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How to get Russian clients online?


How to get Russian clients online?

Tips, search engines and social networks to enter the Russian market. Russia is the largest country in the world with 146 million inhabitants and its market is huge. That is why several Spanish companies want to enter the Russian market. In addition to the language, the web pages used in Russia are also different. As a Russian-Spanish Administration Directors Email Lists , who lived in Russia for 22 years and now continues to work with the Russian market from Spain , I want to open and share with you this world of Russian-speaking Internet, in order to get Russian clients . THE RUSSIAN SEARCHERS
The main tools to attract customers on the Internet are search engines . In Russia there are several, the main 2 being Google and Yandex . Yandex.com is a search engine that was created especially for Russia. Yandex.ru is used for 54% of searches compared to 35% for Google.ru , while the rest of the searches are done with less well-known and widely used Russian search engines such as Mail.ru and Rambler.ru (according to data from the portal www. liveinternet.ru ).

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Yandex , functionally, looks a lot like Google , it has its analytics service, which is called Yandex.Metrika which is an analog of Google Analytics . Yandex.Metrica is a very deep tool for analyzing the web; includes color maps and webvisor – videos with recording of what your users have done on the web. The SEO-optimized website is one of the most important criteria for entering the Russian Internet market . yandex metric

But there are other options to enter search engines with paid advertising : Google Adwords and its analog Yandex Direct where you can publish your ads paying “cost per click” and “cost per impression”. Yandex also has its own display network, with widely used web pages in the country. RUSSIAN SOCIAL NETWORKS
group in RRSS odnoklassnikiAs for the social networks that are used in Russia , it is mainly Facebook -as in most of the world- and typical Russian social Betting Email List such as Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte . Odnoklassniki.ru : translates to “a classmate.” The idea of ​​the network was to create a place where school and university classmates could meet. It is the network with the most adult user profile of 28-43 years old and with 37.8 million unique visitors.group in RRSS vkontakte Vkontakte.com – It is the largest and most used network inRussia, with 49.2 million unique visitors. The name translates to “stay in touch.” Its audience is younger than the previous one, with people between 20-35 years old, and it indexes well in search engines. Important fact is that the groups have analytics, being able to know the user profiles and where they have come from. Facebook.com : inRussia itis the same, the main difference being that everything is in the Russian language Facebook is used more by people who have friends abroad and people from large cities, with an age of users between 25-40 years.

In Russian social networks you can advertise like on Facebook, buy posts in other groups and create your own group with interesting content. There are also other social networks such as Mail.ru , Linkedin and Twitter , but they are not used as much as these three.OTHER TIPS
at the end Russian customer heartThere are other variants of promotion in Russia via the Internet . For many businesses, you can find portals and web pages specialized in the sector, as well as webs with free ads, paid ads, etc. It is also highly advisable to have a Russian professional in the team to promote yourself in this market, taking into account the importance of knowing the language well and knowing the local idiosyncrasies in order to have a good relationship with customers .

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