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How to configure cookies in HubSpot and in WordPress


How to configure cookies in HubSpot and in WordPress

By now you will know that the configuration of cookies to track visits to your website is a fundamental step to meet your online marketing objectives. What happens is that, by law, the visitor must be notified that we do such monitoring, so that it is he who can decide whether or not to be tracked and thus protect his privacy.list_altIndex of contents
Cookies: How do they help collect data?
How to configure cookies in HubSpot?
How to configure cookies in WordPress?
Other tools to configure cookies
As a user, the cookie legal notice is quite an achievement, but as a company, this is sometimes an impediment to web analytics .As administrators of a website we must obtain the explicit consent of our users to store Kenya Phone Number List on their equipment. At least, we must if we belong to the European Union or if your contacts do.With “explicit” we mean that, as soon as you visit us for the first time, the user should have the option of finding out about the cookie policy and the privacy policy, and click the accept button before continuing with your navigation.Are you wondering how to configure cookies to display a cookie policy banner on your website?If so, I would like to guide you on how to configure cookies in HubSpot and in WordPress . Because, after all, they are the CMS that we use the most and those that, at the same time, present different options and tools with which we can do this entire configuration process without skipping an iota of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) .

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EMAIL *your emailI have read and accept the Privacy and Cookies Policy .Cookies: How do they help collect data?Cookies are files that are downloaded to the user’s computer when they visit a website. Depending on the information they contain and the way you use your equipment, they can be used to recognize the user .Thus, each time the user is browsing the Internet, these cookies store information about their online activity. With them we obtain information about your browsing preferences and basic personal data (name and address, navigation routes, duration of visits, content of the shopping cart …).Thanks to cookies, we can recognize a user who visits our website for the second time and know data that, otherwise, we would have to request in registration forms.Own and third-party cookies may be used for analytical, advertising and profiling purposes.The idea is to offer them a better browsing experience and show them personalized advertising . For example, showing the website in the native language of the visit, offering blog articles or products that may interest you based on what was previously consulted, etc.Quiz HubSpot – bar
How to configure cookies in HubSpot?
You will be able to monitor user behavior on your blog posts , landing pages, and all URLs on your website, as long as visitors actively accept such Betting Email List .With analytical cookies that require consent through the HubSpot cookie banner, we can obtain the following information about visits:Number of sessions.
Current time of the visit.
First and last visit.
Tracking the identity of the visitor (which is passed in the submission of forms).
Session start time or whether the visitor has restarted their browser.
HubSpot has different options to configure cookie tracking and customize the privacy policy alert. Although there are several ways to do this, we first explain how to set cookies from within HubSpot’s own software . Below we will indicate other alternatives.For the configuration of cookies in HubSpot , we must follow the following steps:Access the HubSpot settings that you will find in the main navigation bar.In the left side menu, access Cookies and click on the “Default Policy” link.Activate the “Notify” option to indicate to visitors that your site uses cookies.Once activated, the fields can be customized:Notification terms text, which is the most important to duly inform the cookie notice.
Text of the “Accept” button, so that users accept the terms in the privacy banner
“Decline” button text, so that users are also aware of this option.
5. And finally click on “Apply”.
Once this is done, you will get a kind of draft of the configured cookie policy, but it will not be published. To be fully activated you will have to press the switch that appears on the right to publish it in all URLs. Check it out for yourself! HubSpot allows you to preview your changes to see how the privacy policy notice appears.With HubSpot you have the option to customize the style of the cookie policy banner . To do this, before exiting the Cookies page you will see the Cookie notification style section . There click on “See new styles and customize to your liking”. You can choose the color (default or custom) and the location of the banner (top or bottom of the site).Other considerations when setting cookies in HubSpotKeep in mind that, for example, if you use an advertising pixel through the HubSpot ads tool, this pixel will not do its job until the visitor gives their consent in the privacy policy banner.The cookies pixel advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn or Google) can be installed with the tool HubSpot ads (with HubSpot tracking code), and linked to the notification banner cookies. On the other hand, if you have placed the pixel code in the HubSpot pages manually by editing the HML of the site header, HubSpot will not be able to control the visitors, so it is not recommended.On the other hand, you can choose to have the same type of cookie notice or show different versions based on specific domains , subdomains or URL paths. This will work, for example, if you direct your website to users outside the EU.New Call-to-ActionTo disable cookies on certain HubSpot pages , you must do the following, take note!Once you enter ” Cookies “, in the left sidebar, you have several options in the right panel. The easiest thing will be that in ” Domain ” you enter the domain or subdomain where you want cookies to be disabled, otherwise you will have to enter a URL path in “policy label” or “URL path”.For additional topics, we recommend that you enlist the help of a computer developer to ensure the implementation of what you want in the proper way. It is important to follow all the steps correctly and to respect full compliance with the GDPR.How to configure cookies in WordPress?The best option for configuring cookies in WordPress is using a plugin, you just have to go to the Plugins> Add new section, find the plugin we have chosen and install it.Here are some plugin recommendations to configure the cookie notice in WordPress.


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