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How the best hotels use social media


How the best hotels use social media

Large hotel chains use social networks with a strategy that seems to work. Do you want to know it?
What will you find in this content?
TwitterFrequency of posting on TwitterType of content on Twitter posted by hotel brandsEngagement and content on TwitterUse of hashtags on Twitter by hotel brandsFacebookHotel brands and audience size on FacebookType of engagement on FacebookPercentage of audience engagement with the brand and growth of followersContent and engagement on FacebookInstagramActivity and frequency of posting perweek on InstagramEngagement with the brand and growth of followersEngagement onInstagramContent and engagement on InstagramHashtag strategy of the hotel industry on InstagramAverage engagement of branded content vs. user-created contentAccording to Brand Finance, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental and Hyatt hotels are the best hotel groups in the world. A study shows how these companies build a brand in their segment, how they use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create awareness and interact with customers.The data was analyzed by the Simply Measured analytics tool and here are some findings.TwitterTwitter is an essential platform for hotel brands for customer service .Twitter activityAll the brands analyzed in this report have a presence on Twitter and are active on the platform.They all use the platform for customer service; 75% of them use it mainly for that.Frequency of posting on TwitterDaily tweet frequencyType of content on Twitter posted by hotel brands
type of tweetsExcluding direct responses sent as part of customer service, 75% of hotel brands post 2 or fewer tweets per day.89% of the tweets were sent in response to followers.Engagement and content on TwitterMore than 75% of the total engagement for these brands has to do with brand mentions.Type of content and engagementPhotos, links, and linked photos drive the most engagement.

Photos accounted for 19% of tweets and 37% of all interactions.
56% of the tweets included at least some type of visual content (photos / videos or photos / videos with links).98% of the interactions were driven by posts that included a photo or video or link.Visual content on Twitter is responsible for most interactions.Use of hashtags on Twitter by hotel brandsThe use of hashtags increases engagement in the hotel industry.Hashtags and engagement56% of the regular tweets sent by brands included hashtags and had about 63% engagement.The hospitality industry uses Twitter more as a customer service channel than for Controlling Directors Email Lists , and as a result there is not much engagement (chat and social interactions) here. However, Twitter has great potential for marketing, offering a great opportunity to reach new customers and engage them with fast, personalized service. The value of Twitter as a marketing platform cannot be ignored, as customer service often leads to conversions.Facebook
All the brands included in the report have a presence on Facebook.Hotel brands and audience size on FacebookFacebook audience sizeType of engagement on FacebookEngagement on FacebookThe likes are the most dominant type of engagement, representing 94% of the total marks.With less than 0.5 posts per day on average, hotel brands have low engagement . Posting more content on a regular basis can help improve engagement by encouraging other ways, such as comments and shares, by analyzing the audience and what content they prefer, and how well Facebook’s current content strategy resonates with them.Percentage of audience engagement with the brand and growth of followersEngagement and fan growth75% of brands have less than 4% of the audience engaged on Facebook.Low engagement and low follower growth may have to do with the low number of posts. The other reason is how the Facebook News Feed works . Posting more engaging content and analyzing data to understand what audiences prefer can help increase engagement and grow fans faster.Content and engagement on Facebook
Engaging and use of visual content on FacebookType of content and engagement on FacebookVideos and photos drive more engagement

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Visuals are important in the hotel industry: 83% of posts included video or photo, contributing to 97% of total engagement.
Videos have more engagement (614% higher than photos)A limited number of links and events were shared by brands in the data period. Experimenting with different types of content, especially links, can help drive traffic to brand websites and drive conversions.Brands don’t seem to have a well-defined strategy to reach fans on the platform and generate engagement .With 1.79 billion monthly active users and 1.66 billion mobile monthly active users as of September 2016, Facebook’s reach is huge. It provides brands with an opportunity to create brand awareness on the platform and maintain a competitive advantage with other brands. Planning and executing a content strategy for the platform and measuring impact could help brands understand what’s working and what’s not, and why.InstagramInstagram statisticsAll the brands included in this report have a presence on Instagram.Activity and frequency of posting per week on InstagramFrequency of posting on Instagram75% of brands post 5 or fewer photos or videos on Instagram per week.Engagement with the brand and growth of followers
Most hotel brands do not have an engaged audience, and as a result, the growth rate of followers onInstagram is low.Engagement and growth of followers on InstagramEngagement on Instagram
Engagement by posting on Instagram50% of brands receive less than 1000 engagement per post.75% of hotel brands manage to engage 50% or less of followers on Instagram.Most brands see follower growth between 10-20% per weekEstablishing a solid strategy on Instagram and creating relevant content, especially for an industry like the hospitality industry, and reaching the audience could help driveengagement and increase the audience at the same time.Content and engagement on Instagram
Photos get better engagement for hotel brands on Instagram compared to videos.Engagement by content type on Instagram91% of the content posted by hotel brands on Instagram was photos.98% of the engagement on Instagram for these four brands was driven by photos.drive twice as much engagement for these brands as videos.The fact that 75% of hotel brands receive less than 1500 engagement per post indicates that there is an opportunity for brands to experiment with various types of content, posting frequency, and other Instagram features like Instagram Stories and Boomerang, etc. . to understand what resonates with the audience and drives better engagement. Segmenting posts by topic and experimenting with different types of content could also help determine what works best.Hashtag strategy of the hotel industry on InstagramThe use of posts with and without hashtags is almost the same by hotel brands on Instagram.

Posts with and without hashtag on InstagramEngagement with and without hashtags on InstagramEngagement by number of hashtags on InstagramAmong posts that have a hashtag, posts with a location hashtag have better engagement, which is highly relevant for hotel brands, as locations are a fundamental aspect of the industry.Posts with more hashtags don’t necessarily generate more engagement; in fact, posts with 5 hashtags have less engagement.Average engagement of branded content vs. user-created contentEngagement with branded content and UGC on InstagramUser-created content (UGC) generates 40% more engagement on average for the hotel industry than proprietary brand content.It doesn’t seem like brands are using the platform strategically enough.Overall for the industry, engagement is quite low, with most brands able to engage less than 50% of followers.
As a result, 75% of brands have a follower growth rate of less than 20% per week.75% of hotel brands receive less than 1,500 engagement per post.The visual content drives the most engagement for the industry. Photos represent 98% of all engagement for brands on the platform and generate more than twotimes engagement than videos.User-generated content drives more engagement for the industry than branded content, but brands don’t have a set strategy to drive engagement.Although the four hotel brands analyzed in this report – Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental and Marriott – have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are not taking advantage of all the opportunities that social media offers.Publishing more consistently content that educates, entertains and inspires audiences, using new platform features, and implementing tactics to make content easily discoverable can help these brands reach a wider audience. Implementing a good content Betting Email List strategy on the blog and sharing the content on social media can improve the results of hotel brands on social media.Are you interested in receiving more information of this type? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter or tell us on our Facebook page , we love hearing from you.

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