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How to communicate on your social networks in times of crisis?


How to communicate on your social networks in times of crisis?

No matter how much you have read or studied on the subject, you never fully learn to face a communication crisis situation like the one we are experiencing with the coronavirus. These crises come very quickly, so being prepared is vital for the communication of your brand or business to overcome the gale without suffering consequences. These are situations that must be faced with transparency and find person by mobile number in uae , always betting on valuable content. But before giving you the keys on how to deal with the coronavirus crisis (or any type of crisis) on social networks and make an effective content plan , I am going to explain a little better what a communication crisis consists of. Shall we start?What is a communication crisis?
According to the RAE, the first meaning of the word “crisis” corresponds to “a profound change with important consequences in a process or situation, or in the way in which these are appreciated.”When we transfer this crisis to the field of communication, what we want is to communicate this new scenario in the appropriate way , always with the aim of reinforcing the brand or, at least, not getting too badly punished.


No two crises are the same, so it is difficult to tackle them in the same way. Usually, they usually start from a more concrete and more localized fact. In the case of the coronavirus, we are facing a great pandemic that has caused a global danger, which places us in a new scenario. Do you agree?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The ideal position is to anticipate these crises, but as has happened this time, rapid adaptation is key to start communicating as a brand from safety and calm .In the case of the coronavirus, when the first measures began to be taken and many stores decided to close, they did so with transparent, empathetic and human communication through their social networks. This is the case with the following two examples.In both publications they report their closure with messages in which the commitment of the two establishments to public safety is appreciated and, at the same time, they make it known that it also has to contribute its grain of sand. In this way, you not only “be” but you “are” part of what is happening.How-to-manage-the-communication-of-crisis-of-coronavirus-in-social-networksHow to manage the communication of the coronavirus crisis on social networks
To manage these situations in an optimal way, it is important to have a good community manager who understands change in a global way, knows how to make the most of it and adapt digital communication and the content plan to the new context. And you should keep the following points in mind … Take note!To analize the situation
When a crisis hits us, the first thing we have to do is analyze. You have to have enough temperance to gain perspective and that the immediacy of the moment does not drag us to make bad decisions.It is necessary to reconsider and stop to think about how this crisis can affect my brand , what position does my business have in this new scenario, what the competition does, what users do … Active listening, empathy and fact are very important here. to put yourself in the shoes of the other. In the end, behind social networks there are people, and you have to transmit from the feeling and with the sensitivity that delicate moments like this require.

Establish a strategy
With the scenario already mapped, having a clear position of the brand in all this context and, above all, thinking about our community and society in general, it is when we must proceed to develop a strategy that sets the working guidelines for the content plan .Here it would be interesting to have a meeting with the marketing or communication director, CEO or management positions with which to make the decision of what to transmit. To do this, we need to know what the role of the brand is in this communication crisis. In the case of the coronavirus, there will be brands or companies that will continue with their usual activity taking extraordinary measures; others, on the contrary, will have stopped their work, etc.Depending on the position adopted, there will be our own messages and collective messages that we can share on the different social networks.Download the guide How to use social networks to find potential clientsAdaptation of the content plan
The coronavirus crisis has led community managers to a complete rethinking of the content plan . With a situation as exceptional as the state of alarm caused by COVID-19, the first thing to do is communicate it . Echo your own press releases or create special communications for social networks in which the context and how the company or brand is going to proceed to act is explained.From there, the content plan should revolve around reporting transparently, showing hope, support, and, of course, entertaining .During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been able to see how “entertaining” has become more necessary than ever. For this reason, many brands, in solidarity with the situation, have changed their content to offer activities to do at home, such as the gym in the example, which publishes the times of the sessions that users can follow through the Instagram directives.adaptation-of-the-content-plan1. Informative content
As the position of many businesses has changed (total and partial closures, schedule changes, etc.), the informational function of social networks is necessary.

We can also take advantage of this situation to tell our public about the exceptional measures that we hav taken from the brand to adapt to this new situation.It is a way of humanizing , for the audience to see that the crisis has also affected us and that we are doing something to help get out of it.2. Inspirational, entertaining, or rewarding posts
But if something works in any circumstance, it is content to entertain . The new content plan must also include these publications, which will help with their messages of hope, strength and unity .Although entertainment has always been well received on social networks, it takes on a special role during the COVID-19 crisis, where most people, due to confinement, have much more free time that they spend browsing the Internet or consulting the social media.Click here to download the guide “Contents: the pillar of inbound marketing”The success of the content plan is in forgetting to sell . If these actions get you to sell, great, but it shouldn’t be the main goal.This section also includes inspiring phrases, stories with a message and, of course, gratification actions that many companies are carrying out.This is the case of various paid content, such as magazines, etc., which due to the situation have made their consumption free. Another example is that of the telephone companies, which are giving an extra gigabytes to all their clients to better cope with confinement.how-should-be-communication-during-a-crisis-like-the-coronavirus

How should communication be during a crisis such as the coronavirus?During crises such as the coronavirus, you have to focus on the message . These are moments of uncertainty and nervousness, so a correct Betting Email List and tone will help your brand communicate better. And how should this message be?Transparent
The message always has to be transparent. Transparency is key to building trust . And in uncertain times like these, with emotions running high, we have a hard time reading between the lines, so the clearer the information, the better.Empathic
You have to understand users, put yourself in their shoes. So when communicating in networks, it is important to show that we understand the situation, that we are suffering from it. We can do it by recounting experiences or challenges that we, as a brand or business, are carrying out to help get out of the risk situation.However, this empathy must be sincere, because if it is not possible to fall into words and obtain the opposite result than expected.Relevant
Communication on social media during the coronavirus must be relevant. Now is the time to share appropriate messages and stories . Share helpful posts that help others and add value to the audience .This is the case of some gyms, which are conducting training sessions on social networks. Many singers are giving small concerts from their homes or some cosmetics and health blogs offer advice on how to avoid contagion and how to properly wash your hands.4 errors of crisis communication in social networks
During a communication crisis it is very easy to fall into errors in social networks that can make a difference and that it is important to avoid. Take note of which ones they are so you don’t commit them!1. Act without thinking
Failure to analyze and act upon weighing the options can be very expensive for a brand. It is preferable to stop and analyze instead of impulsively doing something and making mistakes.2. Stand still
Crises paralyze. The rapid response to this type of event is vital, and more so with the existence of social networks, were we have information and connection instantly.3. Beware of humorHumor is something that, in moments of uncertainty, has to be highly contextualized and well spun, because it can hurt many sensibilities. This is very common in networks, but in times of great health tension like this one, it becomes more important.4. Lying or not treating the data rigorously
Let us turn to reliable sources and if we do not know something it is better not to say it to avoid going wrong.


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