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How to get followers on Instagram (2020)


How to get followers on Instagram (2020)

One of the concerns when installing a new social network, like instagram , is seeing how to get new followers.

Usually, the growth of followers in a new social network account is achieved through selected content and maintaining the interaction within the social network. But some think that steps can be skipped.On instagram it is no different. The content is basically visual but it is key to attracting new followers.If you work with a good content strategy, you will improve the results on instagram.My challenge, in this article that I have updated, is to explain and review it in detail.Contents
Content on your Instagram account?
To decide the content of an Instagram account we have to consider several things from the first moment:

Purpose of the account: It will be a personal account to upload the things you like or simply have a presence on the web or it will be a business account where you want to sell your work. Mixing is usually not a good idea. A family moment with children or partner with professional goals for example does not usually work.
Content consistency : The accounts that have more followers tend to follow a content theme and consistency even though the content is personal photos. You can bet on personal photos in different settings or with different fashion but above all follow a line of content. Not everything goes.
Image selection: Quality and selected images convey the care and personality of each user. In the end, it is what makes each and every one of us different or differentiates a company from its main competitors. You have to take care of it constantly.
The content has to be personal and own for the most part and if you use someone’s image always try to tag or name it. To Caesar what is Caesar’s.

For other types of publications at the moment, there are instagram stories that last only 24 hours on the network. Publications with limited expiration dates.

The content possibilities are immense . Images, filters, short videos or messages on images allow users a large Dubai Phone Number List of ways to express themselves. Creativity to power.

Businesses have many options with which to generate branding. Sharing photos of your products, your customers or your employees. The possibilities are immense.

What are you doing?
Hastags: In instagram, hastags are practically essential . If you use them properly, you will get notoriety in the topics or concepts that interest you. You can also encourage yourself to create your own company or business hashtag.

The hashtag limit is 30 per post, although in my case we recommend putting between 10 and 15.

A good hashtag strategy can be:

Create your own hastags to differentiate yourself
Use in your publication the most used by your sector
Use the ones that are in fashion at all times.
Periodicity: On this point there are many opinions. From a weekly publication to several daily. The problem is to tire your audience, both followers and potentials.

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Our experience is that a maximum of 3 a day in times of greatest communication needs and slow down to a weekly rate in the quietest times.

As always, perseverance is our best ally.

Schedule and frequency to post on Instagram?
In what schedule? and how often? should be posted on instagram.

I like to resort to logic and reason. Let’s analyze the receivers. It’s one of the things that I like to do. Observe how my children, my wife, my friends, my relatives use it… When is the consultation of social networks used? in the hours outside the usual work of each day. Young people after high school or university, many people work between 8 am and 4 pm.

From there, without any software applied, which of course exist, I have found that for a female audience between 25 and 45 years old, it usually works well for us to publish first thing in the morning between 8 and 9 a.m., then at lunch hours: between 2 pm and 4 pm and then in the evening at 8 pm and 10 pm local time.

That is, we have to adapt to improve in essentially observing our target audience . All this, with tests, metrics and seeing how the majority responds to your proposals.

How to increase followers on instagram?
Several strategies have worked for us and they are the ones that we transmit to them. Sure there are many more but these are the ones we have used for this business account.

Competition: We follow the competition yes. There are people who get an allergy because they understand that they have one more follower. It seems essential to us to know what companies are doing in competition with each of you.

Not to copy because then you do not differ but to know why each one goes more or less.

Reference accounts in the sector: In every sector there are accounts that succeed and we follow them. For the same reason as direct competition itself.

Return follow: There is a lot of ego on instagram. There are many accounts that just want to have many followers but they already know that mathematically it is impossible for all of us to have many followers unless they are false and worthless followers or that they last a limited time coupled with the ephemeral fame.

We like to follow those who follow us. Well born is to be grateful.

Unfollow = Unfollow: We like this policy from many users. That is, to the one who only wants to receive followers and stops following you after a time that sometimes becomes only hours, we stop following him.

Followers-followed ratio: Normally we like to follow those followers with a balanced ratio between followers and followed and especially those who have fewer followers than followed. These are usually people who follow accounts for interest and not for other reasons.

Followers of reference accounts in the sector: If a user is looking for something specific, it is logical that they want to see and follow similar users. It usually works very well.

Interaction likes and comments: Being social is what prevails in these networks. Comment what you like, encourage others, give likes and other actions logically have a response in a large Betting Email List of times. Do not forget to spend some time with others !!!

Public accounts: Well we are a business account and we want to find followers who publicly share their content. As a rule, we do not follow those with private profiles because we do not want to invade any personal privacy.

Be constant: The work of growing an account must be regular and constant. Yes, these tips, you do it one day from time to time like we did at the beginning, it goes very slow and takes away your desire.

Constancy works great with instagram. Carrying out the actions daily or weekly bring results systematically and constant growth.

Strategies to get followers on instagram
We are going to review a series of strategies that we can use to find followers on Instagram:

Follow people : This is the simplest and easiest way to find real followers. You enter you have an audience similar to the one that attracts you and you follow the accounts that you look at with a real photo. Only a few are going to follow you back. After a few days you can use an application such as “Followers” or similar to stop following the accounts that you follow and do not follow you.
If you want to go one step further, look for publications that interest your audience in the Instagram search engine and follow the ones that give «Like«. In this way, you will ensure that it is people who are active and interacting. You can also offer “likes” to the publications but it is not so strong to find followers, although you can join the two things to have more interactions.
Publish images in which you personally appear and try to continue the same style of publications. You can program them with Facebook Creator Studio.
Work with other Instagrammers with a similar number of followers and similar subject matter to suggest your accounts in a Storie or in a publication. You can make a group of people to do joint actions like Youtubers usually do.
Posting phrases or similar posts that you see work well in relation to relationships with other individuals. Use the hashtag #Frase and #Frases.
Use Facebook Ads to promote a post on Instagram. You can make sponsored Stories detailing that they continue to offer you value.
Hire an influencer (more than 50,000 followers with real relationships) to recommend you.
Search for hashtags related to your account (or an event) to interact with those publications (I like it, comments or even continue to the accounts) so that they see you in their activity tab.
Broadcast live videos commenting on any subject and marking numerous points to be discussed. Invite other individuals to live. This causes your most loyal followers to also see you .
Create fun Stories and highlight stories so they’re always accessible.
It provokes interaction with your publications, provoking responses such as what do you think? or suggestions like “leave your comment below
Take pictures and videos of your pets .
Create a beautiful profile at first glance. The crowd is going to see your specs and your posts and it needs to be visually interesting for them to follow you.
Post a minimum of 2 times a day spaced in time .
Create a chain through mentions in the comments with a challenge of several days .
Edit your old posts and update them with related hashtags. These publications will have a new visibility again.
Create another account to test …
Invite your followers when you connect to someone else’s live or interview. This causes you to send direct messages to your followers and increase the engagement among your followers. In this way your own publications will be more visible.
Innovate (like the jumps of my highlights), be close and natural.
Post articles on your blog related to Instagram and ask to be followed at the beginning and end. (Check with Google Analytics the posts that have the most visits to update them with the link to your Instagram profile.)
Create video manuals on YouTube about Instagram and about applications or topics related to Instagram. In the specification, place a link to your profile and ask to be followed. Or simply ask to be followed in the videos.
If you give a talk or a talk, ask all the helpers to open Instagram, take a photo of you, mention you and use the hashtag of the event. This will make your followers soar in addition to showing your profile to several of their faithful.
Recommend other accounts : You can make a story every day with “The suggested account of the day”. With these mentions people will thank you and it is also very viable that they also recommend your profile if you did an excellent job.
In short, creativity should have no limits. There are many techniques to find followers on Instagram.

The key is to evaluate all the techniques and reiterate the ones that work best every day .

Tools to use to manage instagram?
To monitor our account on Instagram, we basically use:

Instagram: It is the basic app and we are talking about. We love it and we just missed the posting schedule to make it even better.
Followers +: Follow-up of followers and audience metrics, publications and commitment to our account. We use it basically for those followers who have stopped following us.
Boomerang , Layout and Hyperlapse : They are official instagram app’s to record videos, compositions of your photos and edit videos and images.
Hastags for Likes: I have used it a little, but depending on your target it tells you that hastags are the most used, Curiosity.
Hootsuite: We use it if we have any idea of ​​a specific post to program it and remind us of it when we want to publish it. It is only published via instagram.
Metricool : It is my favorite tool at the moment. It allows me to manage all the social networks from a single tool. Essential !!!
To grow in followers on Instagram you have to be persistent and maintain an action plan on your account to obtain the desired results.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact me to help you repeat the path and improve your presence on instagram.

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