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How to choose colors in graphic design


How to choose colors in graphic design

In any graphic design project the choice of colors is a fundamental decision. Graphic designers need to get colors and color combinations right when working on creating a logo web page or poster. In this article we are going to explain how to choose a suitable color palette so that your designs have the highest quality. The color palette is the set of colors and shades that a graphic designer chooses to decorate a graphic project. Colors are an essential component in all graphic work and their presence and combination produce specific sensations in the viewer. The graphic designer must choose the colors based on the specific objectives set by the briefing . For example suggest calm attract a child audience or convey security.

What is a color palette in graphic design

A color palette must be made up of a selection of colors that harmonize that is that combine due to the similarity of their tones. For the most inexperienced the tone also known as hue or hue of a color is the pure state of that color that is without mixing philippines photo editor white or black. Hue is the main characteristic of a color and along with lightness and saturation are the three psychophysical characteristics of color. Saturation is the purity of a color. A highly saturated color is a very intense color while a low saturated color is a very dull faded color. Lightness refers to the amount of light that is present in a color.

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Why does the graphic designer need a color palette

The lighter a color the greater its luminosity. And the darker the lower the luminosity. In the following example you can observe different degrees of luminosity of a color. How to choose color sonographic design Every graphic designer should be Betting Email List familiar with the psychology of color. According to this discipline colors influence the mood and behavior of people. For this reason knowledge of this area of ​​psychology allows graphic designers to provoke certain sensations and alter the perception of reality in search of desired objectives. For example the color blue produces emotions such as calm serenity relaxation or tranquility.

However the color yellow is associated with joy happiness optimism or creativity. Likewise light colors cause the sensation of larger spaces and dark ones of smaller spaces. Knowing the emotions and sensations that colors arouse allows graphic designers to influence the people to whom they direct their designs and more easily achieve the objectives set by the client in the briefing. For that reason it is very important to properly choose a color palette. AlsoA color palette helps the graphic designer to reinforce the visual identity of the brands.

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