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How do much money you lose on social media


How do much money you lose on social media

Losing money on social media is easier than you think… In fact, you already do. Take a look at this Chill!
What will you find in this content?How much does it cost to procrastinate on social media?
How to stop procrastinating with social networks
1. Schedule content
2. Measure the time of your activities
3. To block distractions it has been said!
Losing money on social networks Is it really possible? Yeah right if. Most Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists have a love-hate relationship with social media. We know that they are an excellent tool to approach consumers and in the best of cases we can use them as part of an efficient strategy to favor brands; however, the less naive of us are equally aware that these platforms often become distractions. It’s too easy to get lost in them for hours. Whoever is free from having seen kitten videos, cast the first stone!The real problem is that we really don’t have any way of measuring how much social media usage costs us. If we did, we would possibly make more responsible use of them… Okay, we might not give all memes a painful death, but we would have a compelling reason to reduce the time we spend procrastinating online.An Internet user in Mexico spends an average of seven hours and 14 minutes a day on the Web, according to the Study of User Habits published by AMIPCI in 2016. It would be wonderful if during that time we would consume really enriching content or carry out productive activities; But access to social networks is still the main online activity, and the most viral content is almost always entertainment.

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Mexico is tied with Argentina for 3rd place in time spent daily on social media, more than three and a half hours a day! At that rate, I’m not quite sure that we will grow old really wiser.How much money do you lose with social networks?All of this brings to mind a world in which no one ages, the rich are immortal, and most of the poor die too soon. The faces of Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried appear on the wanted posters and director Andrew Niccol is responsible for their existence. This is In Time (The price of tomorrow), a film about inequality, poverty and crime, but above all about the value of time. There, that is the only bargaining chip.In this story the rich take their lives for granted. They know they have plenty of time, they don’t rush, they put off what is important, they doubt… and who cares? then they live forever.The less fortunate know that their life will not last. They need to enjoy it now, make the most of their time, live intensely, and do what they can to make every minute count for ten years. They cannot procrastinate, or have doubts, or stop. They know exactly how much life can fit in a minute and how many seconds it will take to gain more life.
Time is money and in that sense In Time is not too different from reality.How much does it cost to procrastinate on social media?Think of it this way: A person with an average salary of $ 16,000.00 per month, earns approximately $ 100.00 for one hour of work. If you lose 3.5 hours on social media each day, it costs you $ 350.00 which becomes $ 7,000.00 at the end of the month, assuming a total of 20 business days.Your salary______ / 20 (working days) / 8 (working hours) = _____________ X time spent on social networksTry to calculate it with your own income. Exactly how much money is one hour of your life worth? That is the money it is costing every hour you spend on social media or any other method of procrastination. And we’re not even considering all the lost growth opportunities as a result!Surely you will think that if you are in a job that time they will pay you anyway and you are right but think of it this way: if you had not lost it, perhaps you could have generated a project in the month that you could show your supervisor and earn a increase or promotion; Or, you could have dedicated it to learning a new skill or another independent project that will make you money.

Okay, not everything in life is working to earn money, but it is a fact that the time you decide to dedicate to your workday you must concentrate fully on it. This method is a way of giving time a numerical value and assigning each activity a significant value.Ask yourself if what you are about to do has a value equal to or greater than what you would earn for working during the same time that that activity would take you. This is how you will know if it is worth doing at that moment. Would you pay what you earn in two or three hours of work, to go with your family to the movies? Most likely yes, but your answer would not be the same if the activity were to see 20 of the most popular memes of the moment.How to stop procrastinating with social networksIf you have already noticed that you are wasting a lot of valuable time on social networks and want to invest it in new projects or learning, possibly now you are wondering if you have the willpower necessary to avoid losing yourself in the paradise of social. Don’t worry, there are many tools that can help you fulfill your purpose in three different ways.

1. Schedule content
If you are a community manager or personally in charge of your business’s social networks and you are thinking that none of this applies to you, we have bad news: You are not without guilt. Your work is not a pretext to spend 24 hours glued to the networks, especially if between each publication or comment you go through the walls of all your friends, family and ex-girlfriends.Using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite can help you reduce the time you spend online; And in the meantime, it would be good if you took the opportunity to update yourself on the size that your images should have on the different platforms , the best techniques to strengthen your customer service or explore different tools to create your own visual content .

2. Measure the time of your activitiesThe Internet is not only the paradise of social networks, there are also tools designed to help you better manage your time and your new projects. Take advantage of them!Trello: Through this platform you will be able to create task lists, monitor each one of them, determine delivery dates and even create collaboration teams.TrelloWunderlist: With this application you will be able to plan personal and professional tasks, manage them simultaneously and receive the necessary reminders to fulfill each one of them.Wunderlist – Take advantage of time without wasting it on social networks
Jiffy: If none of this seems enough, Jiffy has a timer that is responsible for measuring the time you spend on each task, project or client, intuits your activities and allows you to optimize your time management.Jiffy – Stop wasting time

3. To block distractions it has been said!
If neither of these two activities is enough for you yet and you think it’s time to take drastic action, there are plenty of tools to force yourself away from distracting pages while trying to accomplish an important task.
KeepMeOut: This is an online service that allows you to configure alerts for certain web pages, so that we get a warning if we try to access them more than a certain number of times. It can be configured for specific times and days of the week.Losing money on social media – KeepMeOutCold Turkey and SelfControl: The first exclusive for Windows and the second its equivalent for IOS systems . Both have a simple operation in which it is enough to create a list of prohibited sites and choose the access blocking time.Losing money with social media – SelfControlStay Focusd: It is an extension for those who navigate in Chrome and it is responsible for completely blocking access to certain sites at specific times and dates.wasting time on social media – StayFocusedWith so many tools, there are no longer excuses to continue procrastinating. Stop wasting money now and let us know how it went! Tell us below or in our Facebook group , and if you want to continue taking advantage of the time and be a better Betting Email List, you can subscribe to the tips and content so that we will send them to you every week.

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