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How to grow on Instagram: 21 ways to do it quickly


How to grow on Instagram: 21 ways to do it quickly

Do you want to know how to grow on Instagram naturally? It is important that our account grows in order to reach as many potential clients as possible.There are many methods for your account to gain strength and greater relevance over time. So, without further ado, let’s see what to do to grow our Instagram account!list_altIndex of contents
How to grow on Instagram? Some practical tips
How to grow on Instagram? Some practical tips
As I anticipated at the beginning of the article, Instagram is a platform with great potential to increase the reach of your brand and reach potential mobilephonenumber com uk .But before getting into the subject, I would like to recommend some articles so that you know the benefits of having a well-worked Instagram account and integrated into your marketing strategy:[FREE GUIDE] Instagram for businessesHow to use Instagram in your online marketing strategy
Instagram news: company profile and Instagram stories
Now, we start with the 21 tips on how to grow on Instagram , I hope they help you!1. Take care of the quality of your images or videos
Instagram is a 100% visual social network; the video and especially the image have an important weight in it .The reputation of your personal or business brand is at stake depending on the quality of the image you upload.New Call-to-action
Today you don’t have to buy a professional camera to upload a good image . Depending on the type of smartphone you have, you can get very good results.In case you do not have a good camera on your mobile, you can always go to image editing programs to correct those image imperfections.


An example of this are the images you see below, edited by my colleague Isabel Santiandreu Morales.how to grow on instagram edited imagesA very important tip is to know the size and measurements of social networks , in this case Instagram, so that the result is optimal.2. Focus on a theme
If you want your brand on Instagram (whether personal or business) to be recognized, it is important that you do not diversify your publications. Focus on a specific niche so that your brand is remembered for a particular specialization.For example: if you dedicate yourself to the world of fashion on a professional or personal level, it is better that you focus on it to attract a quality audience that really follows you for what you do and teach .If you diversify your Betting Email List in several topics, it will cost you more to grow, since the user will not be clear about what you really do.Finally, a factor to take into account, apart from your publications, is to let the user know what topics are going to be covered in your account through the biography.how-to-grow-on-instagram-bio-optimized3. Advertise on Instagram
Let’s not forget that social networks live off advertising . You can naturally grow little by little. But if your desire is to increase that growth rate, advertising is your ally.If you are in a process of brand recognition, advertising on Instagram in a strategic way will help you give that push you want so much .It is true that for this advice you need a professional, and it is already an expense to your pocket, but it is really being an investment, since it is in favor of your company.Even so, if you currently cannot afford to hire an expert, you always have the opportunity to take free courses to advertise on Instagram.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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4. Create quality stories that add value
I have to confess: I used to only upload photos of food dishes to my stories, until one day I asked myself ” Do these photos really add value to my community? “It is true that stories, or stories (whatever you want to call them), only last 24 hours, but if in that time you publish content of little value, your brand may be harmed. It could be the case that some of your followers silence your stories if they do not consider them relevant or even stop following you.In my opinion, stories are another means of communication, apart from the Instagram feed , with a tremendous capacity for interaction with your community.Another point in favor of stories is that you can save them in highlights, that makes them visible forever and not lost after 24 hours.grow-on-instagram-story-of-value-on-instagram5. Use hashtags
Using hashtags you increase the chances of visibility of your publication. As a recommendation, do not reach the 30 hashtags that Instagram allows, an average of 5 and 11 hashtags is good to gain visibility .To make correct and effective use of this technique, avoid those hashtags that are very crowded. For example, if you put the hashtag #Nike, you will be wasting your time, since it is a highly demanded hashtag and your publication will be eaten by other accounts that are stronger and use the same hashtag.To avoid this, I recommend using other alternatives that describe your publication but that are not as sought after, in this way you increase the chances that your image appears in highlights.grow-on-instagram-hashtag-use6. Get social with your followers
Do not lock yourself in your account and look at the publications of the people you follow, comment on them, interact with them. This method ensures that they see you 100%, but also, if you do it constantly, you will be able to leave a mark on their mind.By using this method, when you post an image or video, you increase the chances that the people you’ve interacted with will return the favor by engaging them in your posts.7. Upload quality posts
Always ask yourself the same question before posting: is what I’m going to upload to Instagram valuable content? If the answer is no, think twice if it really deserves to upload that post.CRECER-EN-INSTAGRAM-PUBLICACIONES-DE-VALOR-EN.-INSTAGRAM

8. Create a good descriptionAlthough we are in a visual social network, the text or caption of the image plays a great role, do not miss it.It is the ideal place to be able to captivate and tell a story that reinforces the image or video you publish.Here you can tell your followers about the feelings that the image transmits to you or be able to reinforce the message of the publication so that the user can delve further into your story.grow-on-instagram-value-descriptions-on-instagram9. Don’t go over publishing
It is good to have a rhythm and a calendar of publications on your social networks, and doing it for Instagram is no less important. But overusing posts can bore or burn your community.With this you can get them to silence you or to stop following you. And remember: you are here to grow on Instagram.10. Move your account from private to public
If you want to grow on Instagram, one step you have to take is to go from private to public. How do you want people to start following you if they don’t know what you have to offer?In this article I am talking about how to grow on Instagram, and if you have a private account, these tips will be of very little use if you want to continue maintaining that privacy.11. Collaborate with influencers
A good way to gain visibility on Instagram is to collaborate with influencers who work on the same or similar theme as yours, since, if not, this advice will fail.Influencers have a community very committed to them, and many of their followers will take into account what they are told.So if you create a good strategy with the influencerand carry it out, it can be very beneficial for both parties.how-to-grow-on-instagram-collaboration-on-instagram12. Accompany your text with emoticons
Like it or not, emojis became a mode of digital language. You can reinforce the message with an emoticon that represents the text you are writing.They also provide a visual touch to the text, but try not to abuse them or, if not, you will cause the opposite effect.how-to-grow-on-instagram-emojis-in-instagram-descriptions13. Respond to comments on your posts
The first hour is important to the Instagram algorithm . Depending on the interactions your post has, the algorithm will determine if it is an interesting post for your community or not.For this reason, it is important that you be as attentive as possible to the comments that your followers leave you to respond to them.It is an important detail to take into account, but do not get obsessed and do not stay glued to the mobile.14. Create a company account
Whether you are a personal or a business brand, I recommend creating a company profile in both cases for the following reasons:You can know what type of publications have been the most successful and which ones your audience like the most.
You know the hours and days of the week when your community is most active on the social network to be able to make your publications and reach a greater number of people.grow-on-instagram-statistics15. Take care of your profile and biography
The profile of your Instagram account is your home. If you have it well cared for, people will want to enter it.By putting a good profile image and a worked Instagram biography , you will imply that you care about transmitting a good image, and that, from the beginning, the potential follower will appreciate it.16. Don’t use bots
If you have in mind using bots to automatically message you in other people’s posts, get it out of your head.You can easily see that they are bots and, instead of looking good and making the other person believe that you are interested in their publication, the safest thing is that you will get them to block you so that you do not bother them again.17. Follow hashtags
On Instagram, apart from being able to follow users, you can also follow hashtags. This way you can interact with people where you both have something in common.It is one more way of making yourself visible with people or brands with whom you share the same tastes, you increase the chances that they will visit your profile and that, perhaps, they will decide to follow your page.as-cecer-on-instagram-follow-hashtags-on-instagram

18. Mention by mentionOn some occasion I have done this practice, which consists of reaching an agreement with an account that has a theme similar to yours and, through a publication or a story, recommending each other.In this way you get to reach a community that may also be interested in your content.19. Create giveaways
It is a good method to reach a new audience. It is important that what you give away is related to the theme that you are promoting in your account.An example of a very simple and extended giveaway is

In order for a person to participate, they must leave a like on the publication, they have to name a number of people and they have to follow your account.Those people have to share it in their stories so that your brand reaches their community.
You set an end date for the giveaway.
And you use some tool to choose the winner randomly.
You don’t have to always offer physical products in your giveaways. In cases of offering services, you can offer a free class for a certain time, a free audit, etc.how-to-grow-on-instagram-giveaways20. Optimize your username
If you enter a keyword in the username of your account, you will have a greater chance that Instagram will recommend you in its search results.how-to-grow-on-instagram-keyword-instagram-account-name21. Geolocate your photos
A simple method to gain visibility and help you grow on Instagram is to indicate the place where you have taken the photo.In this way, for people looking for information from that place, there is the possibility that your image appears in their search results, increasing the visibility of your brand.Instagram is a very easy and intuitive network to use, but at the same time it has its degree of complexity if we really want to get its full potential out of it. In this article I have shown you more than 20 tactics on how to get followers on Instagram, and that you can implement right now.I want to make it clear that growing naturally on Instagram takes time , you do not get results in the short term and often not in the medium term. But if you want to do things well and establish strong and solid pillars around your brand in this social network, I am sure that these tips will help you reach your goal.


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