommerce in Spain?
10 ways to optimize your conversion rate
The conversion rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of users of our Belarus Phone Number List that complete a certain action. This action can be any objective that we have set in our business (add a product to the cart, sign up for your newsletter, fill out a contact form …), but in this article we will focus on the conversion rate to sale, which is which measures the percentage of users of our electronic commerce who complete a purchase. improve conversion rate ecommerce conversion formulaFor example, if my business gets 2,000 visits and 20 of them end in sales, my eCommerce conversion rate is 1%.

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Why should we correctly measure and optimize this metric? The conversion rate is one of the main metrics that will help us measure the success of the strategies we implement in our business. Not only can we focus on having many visits, but in the end we have to know how to optimize our ecommerce to achieve our final goal: sell our product or service. Thus, the conversion rate will allow us to understand what is the return on investment dedicated to our ecommerce (either time or money) in relation to final sales.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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What is the conversion rate in ecommerce in Spain?
One of the biggest challenges when analyzing the conversion rate is finding a benchmark against which to compare the performance of our business. This reference value will depend on many factors, such as the sector to which we belong or the product we sell, but on average we can say that the average conversion rate of an ecommerce in Betting Email List 
is between 1% and 3%.This means that of every 1,000 visits made to a prouct page, only between 10 and 30 finalize the sale. However, depending on the source of the traffic and the device from which the page is accessed, this percentage can also vary greatly. Therefore, we must be attentive to the conversion figures of each channel to identify which ones we have to work on to improve our average conversion.ecommerce conversion rates table by sectorSource: Study on the conversion in Spanish digital businesses 2020In addition, we must take into account that within the same sector we can find large differences between the conversion rate of each business depending on its ability to execute an effective strategy for your business. For example, within the retail sector, where the average conversion rate is 1%, but in an ecommerce success story like Amazon, the conversion rate can be up to 7%.How has the pandemic affected the conversion rate?
Due to the situation caused by Covid-19, the consumption habits of users have been greatly affected.

According to the latest Annual eCommerce Study 2020 prepared by IAB Spain, half of consumers have increased their frequency of online shopping during confinement, and, although the majority declare that once it returns to normal, it will return to its usual frequency, a 25% confirm that they will buy more frequently through the online channel.Some sectors have been positively affected by this change, while others have seen their conversion rate decline after the pandemic. Of all the categories analyzed in the IAB Spain study, the airline sector is the one that has experienced the greatest growth, while food delivery is the one that has suffered the greatest decrease.Conversion rate of the first 6 months 2020 vs. 6 months of 2019ecommerce conversion rate 2020 vs 2019

Source: Annual Ecommerce Study 2020, IAB Spainnother important change that can be observed in the impact of Covid-19 is the growth of mcommerce compared to the previous year, demonstrating the great importance of having a responsive electronic commerce:

ecommerce conversion rate

Source: Cetelem Observatory of eCommerce 2020

10 ways to optimize your conversion rate
Although there are multiple techniques that you can apply to optimize the conversion rate of your e-commerce, here we indicate 10 of the most important ways to do it.

1. Be different
For the success of any ecommerce, a key point is to offer something of value to users that is not offered by the competition . Therefore, we have to highlight our differential values ​​and purpose at all times.

It is important that our differential values ​​are always visible together with the commitments we have with the client (free shipping, 24-hour delivery, etc.), bearing in mind above all that the home page, which serves as a company presentation, will be the place where we will be most interested in highlighting our differential value.

ecommerce conversion rate zalando example

2. Include testimonials, opinions and trust marks
When a user arrives at an ecommerce, what he wants is to find symbols of online trust, security and credibility that give him the peace of mind he needs to buy.

In addition, the opinions of other users take on great importance in ecommerce, since consumers need detailed opinions that can guide them in their purchase decisions. What better than the opinions of other consumers to know if a product or service is worth buying?

3. UX
User experience on any web page is essential to meet conversion goals. One of the most critical is the loading time of the website , since if your page does not load fast enough, the user will go to another online store where they can navigate faster and you will have lost a customer.

In addition, we must make your browsing experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible : we must offer well-ranked menus with quick access to categories and subcategories so that you can easily find what you are looking for. It is also recommended to add filters within the category pages, since this way we offer a faster and more precise search option.

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