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How long should my video be on Facebook and YouTube?


How long should my video be on Facebook and YouTube?

How long should a video be on YouTube and Facebook is a question without a hard answer, but these statistics can clarify it for you.What will you find in this content?Video statisticsDevices where people watch videosDesktop vs. mobileTime to watch videosTypes of videosVideo distributionHow long should my videos be?Video length by industryEngagement and attention spanWith such a short attention span, videos are becoming the favorite content of VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists trying to increase engagement and improve results. Native videos, live videos, videos on all platforms. But, really … how much do videos work? What is the ideal extension on Facebook and YouTube? There is no certain answer, but after you read all these statistics, you can decide for yourself how much your videos should measure.Video statistics
Here are some of these statistics related to videos in marketing:53% of videos that are 90 seconds or less are viewed in full.According to Internet Retailer, prospects who watch videos of a product are 85% more likely to buy.According to Animoto, 4 times more consumers would rather watch a video about aproduct than read about it.Vidyard’s report shows that:Only 5% of videos retain 77% of viewers until the last second.The average video retains 37% of viewers until the last second.Videos shorter than 90 seconds have an average retention rate of 53%. Videos longer than 30 minutesonly keep 10%56% of videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long.The four most common types of video for business are explainer videos, product demos, how-tos, and testimonials.Landing pages with videoconvert up to 80% better than those without video.According to Mediakix, the top 3 types of videos on YouTube are Product Reviews, How-tos, and Video Blogs.

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According to Forrester, adding an original video to your site increases the chances of getting a result on the first page of Google by 50 times.Content Betting Email List Institute says that by using videos on social media the public is 10 times more likely to share the posts.According to Facebook, people …spend 3 times more watching a live video on Facebook than a traditional video.Comment 10 times more often on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.Google says how-to-related searches on YouTube are growing 70% year-over-year.According to HighQ, including the word “video” in newsletter headlines can increase open rates by 19%.On Twitter, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos, and three times more likely than gifs.SimplyMeasured says that video is shared 1200% more on social media than other types of content.70% of marketers say video is the most effective medium for converting. – Demand MetricA Vidyard report has a lot of data on the use of video in marketing and what works best for business:Devices where people watch videosDesktop vs. mobileAlthough the use of mobile is undoubtedly growing, the consumption of business-related video content is seen more on the desktop. You heard it right! 86% of views are consumed on desktops and only 14% on mobile.Watch videos on desktop vs mobile devicesTime to watch videosViews for different days of the weekVideo viewers by time of dayTypes of videosThe most common types of videos are how-to videos, product demos, how-to videos, and customer testimonials. Explanatory videos are short videos that describe or explain what a company does in a fun and engaging way. Take a look at the chart below for the full breakdown of 12 types of videos.Types of videos businesses convert toVideo distributionThere is no shortage of video sharing opportunities on the web, but it turns out that websites and social media are the most popular. 78% of companies that use video do so on their website or product site, and 72% use it on social media. Landing pages are the 3rd place with 49%.Where businesses distribute created videosHow-to videos are most common on the two most popular channels: websites and social media. What’s interesting is that the second most popular type of video on social media is product features, which suggests that content in the middle of the funnel on social media is growing in popularity. The three main types of videos based on distribution location are:Types of videos created according to distribution channelsAs you will see, the explanatory is still the king.How long should my videos be?The average length of a video by companies is 8 minutes. This is longer than many expect, but that’s probably due to the average long-form video content like webinars and product demos, which are becoming more and more common, especially in B2B markets. Most videos (56%) are less than 2 minutes long.Length of videos createdVideo length by industryMedia and entertainment, high-tech, manufacturing, and communications companies tend to keep their content shorter by using videos that are less than 120 seconds long.

Financial services, professional services, and healthcare businesses post a higher percentage of long-form video content .Video size in different industriesEngagement and attention span
Getting someone to click play a video is only half the battle. If they stop watching seconds later, they don’t get the main message of the video. That is why it is important to analyze engagement rates to understand how much content manages to retain the attention of the target audience. How much is normal?The average retention rate to the end of a video is 37% (not even 4 out of 10) in all views studied in this report. However, audience retention is significantly dependent on the length of the video. The shorter the video, the greater the percentage of audience that stays watching until the end.For example, a video of less than 90 seconds has an average retention to the end of 53% compared to a video of more than 30 minutes that retains only 10% of the audience.Engagement with videos according to sizeA significant portion of the drop in engagement for videos of any size occurs in the first 10% of the video, regardless of length. In other words, the video couldn’t hold his attention.The graph shows 5% of all video interactions depending on the length. The average retention rate at the end of the video is 77%. For videos shorter than 90 seconds, the retention rate exceeds the 99% average. The best videos over 30 minutes have a high retention rate of 43%, 33% higher than the average of all the videos in the chart above.Engaged viewers according to the size of the videosWhat do you think of these data? Do you use videos in your marketing? Check out these tools to create your videos in minutes.Which platform works best for you? We are experimenting with Facebook Live and we invite you to be part of the Marketry, on Tuesdays at 11:00. This is the last video we made.If you like content and want to read more information and tips on content marketing and social media marketing, keep in touch by leaving your email.

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