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How to have a brand personality taking advantage of social networks


How to have a brand personality taking advantage of social networks

Having a brand personality that resonates with your audience is crucial.

What will you find in this content?

Why is brand personality vital to your social networks?
What is brand personality?
How to create a personality and exploit it
Examples of successful brand personality
Brand personality: Apple
Brand Personality: Nike
Last words
With thousands of companies competing to offer similar products and services, creating and maintaining a unique and engaging personality and voice is essential. Why is brand personality vital to your social networks? Ask yourself why do we follow brands? Why do we subscribe to their mailing lists and follow them on social media? Do we love their products so much that we are willing to receive Norway Phone Number List and notifications every time they publish something new? There are two important reasons why people hit the follow button. The first is whether the content is entertaining, educational, inspiring, and/or benefits the reader in any way. (See the matrix of contents). Small Business Tactics on Facebook Content matrix health food companies that release well-done video tutorials are popular because their content is:

a) educational

b) easy to understand
Not all brands can create engaging content, sometimes because there isn’t enough to talk about, but also because it takes time and resources to create amazing video and/or written content.
The second reason people are rushing to subscribe to a brand’s mailing lists or to follow it on social media is because they have a very compelling brand personality.
What is brand personality?
If your brand were a person, it would be the human characteristics that it would have. Having a brand personality on social media helps you:
● Keep your brand separate from the competition
● Increase reach
● Ensure it is easily recognizable
● Create an emotional connection with the audience
And just like a person, the personality of a brand consists of physical attributes (logo, colors, etc.) and intangible characteristics, which is how it communicates (tone of voice, style).
Without a robust, unique and exciting personality, your brand will be boring on social media.
Your audience will only connect emotionally with your brand, if their personality speaks in the right way.
Exciting brand VANS How to create a personality and exploit it Now that you know what a brand personality is and why you need one for social media, let’s talk about how you can create one.

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The most important step before starting is to open a document called ‘Brand Guidelines’. You must put here all the information about the personality of your brand so that other people can also use it. This will be useful for your collaborators, designers, content creators, community managers, and anyone else related to your social media accounts.

Your logo is a key component of your personality, as it is the visual representation of your brand. Your logo can be an icon, initials, a word mark, or a combination of 2 or even all three.It’s best to stick to one or two, as often the best approach to logo design is to be clean and straightforward.Creating a logo can be difficult, and there are two ways to design it. You can hire a professional designer or use a logo design program .Brand colors If you already have a logo and website, chances are you already have your brand colors. These should be the colors evident in all visible elements. If you don’t have one yet, or if your color scheme is confusing, now is the time to create or improve one.It is important to note that each color and tone has its own meaning and emotional feel; you can easily combine the colors using a color wheel to create a unique branding palette.These colors should be clearly visible on your website, logo, and social media posts to help enhance your brand’s personality and image. The branding McDonald’s is an extraordinary example of this.Branding example – brand personality
Voice tone Your brand’s tone of voice appears in every written word in your site content and on your social media accounts. Therefore, you should use it to frame your posts, captions, bios, interactions with people, and more.Imagine your brand as a person, is it professional, authoritarian, energetic, creative, relaxed, rude, rebellious, geek? There is no right or wrong answer, and don’t be afraid to mix up more than one. If you are a tech company, there is nothing wrong with creating a brand that is geeky but also resilient.
Or nerdy, but with a creative side Betting Email List . But your tone of voice won’t do any good if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience. It should feel intimate and develop the idea of ​​someone you want to talk to.If you can’t come up with ideas, take a look at your competitor’s social media to see what kinds of posts are generating high engagement from their audience.
Most likely, your audience is the same, if not, similar. But make sure you keep your voice unique and attractive enough to stand out from the crowd.

It is crucial that no matter what your choices are for your brand personality, you keep your communication style consistent. Otherwise, the character of your brand will not be credible.If people think that the brand is a fraud, it will be difficult to change their minds. By maintaining the same tone of voice, color schemes and type of images in the publications, it will be easier to emphasize the features of your brand.You should also make sure that posts are published on the same day / time consistently. The public prefers a brand that publishes content on specific days and periods.Examples of successful brand personality
If you’re still not sure how a brand can have a personality and a voice, let’s look at a few examples below, starting with Apple.Brand personality: Apple Apple is, first and foremost, a technology company that produces mobile phones, computers, and other popular accessories. But what is its personality like?Well, their logo is very minimalist, non-corporate looking. And in all his communication, his brand voice is one of sophistication mixed with creativity.

Steve Jobs was famous for saying, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and this stands out strongly in the personality of his brand. Simple but sophisticated.Brand Personality: Nike
Nike is a sports and active lifestyle brand, and its message is always one of action and takes life by the horns. Their branding is provocative, in the sense that it urges you to get up and start exercising. However, it is not aggressive, but quite cool and motivating.If you were to imagine your brand as a person, it would probably be an athlete, with a larger than life personality.Last words With these tips, you can go ahead and formulate your own brand personality to promote your business on social media.Think of social media as part of a great discussion with thousands of people.Does your brand stand out when it speaks? Will people listen and follow it? Always analyze its impact and modify the personality of your brand, until you have created one that your audience likes.

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