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How do Spaniards consume during the Christmas season?


How do Spaniards consume during the Christmas season?

It may seem that Christmas is the same in practically all markets, thanks to the globalization of consumption and the importation of customs during the last two centuries. At the end of the day, the Christmas tree has been copied, the idea of ​​writing a letter asking for gifts or Santa Claus, which have been incorporated into the table and traditions with nougat, marzipan, nativity scenes and the not so old custom of the twelve grapes. However, and as much as Christmas may seem, the truth is that each market is a world and each one of them has special and specific data that help to be more efficient when it comes to understanding what interests each consumer and each canada telephone number . In Spain, 80% of consumers put bright lights, 61% make a mix of Christmas and nativity trees (and only 28% keep only the tree) and 93% decorate the house in a special way to the date, according to Feebo data. But all these Christmas consumers have certain characteristics that make them a little different from other European consumers and that makes brands have to keep in mind to reach them when it comes to selling at Christmas.


Christmas budgets have stopped falling After years of economic crisis and after years of cuts in spending by consumers during the Christmas season, the situation seems to have stabilized and the Spanish seem to have stopped cutting their Christmas budgets. Those who increase them are still few, at least according to the data of the Cetelem Observatory on the intention of buying the Spaniards at Christmas. Only 16.2% indicate that they will spend more money during this Christmas campaign, a figure that is not very high but is significant when compared to those who say they will spend less than in 2014. Only 27.2% of consumers will reduce their budget, compared to 37.2% who said they would do so in 2014. 56.6% say they will keep it unchanged. The average Spanish spending during the Christmas campaign will be about 415 euros, 6% more than in the previous year. Fashion takes most of the expense Spaniards spend more money on the Betting Email List campaign and fashion companies are the ones that bear most of this expense. 82% of those surveyed by Feebo in a study on Spanish habits and traditions during Christmas say that they dress in a special and elegant way during the indicated days. 50% of those surveyed will spend 50 euros on their Christmas look, compared to 30% who will choose to go completely premiere. When purchasing intent is extended to gifts as well, fashion remains very well positioned. According to data from Cetelem, clothing, footwear and accessories get 71.2% of the mentions when asked where the money from the Christmas budget will be invested. They are followed by perfumes (40.2%), toys (36%) and books (33.2%). To this we must add that, according to data from Tiendeo, clothing is the favorite gift for Spaniards. The mobile has entered directly into Christmas shopping M-commerce may not be as advanced in Spain as in other markets, but mobile devices will still be very present during the Christmas campaign in Spain. Buyers are employing them on a massive scale during the purchasing processes and during decision-making. According to data from Tiendeo.com, 72% of consumers will use their mobile while in a physical store and 52% will use their terminal to compare prices between different brands. The campaign will therefore be very marked by what is known as ROPO, research online, purchase offline , researching on the internet and buying in a physical place. The figures have risen in recent years and will continue to rise. Christmas favorites are great classics Spaniards not only have traditions in decoration and consumption habits that determine expenses, but they also have certain brands that they directly associate with Christmas and that become a kind of recurring element at the Christmas table and on the shopping list. of the period. According to data from Feebo, Spanish consumers introduce sweet items on Christmas tables. The favorite brands to consume during this period are Ferrero Rocher with 65% preference (and curious, because it is not a purely Christmas brand), followed by Nestlé with 58% and Antiu Xixona with 29%. The Christmas tables also force to make changes in the drinks, which necessarily become something festive. With what do the Spanish celebrate Christmas? The answer is that with cider: 37% prefer El Gaitero Cider. They are followed by those who drink Lambrusco wine (35%) and those who opt for Freixenet cava (34%). Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies
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