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How to do content marketing [Guide from scratch]


How to do content marketing [Guide from scratch]

Why if the marketing trends are signaling that content is transcendent for companies, they do nothing. Here are 12 tips to start from scratch.

What will you find in this content?

What is content marketing?
Why aren’t all businesses embracing content marketing?
Is content marketing enough as a strategy?
How does content marketing work?
What is a conversion?
Why should you have a newsletter?
How often should content be generated?
How long should the content be?
Is the content only written?
What should the content be generated about?
Example of how to do content marketing
What is the buyer person?
What is a complexogram?
How do we know if we are doing well?
Before entering the guide to know how to do content marketing , it is necessary to define the concept and its panorama.

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is the marketing tactic focused on creating and distributing content in a constant and consistent way in order to attract a target group to our site, convert it into a lead, later a customer and finally an evangelizer of our brand.It is one of the most effective tactics for marketing at present and is the backbone of the inbound marketing ( attraction marketing ).

Why aren’t all businesses embracing content marketing?
If content marketing is so effective and is a trend, why is it so difficult for companies to adopt it as a primary activity in their business strategy? Why do they continue to believe that social networks will work better for them? Why do they prefer to continue paying for ads?In each of the digital marketing trainings we give, we ask how many people have social networks . 99% of the audience raise their hand. However when we ask how many have a personal or business blog, the number drops dramatically to less than 20%.

So it is worth asking, are you one of those who only recommend other people’s content instead of recommending your own? Those who have social networks Do you know why the above phenomenon occurs? Because generating content is not atomic science … it is more difficult.The excuses OK, maybe it is an exaggeration but it is definitely an activity that requires a lot of effort and discipline. Pretexts for not doing it? Many: We do not have the human talent to write, we do not have the time to develop the tactic, we do not know where to start, we do not really know how to do content marketing , we do not know what the tools are, we cannot wait for the project bear fruit, it is a very complex process … and two more kilometers of blah blah blah.

If you go to the doctor and he tells you that five injections are vital to improve, what do we normally do? We buy them and even if we hate pickets, we apply them right? So why, if marketing trends are signaling that content is important to businesses, are they doing nothing? Framed in all of the above and to try to pave the way a bit for those who are convinced that they should generate content but still have many doubts about how to start, here are 10 concepts to understand from scratch, how to do content marketing .Is content marketing enough as a strategy? No. Content marketing is only one part of a digital marketing strategy , which in turn is a part of the company’s marketing strategy.

Conceptually it is part of a larger universe called inbound marketing or attraction marketing ; content is only one of the three main legs of this way of doing marketing that consists of attracting users to the web instead of invading them with advertising (banners, spam, videos that play themselves, etc.) The other two legs of the tripod are social media or social networks , and SEO , or optimization of our site for search engines. Inbound marketing How does content marketing work? When a site with relevant content is generated, specifically designed for a target group ( buyer persona ); this site is optimized and the content is distributed appropriately through channels such as email marketing, social networks, feeds, social messaging , etc. those interested will arrive gradually.

Once the visitors are on the site, it is essential that the design is user-centered , and that it has a lead capture tool (a form to obtain name and email at least). Ideally, it should also have a lead magnet (something that the user wants and is willing to give us their data for him), so that it can generate conversions and then the visitor becomes a lead.How to create a mailing list
Leads must be followed up through email marketing programs and reinforcements such as retargeting.What is a conversion?
A conversion is an action that we want a user to perform on our site. It can be of many types: that you share our content on social networks, that you subscribe to our newsletter, that you download a document or a coupon, that you make a reservation, or that you buy from us if we have an online store enabled. In other words, a conversion is not always a sale . [Tweet this phrase]. Conversions are always incentivized by Call to Actions (CTA) , that is, clear calls to action, such as; Sign up for free, download the guide, buy now, etc.

What is a call to action
Why should you have a newsletter?
Statistically, the conversion rate for email marketing is one of the highest. Oberlo notes that its ROI is 42 to 1.In a content site it is a rule to give the user the possibility to subscribe for free to its periodic information; With this, a database of potential customers is set up, also called leads, who by giving us their data, are obviously interested in us, so the possibility that they will buy from us at some point increases considerably. The tool that we usually recommend to do this is Doppler . Not only is it highly usable, but its cost benefit is the best on the web.

How often should content be generated?
There are no rules but statistically, the greater the amount of content of interest to a target group, the possibility of generating visits, and therefore leads and conversions, increases. Blogs that post once a week receive more traffic than those that do it biweekly and those that post it daily receive much more leads than those that do it weekly. It is mathematical logic.

Content marketing graphics
How long should the content be?
There are also no rules, however it will be difficult for a search engine like Google to consider an article of less than 500 words as good content. Articles that are truly useful can easily be over a thousand words long. The average number of words that have the first 10 results in Google is 1,447.

Is the content only written?
No. Texts are just one way to generate content, but you can also have images, tutorials, videos, infographics, e-books, etc. Content is any information that is useful, current or entertaining to the user.

Content formats for the content marketer
What should the content be generated about?
This is the most important question. The more specific the content, the more likely it is to attract customers. Let’s imagine a chain of hotels on the beach. Obviously, you must generate content about the benefits, fun, costs and other similar topics of going and staying in a tropical destination. Generating content about colonial hotels won’t do you much good, right?

In the same way, you will have to think about the type of customers you want to attract, are they local or foreign? what age? With what economic capacity? What kind of activities are you looking for in a tourist destination? What habits do they have to search for information on the web? This work is called developing the buyer persona .

Example of how to do content Macedonia Phone Number List
Superama, the supermarket chain in Mexico, has a content site focused on housewives . The site is full of recipes and is constantly updated superama content site
The interesting thing is that each of the recipes, at the end of them, gives the option of acquiring all the ingredients through an online purchase; so even your content is optimized for conversions.

The content is designed specifically for the buyer persona, thinking about their searches on Google and especially about what solves their needs in the best way, from giving them useful knowledge to giving them a sales alternative if they wish. Not designing content for the buyer persona is a waste of effort and money.

What is the buyer person?
It is the archetypal representation of the person who buys your product or service, or who directly influences the purchase. Continuing with the previous example, if we think about the content that we will generate for a hotel, we would have to think in great detail who is doing the search in Google, with what words exactly, what are they waiting to find on the site, etc. Here are 10 guidelines for building a buyer persona and we also leave you a downloadable template .What is a Buyer Persona Likewise, its complexogram should be defined. What is a complexogram? A complexogram is a tool that answers four basic questions from our buyer persona; with your answers it is easier to generate the content that we will include on our site. These questions are:

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How urgent is it to get a service like the one we offer?
How much information do you have about him?
How much risk do you perceive in the purchase (not physical risk but wasting your money by choosing the wrong supplier)?
How much decision-making power do you have over the purchase? (Should you consult with many people or only with yourself?)
The complexogram is numbered 1 through 4 from the center to the edges in each of the dimensions. Once you finish answering the 4 questions, you will get something like this: what is content marketing – complexograma This will give you a parameter on what type of content you should create.

Should it be focused on solving a problem quickly?
Should you be focused on educating about the product?
Should you be focused on calming your concerns?
Should you be focused on assuring him that it is the best decision?
A cardiologist will need to generate a lot of content that appeases the perceived sense of risk in their services, but a do-it-yourself furniture salesman should focus on making more content focused on informing and educating. As you will see, neither brand should be creating content similar to the other. Defining perfectly the buyer person and the complexogram will help us to achieve better conversions with our content.

How do we know if we are doing well?
A measuring tool is essential. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and it is also free. The main measurements would be determined not by how much traffic we have in general but by which content is the most successful, why it is and also, perhaps most importantly, which are the ones that are generating the highest conversions and why . Starting from there, we can promote what is succeeding and modify what is not. As you will see, the issue of content generation and Betting Email List is much more complex than many can appreciate, however it is one of the most important tools in a strategic marketing strategy today; and the sooner we get to you the better. If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail how to create and communicate brands that inspire your audiences and develop better connections, you can receive the content delivered to your email door . And if you need training in digital marketing or one in reputation, or advice for your business, give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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