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How to get qualified leads on Instagram: tips in posts and stories


How to get qualified leads on Instagram: tips in posts and stories

Did you know that Instagram has more than 1,221 million active users per month ? Powerful, right? And it is that beyond being a social network in which to share beautiful images, useful videos and valuable information for those who follow you, Instagram can be exploited to capture qualified leads for B2B businesses and some for B2C .Probably, it is one of the points that companies least exploit, but that can bring good results. Do you want to know how to increase your leads on social Saudi Arabia Phone Number List , specifically on Instagram ? I’ll tell you about it in this article.list_altIndex of contents
How to capture leads on Instagram with posts?
How to capture leads on Instagram with stories?
Bonus trackHow to capture leads on Instagram with posts?
As we said, Instagram has more than 1,221 million active users every month. According to a study by We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 928.5 million people reachable through advertising. Do you want to know how to get there? Keep reading…leads social networks instagramSource: 2021 report We are social + Hootsuite

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Action buttons
Company profiles have the possibility of activating action buttons to guide users to carry out a specific type of action , such as contacting your company or visiting your website. Below I will tell you all the Instagram “action button” options, from the best known to the least exploited:E-mailSend Message
To call
ReserveGet geographical indications (directions)
Buy tickets for an event
Link in bio
It is essential to use a link in the bio that allows you to lead to more useful links . This is possible thanks to tools like Linktree, which help to remedy, at least a little, the fact that Instagram does not allow links to be placed in post descriptions.Thanks to these links, you will be able to put links to subscription landing pages, to download ebooks, to blog Betting Email List that you want to promote … And there convert visits and Instagram users into qualified records interested in what you do .Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Consistency between the posts and the action you want users to take
Write a description , both to complement the post and to fulfill a specific action. If you want the user to click on the bio link, tell them! If you want me to visit the store, tell them! It is important that you communicate to your followers and the people who are visiting your profile what action you want them to take.Take advantage of the direct ones (Instagram live)
If you do a live or Instagram live, at the end you can encourage users to take an action related to what you have explained . And, incidentally, you can make this action related to some type of conversion so that they leave you their data and thus make the attendees part of your database .Instagram lead ads
I have left it for last because it is the most obvious, but clearly to access this option you have to have the necessary budget to allocate to social campaigns.How to capture leads on Instagram with stories?
The stories are another great treasure chest, as far as possible leads is concerned. Did you know that many users first look at the stories of a certain profile and, if it catches their attention, that is when they visit your feed? Make the most of them!Link in Swipe up
The most immediate and obvious way is by putting a link in swipe up , although, unfortunately, this functionality is only available for those accounts that have more than 10,000 followers.

I recommend, for example, that you present the product or resource that you want to promote through a couple of stories and then put one with the swipe up link. In this way, whoever is interested will be able to obtain more information and leave their data.

Share your posts to generate curiosity
I will explain it to you with an example: suppose you have created a post of great value with very relevant information in which you summarize the content of an ebook in 5 images. In the description of the post, you will have given more information and you will have indicated that to download the resource you have to click on the bio.

It is here where you can share this same post in stories , and with stickers and attractive text, make users curious about this publication and go to visit it, and then end up on your landing page . Yes, at the UX level there are many steps, but since Instagram does not allow you to put links, it can also be effective to hook users with your content.

Activate a countdown
This advice is valid for both B2B and B2C: if you are going to make a special launch, let your community know! In stories you can activate a countdown of the event and users can activate the reminder automatically . You will be making life much easier for them and, incidentally, you will also encourage them to return to your page for the action you want them to do.

Put a short link in story
With tools like Bit.ly you can turn a very long URL into a few characters. You can put a short link in stories that leads to the page you want users to visit, so it will be easier to copy in the browser. Because, effectively, this is the disadvantage: that the user has to type the URL manually, since it is not possible to insert a clickable link in stories either.

I recommend that you take advantage of this functionality in cases where the click is very attractive to users, for example, in cases of raffles or promotions . For example, a B2B business could offer a free audit, and a B2C business could promote a giveaway for a batch of their products.

Also in this case, a quick way to get results is doing paid campaigns, Ads , choosing the version in stories instead of the feed.

Bonus track
As an extra tip, I want to tell you about the Guides functionality that Instagram makes available to you. From Guides you can organize your contents under the same “folder”. This allows you to group different posts as if it were the categories of a blog . If you have a related downloadable and you mention it in the descriptions of these posts, it will be great for you to improve your conversions!


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