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How to develop an international marketing plan for Asian markets


How to develop an international marketing plan for Asian markets

Did you know that in China there are more than 850 million Internet users? Given the magnitude of this audience, it is not surprising that more and more foreign companies want to make themselves known in this country.However, we cannot take this great leap without first knowing how to make an international marketing plan suitable for users in the Asian market.list_altIndex of contentsKeys to uae mobile number up an international marketing plan in ChinaThe most popular search engines and social networks in China
Steps to develop an international marketing plan in China
Tips for Chinese social networks: optimize your international marketing planExamples of companies that outsourced in China successfully
In China, as well as in other Asian countries, brands have become fully aware in recent years about how the combination of a digital marketing strategy on social media, website and PPC campaigns exerts a great influence on their audience.Although there is a huge difference between online platforms, the type of tools, algorithms and advertising policies that exist in the Asian giant compared to the Western market, you will be surprised to know that there are also many similarities.


Leaving aside censorship and political restrictions, we highlight that in China there is a 98% mobile penetration and influencers are also a powerful tool .With a volume of 636 million euros, China has become the most important online market in the world, especially since the Betting Email List Group, through Tmall Global, has incorporated a good number of foreign brands from sectors such as fashion into its platforms. , cosmetics, children’s products or food.To penetrate the Chinese market through an international marketing plan , you have to take into account important factors that I will explain in this post. Shall we start?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Keys to drawing up an international marketing plan in China
Before developing the different phases of the digital marketing plan internationally, prepare to disassociate yourself from everything you master about digital marketing and its good practices.

Because before starting to investigate the characteristics and needs of the Chinese audience, carry out a SWOT analysis or propose specific objectives and actions on a schedule, it is necessary to know how this market works online.What differences to consider for a digital marketing plan in China?
Digital marketing techniques in China are totally different from Western ones.Chinese citizens have different platforms and systems than the rest. From China you cannot enter Google, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.In China they have their own social networks, search engines, applications, e-commerce platforms, as well as video platforms. This is why we can only enter the Chinese market if we join their platforms and adapt to the tastes and needs of local users .

Although the social and organic channels are different, you should know that the main difference with respect to Western marketing and communication lies in the restriction by the government. As you may know, China is a country with a lot of censorship, so you will have to change the focus of your strategy to begin with.Click here to download the guide “How to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign”
Implementing the Great Firewall
The Great Firewall of China (GFW), implemented in November 2003, is the combination of legislative measures and technologies applied by the Chinese government to control the content that appears on the internet.This barrier aims to block access to some foreign websites, block foreign internet tools such as Google and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and mobile applications, in addition to requiring foreign companies to adapt to Chinese government regulations.

Since September 2019, nearly 10,000 domains have been blocked in China. So be very careful, because you will have to comply 100% with its rules and with a series of indications so as not to be one of them.Great international marketing planSource: AnonymsterThe most popular search engines and social networks in China
International search engine marketing plan in ChinaBaidu vs. GoogleBaidu is one of the most important search engines in the world that offers multiple search services: news, images, songs, etc. Currently, it is the fourth most visited website in the world. It has more than 740 million web pages, 80 million images and 10 million multimedia files.80% of online searches in this country are carried out in this search engine.Similar to how Google behaves, Baidu is also divided into the following complementary services for users:

Baidu Maps, very similar to the Google Maps service.
Baidu Tieba, the largest virtual forum in China.
Baiku Baidu, comparable to Wikipedia.
Unlike Google, Baidu allows searching through audio files . But perhaps it should be noted that, although the operation of its algorithms is very similar to that of Google, it is still far from equaling it. To put it simply, we can consider that its trackers are less powerful , something that you should take into account when carrying out your SEO strategy in China, as I indicate later.As points in favor, it must be said that in recent years Baidu has implemented security improvements, and penalizes pages and directories that compromise the safety of the user when browsing and / or are of poor quality. For this, loading times and usability on mobile are important criteria to consider to improve positioning and user experience.The Chinese social networks that you should know for your international marketing plan
1. WeChat
WeChat is a Chinese cross-platform messaging application, covering text messaging, social media, and mobile payment .An app that includes different applications and works through a sophisticated algorithm that also includes artificial intelligence for voice recognition, feed customization and images. In it, users can share stories, statuses, follow news, videos, make calls or keep up to date with what their favorite influencers publish.Similar to what happens with PayPal, WeChat Pay has become one of the most indispensable mobile payment applications for users, not only for goods and services, but also for booking travel and accommodation.

It currently has more than 1,112 million monthly active users.2. YoukuAlthough we cannot visualize it in the western world, you would be surprised to appreciate the characteristics that it shares with YouTube. As with this in our market, Youku is the video platform par excellence in China .It signed agreements with Netflix, NC Universal and Sony Pictures to distribute part of its content on the Asian continent.Regarding their advertising options, their formats also show similarity to YouTube, except for some differences regarding the rates and the way in which they are shown to users. These are:Banner ads (in the top, bottom or half page space).
Pre-roll ads.
Pause announcements.
Youku medium and post-roll ads.
3. Sina Weibo
Sina Weibo is a Chinese social media website similar to Twitter, used by 30% of users in China and used by 216 million users on a daily basis, according to data from Statista.These are their points in common with the microblogging of the blue bird:

Until 2016 it was limited to 140 characters per message.
Use of the “@” symbol to mention another user.
Use of hashtags #.
Possibility of retweeting.
Bookmark posts.
Celebrity account verification.
Videos, emoticons, etc. can be added. in publications.
Steps to develop an international marketing plan in China
1. SEO strategy adapted for China
To highlight our online positioning in Chinese search engines, such as Baidu, Haosou 360 and Sogou, it is essential to adapt your page and understand how they work. One drawback is that the tools are only available in Chinese, therefore, it is recommended that you have a person to help you, not only to understand the language but also the behavior of the users in these search engines.Baidu international marketing planSource: Statista

What to activate on the website for a marketing plan aimed at China?For Baidu to show your results, it is essential to have a content publishing license in China , which you will have to request from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.In addition, in order to operate in Baidu and be able to implement all the actions of your international marketing plan, you must follow the following instructions:Have a website translated and directed to the Chinese profile with content of interest adapted to local users.
Host your website on a Chinese server, since Baidu slows down foreign websites, even not showing them.
Activate the https security protocol .
Bear in mind that loading speed is an essential criterion to improve positioning. According to the Baidu search engine, for every 0.5 second delay in the loading speed of a website, 3% of users are lost.
It is mandatory to have a Chinese domain : .cn
Have a sitemap , as Baidu is not very good at tracking yet.
Regarding the link building strategy , Baidu values ​​the quantity more than the quality of the links, just the opposite of Google, which rewards the quality and penalizes the forced quantities of links.
Regarding how to work the keywords in Chinese search engines, you should know that it is also very valuable that they are at the beginning of the page. Likewise, as in Google, it is not allowed to over-optimize them and the lack of alt tags, metadescription, etc. is penalized.How to host the web on a Chinese server?
It is essential to have the compulsory ICP Beian license.

The ICP Beian license is an essential permit for websites that are hosted on a server in mainland China and that distribute informational content. It is a compulsory license because it is the tool used to identify the owners of the content when there are practices of violations of Chinese law.What other considerations to take into account?The ICP Beian license is only valid for informational content websites. Websites for commercial purposes, such as ecommerces, will need the ICP Commercial license to operate.To apply, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in mainland China will submit the ICP license application to MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). On this website you can check the requirements to have the ICP Beian License.
Other key recommendations to activate a marketing plan in China
In addition to optimizing your website and adapting it to Chinese search engines, do you have any idea what other aspects are important for your marketing plan?We summarize what are those other factors that you should focus on:

Consider your brand’s presence on Chinese social media , such as QZone, Baidu Tieba, and Sina Weibo.
Importance of mobile: although mobile applies to the rest of the countries of the world and with an increasingly growing trend, China is the country with the highest incidence of mobile. 98% of your searches come from mobile devices. According to Google’s 2018 analysis, in China an average of 44 applications are downloaded per user (when the average for the rest of the world is 26).Language: the most widely used native language is Chinese, with 1.20 billion people (1 in 6 people). It is important to address the Chinese public in their language.
Importance of influencers to sell product: in China, this market, called KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), is very popular and has a great weight in the management of social networks.
Strategy for PPC Ads in China
If, in addition to an SEO positioning strategy, you want to make paid ads to complete your international marketing plan, we inform you of what you should take into account.Baidu’s PPC platform is called Tuiguang and it allows our ads to be displayed on Baidu results pages and on other affiliated third party websites (Display Network).


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