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How do human brands communicate?


How do human brands communicate?

Human brands communicate creating authentic emotions and bonds, not corporate but personal.What will you find in this content?
5 ways to communicate to make your brand more humanIdentify with the forgottenYou need your own voicePromote only the best contentCreate a lasting messageStarts with a channelPoints to remember
A human brand is a VP Media Email Lists whose purpose , operation, products, services and customer experience feel not corporate but human, creating emotions and connections in its consumers that result in loyalty that is otherwise difficult to achieve.A human brand is not a cold entity. It feels personal, it cares about its users and generates relationships of trust with them, engages in marketing ; And although it is obvious that the result of their operations generates economic benefits, they also respect and care for society and the environment. In other words…profits are the consequence and not the end of your operations.Being a human brand is NOT something that a company can acquire through money or campaigns; demands a high dose of inspirational marketing , not only in its products, services and communication channels , but even in its endomarketing .Starbucks and Virgin are good examples of this type of business. Brands that awaken the desire to work on them. Brands that encourage you to buy what they produce. Brands that generate loyalty beyond the rational. Why can so few brands achieve this? Because the vast majority, even if they say otherwise, are still focused on benefits and not people. They are not customer centric , and …respect can be bought, but love must be earned.There is no specific recipe to be a human brand , but some actions in the way of communicating can bring yours closer to it, since it does not depend on size, but on the philosophy and actions to put it into practice.

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5 ways to communicate to make your brand more human
Identify with the forgottenNo, we are not talking about economic issues, although there are brands that do their job very well focusing on the base of the pyramid . We are generally talking about brands that have understood that serving neglected segments and generating links with them that no one had bothered to build can be a great business decision.Have you heard of Dollar Shave Club (DSC)? It’s a California-based company that offers razors and other personal care products to customers by mail. You read that right! By mail! In other words, they send you your razor blades at home … because you are subscribed to them.DSC found a segment that was being ignored – men who only wanted an effective and inexpensive razor and who felt left out by the high-tech and expensive-looking messages increasingly used by big brands (it’s ominous how much they can cost today some rakes and their spare parts; and it is not that one cannot afford them but that they are perceived as an abuse, since the value does not justify the price).Dollar Shave Club started offering subscriptions to send you rakes starting at $ 1 a month; today you have more options; However, the important thing is NOT the economic solution since in the US there are even “all for a dollar” stores and they sell rakes; What is relevant is that it served a niche that brands had ignored, and it did so by communicating as a person . In fact, it was its founder who spoke in a video that immediately went viral and brought down the company’s servers with the traffic load.By speaking the language of this segment and understanding them as a friend would, they became huge players in a market that seemed impenetrable.Not all companies are trying to enter or are able to position themselves in a startup like that. But what you can do is find the Betting Email List that your competitors are ignoring – if each of your main competitors seems to be speaking to the same people and using the same language, try to find the audiences that have been left out and speak to them as human. -You need your own voice
Every successful company has to differentiate itself from its competitors. That means knowing everything about how they are perceived. As long as you know exactly who your audience is, and why they would be interested in your products or services, you can produce communication that speaks honestly to them and inspires them .What tool do you need here? You must develop your Buyer Persona and focus at the beginning only on one; It is logical that you can have several, but the initial effort should always focus on one. Trying to produce content, products, services and attention for more than one is illogical at an early stage.Once you have a clear definition of who your audience is, you can create a message that is bold and human enough to connect with them.Marketing is a matter of delivering VALUE.Check out the session Steve Jobs had with his own people just before launching the unforgettable Think Different campaign . This is one of the best approaches to marketing you will see and also one of the best examples for understanding how to create communication that feels human .


In creation meetings, you may be tempted to discard some of the bolder options, and instead produce messages in a style that you know has worked in the past. But by taking risks, and thinking like your customer rather than your company, you can achieve a much more effective result.Try working backwards – find the words you want your client to describe your campaign with (“cool, surreal, edgy, awesome, fun, spontaneous”), and then put the pieces together to get that result.Size does not matter … It is not your altitude with your clients, but your attitude that will make them love you.Promote only the best content
Unlike traditional television commercials, which built awareness over time with the old formula of reach and frequency, social channels tend to have their own rules.Successful content campaigns tend to start on YouTube, spread through Twitter, and really get steam through clever promotion on Facebook and Instagram. Once this has happened, it is when the media begins to pay attention and voluntarily give us their reflectors. It is when the mame train starts on many occasions.I do not mean to tell you that all your content or campaigns will be viral. No… in fact, you will most likely never have a viral video . What I want to tell you is that the rule to have content that connects with the audience is the reverse of how digital marketing agencies are doing today. Sorry if you work on one but it is!Agencies, and unfortunately, many brands too, believe that because to put dollars to Facebook and appear on more walls, this is the solution. False. A bad product, a bad content, no matter how much money you have behind in advertising, it will NEVER take off.And this is because it is NOT about money, but about human connections.That is why Facebook itself, even in its ruthless algorithm, tells you:- This content is getting X% better performance than the rest of your content. Do you want to promote it? – Because it knows very well that content that works in organic and that is already creating human reactions, will obviously generate more, if you put it in front of other eyes.How to promote human brand contentIt is not complicated if you think about it. The secret is not in the advertising or the paid distribution of the content. It is in your product or service and in the content that you generate from it. Think when you do it: Is it human? Is it exciting? Does it connect? Do people want to see and share it again?

By posting valuable content in the right places and promoting it at the right time, it will give you the ability to buy double clicks for the same price. Facebook gurus, recommend this!Create a lasting message
A single successful effort can shape your brand’s voice for years to come. By incorporating the same elements that are only updated, continuity is created over time, and the brand is strengthened. Do you remember the videos of Blendtec , the blender brand that ground everything? You just turned 10!Nothing more impersonal and boring than selling blenders, but this brand knew how to create a message that used colloquial language and elements of pop culture to achieve human connections. You never saw them tell you that their knives were the sharpest on the market or that the blades rotated at 300 km per hour, did you? But we all saw the moment when they put an iPad in and… they reduced it to dust.For early stage businesses, the way you communicate initially is even more important.It’s not about your product, it’s about your audience and creating those connections.Starts with a channelI know, there are many channels out there and some are very tempting. Don’t go through that false door. Building an audience starts with a single channel, and it’s not until you’ve built a good fan base that you can branch out to other channels.All the greats on the web have done that … most of them started with a blog and after they consolidated their critical mass through newsletters they jumped to podcasts, videos, magazines. (Sorry but the newsletter is still the most powerful weapon in content marketing ).Yes, live video right now is the most in… but if you don’t have a defined audience, who do you think will see you? Nobody knows you! And Facebook’s organic reach is around 1%.One channel at a time. Do not go through the false door even if the false gurus advise you.The Content Marketing Institute started with a blog and now it has podcasts, magazines, courses, events. Social Media Examiner did the same. Rand Fishkin from Moz, anyway, and I’m talking about great web marketers … and if you want more common examples, Yuya , the most popular YouTuber in Mexico also followed this route and now you can even see her books … but it started with videos constant and consistent on a single channel. Today it has more than 18 million followers and this video for example, has almost 3 million views in less than a month!One channel at a time, don’t jump to others until you’ve built a good base of connections and feel like you have a sizeable following that can go after you if you broaden the spectrum of your media.Points to rememberBeing a human brand involves many characteristics, but one of them, without a doubt, is the way of communicating , and to do it well it is essential to work on the planning and execution of a strategy that develops emotional connections. How?Identify the audiences that brands have left behind.
Create your own message … as crazy, audacious, avant-garde or whatever you want … but let it be yoursand authentic.Promote only premium content.Build a lasting voice.Walk one canal at a time.

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