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How to generate optimized content for your SEO positioning strategy?


How to generate optimized content for your SEO positioning strategy?

Optimizing organic positioning means working on many aspects of our site, both outside and within it. And one of the most important factors to take care of within Google positioning strategies is SEO friendly content, or, rather, the quality and relevance of the content .list_altIndex of contents
What does a SEO optimized content strategy provide?
What should you keep in mind when generating SEO optimized articles?
After all, this is our main tool for capturing the attention of our audience. Without well-optimized content, the search engine visibility of our website and the success of our digital project become a more canada telephone number task.Precisely for this reason, many people work and strive to develop more optimized content for their blogs, online stores and other projects.Therefore, today I want to show you a very effctive method that will help you optimize your content for SEO . At the end of this post you will find a couple of tool recommendations to make it easier for you to get it.But before getting into the subject, I think it is necessary for us to talk a little about why you need SEO content on your website. Let us begin!


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What does a SEO optimized content strategy provide?
I think having to generate the best possible optimized content for your website is not a secret and is taken for granted, is it?It is really one of the fundamental pillars of a digital strategy, but it is also important that it is correctly optimized for SEO positioning . In addition, you must focus it on your target or specific target audience, since, as I Betting Email List in many of my presentations, “the user is the true king”.Bearing in mind that you already know who your target audience is, I’ll show you how much the use of earc engine optimized content contributes to your strategy.You will learn that making an effort to optimize all your content is a more than necessary investment.1. Improve your website traffic
One of the most direct ways to improve your website traffic is through the use of optimized content. And by improving it, I not only mean that the number of visits you receive increases, but also their quality.Either because you want to decrease the bounce rate or increase the number of page views per visit, or even if you are looking to increase user retention and get your visitors interested enough to return to your page constantly. Regardless of what you want or what you are looking for with your strategy, content optimized for Google is one of the most effective ways to achieve it. Keep that in mind!Get your ticket for Inbound Leaders 2019!
2. Helps you create and enhance your brand
One of the great advantages of SEO content is that it helps you create your personal or business brand ; In other words, they help users to recognize you for your content and to identify you where they see you, whether on social networks or in YouTube videos.But it is not about creating your own personal brand, but about improving it. We need to attract the attention of an audience, and by doing so, little by little the identity of the brand is created as customers get used to your business, your blog and, ultimately, the value you bring to them.Another reason is that little by little you are gaining more presence on the internet, both in search engines and in social networks, and as people see you more and more, your brand is strengthening and gaining in authority within network.3. Improve conventions and avoid abandonment of your website
One of the reasons why it is recommended to use an SEO content strategy is that this helps you get a better response from your visitors.It is not only about attracting visitors, but also about capturing the attention of your buyer persona, that is, your ideal clients and their real needs, thanks to a deep knowledge of your professional / commercial sector and the resolution of doubts that your public about your products or services.

This type of strategy should also be aimed at optimizing the lead nurturing strategy and promoting the fact of feeding the conversion funnel, helping them to decide on their purchases and / or conversions.A very useful trick is to go to two tools that help you convert commercial “seed” keywords into more informative ones that promote the final transaction or conversion. These can be Keyword Magic Tool or Answer The Public .In this way, we can extract questions that Internet users are asking around a “short tail”.kw-magic-toolWith properly optimized content, and always depending on the theme you handle, you can achieve excellent results in terms of interactions.If maintaining excellent user retention and a low bounce rate is the desire of many, imagine how gratifying it would be if the same users who enter to read the content you publish stay and not only read, but also comment and interact you .This not only helps you to retain these users and get potential customers for your business, but you are also indirectly telling Google that your content is so interesting that users stay on your website to comment on your posts.What should you keep in mind when generating SEO optimized articles?
Now that you know what are some of the advantages or benefits of content optimized for search engines like Google, I am going to show you some points that you have to pay attention to in order to generate them.Know your audience and focus on it
One of the main mistakes that start-up professionals or companies often make is creating content for themselves.As I told you before, it is not only about writing thousands and thousands of words, it is necessary to know what topics to write about, what keywords to use and how to correctly layout your content .To do this, it is important that you know what your niche is and that you know your audience. Do you already know?If you want your visitors to be interested in what you post, first you need to know what their interests or tastes are.What do you want?
What are they looking for?
Why have they entered Google?
What problems do they have?
How can I offer you a solution?
Does my content have the information they want?
These are all questions that you have to ask yourself on a regular basis. Remember that you are looking for Google users to be interested in the content of your website, so … what better way to achieve this than by giving them what they need or what they are looking for?You must also know your niche. If, for example, you have a digital project about pets, you have to inform yourself about this niche as much as you can before doing anything .

Remember that you need to make a difference so that users choose your platform and not the competition, and, for this, you first need to know all this information that is relevant about your niche.How to generate optimized content for your SEO positioning strategy?
Use attractive titles with keywords, that attract attention and that encourage reading the articleThis is a very important point, since it remembers that all users do not hook to an article or do not enter a website from Google for the content of the article, but they do so through the title.This becomes the first contact between your text and the user, so you need to make it as attractive and eye-catching as possible , that it captures the attention of as many people as possible, and that they are interested in entering your website and reading it.All this without exaggerating, without being too sensationalist or promising things that later within the content they will not show or teach.But, given this, you are surely wondering how you can create these types of titles that attract.The answer to this question turns out to be very subjective, because there is no exact way to know which is the best title, so we can only go for the best possible option based on our niche and the article we are writing.
For example, imagine that you are back in the pet niche and you have investigated that a good keyword in this niche is “dog food”.

In this case, we need a title that captures the attention of all the people who are looking for the keyword “I think for dogs”, but … how to do it?There are many ways, but the main one of all is to ask ourselves: ” If we were the average user, what title would attract our attention the most?”In this case, “the best dog food” or “the cheapest dog food”, would be two of the most common options and which we would probably enter.In this case, it is very important to know your niche and know what your target audience is looking for.In addition, it is also important to consider the type of content that you will show in your article, since you cannot display the title of “the best dog food” and then focus on only one brand of dog food.Click here to download the guide “Contents: the pillar of inbound marketing”
Make your article concise and very easy to read
An important point that you should keep in mind is that your article must always be concise , talk about what you want to talk about and nothing more.By this I mean that your content cannot start talking about dog food and then continue with horse food, as it would not make sense, unless it was a mega article about animal food in general.

Similarly, it has to be easy to read. Sometimes we focus a lot on using very technical language or very elaborate words, to appear “more professional” or “very knowledgeable people on that subject”. But it is a mistake!

Not everything is text: play with other formats
While written articles are the most direct form of content commonly used in content marketing and SEO, it is important to vary it as well.

If you can, use relevant videos, graphs, statistics, images or infographics in your articles and, ultimately, other types of content that can not only make the content easier to read and understand, but also attract attention.

Isn’t it better to see an article that has videos or images, than one that uses graphics and so on?

Well, the truth is that it seems excellent to me. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you use all kinds of content that you have available.

This will create a bigger impact on your audience and trust me: it will give you better results.


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