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How to create a B2B lead magnet without writing ANYTHING


How to create a B2B lead magnet without writing ANYTHING

An infallible tactic to create a B2B lead magnet

There are many ways to approach B2B content Finland Phone Number List. So many goals. So many audiences. So many channels. So many formats. The competition is fierce for attention. How to create a little head start? The answer is: create a good B2B lead magnet.

Of course, many would think … there are dozens of B2B lead magnets out there … how to create one that is really current and attractive? And better yet … how to create it without writing anything? Well … almost nothing.

The process is simple.

8 steps to creating an amazing B2B lead magnet
Build a list of influencers, customers, partners, and friends in your target niche. These are relevant experts, but also clients who need exposure and generous people on social media. You can search for them on Twitter using the advanced search or on Linkedin by keyword.
Tutorial to create a B2B lead magnet
2. Build a list of relevant questions about a topic. The best questions answer common questions the niche asks itself, spark debate, and can be approached from many angles. They should also be aligned with common key phrases when possible. Upload the questions to a Google Forms or Survey Monkey . Two or three questions are enough.

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How to create online surveys
3. Send a “We would like your expert opinion” message to a relevant subset of the list, with a link to the online survey. The survey may include one or two additional questions that appeal to the convenience of the interviewee. Ask him for a phrase that describes him and a link or his networks if someone wants to contact him. This will make it more convenient for you to answer the questions.

B2B lead magnet example
4. After more than 20 experts have responded, close the survey. A large number of interviewees is unnecessary.

5. Create the design. Order the contents and develop the document. If you have a designer, this is a piece of cake, and you can also ask him to turn three or four responses into some eye-catching graphics. Why do it? Because it greatly enriches your final document, but also because they will be a great help to promote it on social networks.

2021 trends in social networks
6. Write your intro. Do you remember we told you it was without writing ALMOST anything? Well, what you should write basically is the introduction or presentation. If you do it right, you have great content: a good introduction, 20 expert opinions or influencers and also graphics. Now just place it on your landing page with OBVIOUS your form to get the data of whoever wants to download it.

7. Share it on social media. Of course, when doing this you must tag all contributors. This Betting Email List will make them promote it themselves. The social media platforms are primarily Twitter and LinkedIn.

An infallible tactic to create a B2B Lead Magnet
8. Send an email to the collaborators. This should be a bit more than the typical “hey, you’re online” email. It should contain the link to the post and a request for them to interact promoting it.

This approach not only creates shares, it creates engagement on those shares, activating social algorithms for greater reach.

The combination of factors (knowledge dissemination, social promotion, articles focused on key phrases, original data, visuals) will always be a winning formula.

Although these e-bboks come from small data sets (surveys of less than 50 respondents), they are still interesting and are referenced (and linked) by bloggers around the world. This can also help increase the domain authority of your site.

Today, any content marketer that does not have such a lead magnet is at a disadvantage.

What are you waiting for? Start creating that B2B lead magnet today.

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