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How to convince your boss to do ABM


How to convince your boss to do ABM

Perhaps you already know what ABM is and you are convinced that it is what you need in your company, but do you know how to convince your boss or your team?In this post I want to give you some arguments to achieve it and a brief reminder of what it is. You will be interested to know!list_altIndex of contents
Step 1: reasons to choose ABM
Step 2: differentiate what is and what is not ABM
Step 3: get to know the solutions offered by the ABM
Two ways to do ABM that you have to know
It may sound easy, but ABM is much more than just making a list of target cell phone number database that you want to reach through marketing and communication actions. It requires sales and marketing teams to be closely aligned and use a multi-channel approach that integrates personalization throughout the customer journey.To see how you can convince your boss or colleagues, we are going to divide the process into three steps.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Step 1: reasons to choose ABM
The first point of ABM is to focus on the target audience you are targeting as a company . Account Based Marketing solves the casuistry of companies that have a target market with very few players.


In these cases, it does not make so much sense to create a massive traffic channel. On the contrary, it is interesting to identify these actors in order to try to reach them individually.ABM is a surgical precision marketing technique that allows you to reach these interesting profiles much more immediately than inbound marketing.In addition, it is effective when generating 5000 leads does not matter much if those leads are not within the companies you want to sell to. This idea of ​​focusing on the business applies to everything at Betting Email List .In short, with ABM you generate accounts (instead of leads) and measure the commitment and growth of the account as a whole.contact account based marketingStep 2: differentiate what is and what is not ABM
You may know in a theoretical way what ABM is, but have you ever wondered what it is not? It is important to know how to differentiate correctly when this technique is used or if, on the contrary, we are facing another type of similar strategy, since knowing how to differentiate this fine line that separates ABM from other marketing techniques will help you more arguments in favor to carry out Account Based Marketing in your company.Most of the time, the ABM concept is associated with outbound techniques. So much so that from the outside it is seen as a process that consists of choosing a set of companies that you would like to attack and sell. To do this, many companies that believe they are carrying out a good ABM strategy carry out actions such as:

Use online databases to create an org chart for those companies.
Employ tactics such as cold emails and calls, direct mail, and live events to engage the key stakeholders in the accounts you found in your research.This part of outbound is flawed and we see examples of nonsensical ABM emails constantly. I am sure that you have also seen examples of this type at some time. Instead of calling any company, here is a compiled fictitious example of the types of outgoing emails we receive.In the later image, you will technically see an ABM-based email. Nonetheless, it’s still invasive, right? There are a few things that are wrong with this type of ABM email from a user experience point of view that we are going to discuss next.LinkedIn Message (1)LinkedIn Message 2First, despite the fact that my colleague Susana may be interested in the solutions that they are offering us in the messages, it is noted that the communication that is being carried out is not personalized (it is seen that there are tokens in the messages) and that this message is they send more people en masse.Another clear example of the lack of personalized interaction is that, when you put the position of my colleague Susana, it is not updated and her profile has not been looked at, because she is the Content Manager and of course she performs and supervises all the InboundCycle content.Also, talking to another person within the agency, we realized that he sent this same message to several people on the team.Access the PDF and learn how to streamline long and complex sales processes with inbound marketingGiven this, do you think this type of strategy can work?Therefore, even though the email is fine in terms of tone and the report it sends, it is still very cold, so the chances of Susana showing interest are very low.Our email or LinkedIn inboxes are full of emails like these. So is my email. And I bet yours too.But within all this example there is good news: the ABM is not like that. There is a better way to go about it, a warmer, more humane and, of course, much more buyer-friendly way.Step 3: get to know the solutions offered by the ABM
With our account-based approach in mind, we must ensure that every message and communication we send, be it on a landing page, via email, etc., is targeted and personalized to each person in our target accounts.Always keep in mind that with this technique what we seek is to attract customers who can be transferred directly to a sales team to contact them or incorporate them into marketing automation processes to build a relationship between customer and brand.To fully understand what solutions the ABM offers , it is important that you know all its phases and what exactly is pursued with each of them.ABM’s strategy goes beyond contacting the specific profile we want to have a conversation with, and rather focuses on the accounts we want to get (that’s why it’s called “account based marketing”). For example, Banco Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, etc. But how can you get in touch with that person or account that interests you?In the previous example I have given you the example of contact messages through LinkedIn, but there are other tools that work (although many times they are more expensive).

That is why each case must be studied individually, in such a way that the ideal tool is chosen depending on the type of contact, always taking into account variables such as relationship, affinity, work sector, position, etc.A good example of this type of tool whose cost is higher is SalesForce in its Marketing Automation tool , which has already developed a specific part to do ABM.Another action that also works very well for this type of strategy is paid campaigns. Here are some examples:A good action would be to impact on those profiles that are contacted and click on a landing and then do not fill in the data, so that retargeting campaigns are carried out with them.
On the other hand, you can also carry out paid social campaigns segmented to this type of profile: campaigns that redirect to an ebook, downloadable or any other valuable resource, creating content landing pages for your communication that help increase conversion.contract account based marketingOnce you have seen some examples of how to impact the account or person you have selected, what phases do you have to follow to do so?Organize an initial session in which we identify all the accounts of interest. They must be studied individually to identify the profiles with decision-making power.Attract potential clients through different channels. You will have to choose the mode and channel where we are going to contact them.Choose the content you are going to send, with the writing and layout team.
Keep in mind that today’s buyer doesn’t care about your business. They don’t care how you just launched the coolest widget. They don’t want to book a 15-minute meeting with you if they’ve never heard of your company. They want things that make them better professionals or teach them something they don’t know, or fill a blind spot in their day. Even better if it makes their managers look good.We give these people valuable content to try to get their data, and then we can pass them directly to the sales team or enter them in automatic nutrition and education processes. For this you can follow the following examples:
Create content that helps one person influence another. As an example, in InboundCycle we have many ebooks or success stories from our clients. They are designed to help marketing managers present their case to their leadership team, and they also help our marketing and sales teams engage decision makers in the conversation.
Make your content easy to share. Include shared links on your thank you pages and follow-up emails to help the purchasing team get exposed to your content.
Through tools such as HubSpot or Salesforce we can use predictive scoring to discover those opportunities that are more likely to close, or are involved in purchasing processes. To do this, create lead nurturing campaigns by email. For example, the workflow enrolls contacts into target accounts whose title includes “marketing,” sends them a specific email, and then alerts their account representative if they have opened the email.
The result is the achievement of high quality MQL (MQL = Marketing Qualified Leads).

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