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How can marketing automation help you get business opportunities?


How can marketing automation help you get business opportunities?

In matters of automation, the first thing we must ask ourselves is: automate for what, what is the objective? The aim is usually to get business opportunities. In Italy Phone Number List automation the objective can be informational, as it would be in the case of an automated chain that reports a webinar, but it could also go with a conversion objective.list_altIndex of contents
Advantages of marketing automation to increase sales conversions
What to do to get business opportunities
The importance of content in the recruitment process
Marketing automation: generate business opportunities
In this article, we are going to focus on this second objective, how can you create automated chains that sell ?From a sales point of view one of the challenges is to get a business call with an educated potential customer who is ready to buy. Thanks to automation, you can “mature” your contacts to ensure that your sales team is focused on a single goal: to sell.Advantages of marketing automation to increase sale conversions
There are many reasons to use automated processes to perform the different tasks and activities of your marketing and sales job. These are some of the advantages:

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It allows to classify contacts more easily , which makes possible an adequate segmentation and obtain a greater control at a global level in the database.A good automation tool will focus on what is one of the most important phases of inbound marketing: lead scoring . The qualification of leads based on the point of the purchase process in which they are and their degree of proximity with the buyer person.
It enables the tracking of conversions and interactions , both on the company’s website and through its social networks and other channels.Detect Betting Email List opportunities in real time : Your automation system will send you alerts every time a user requests to download a certain material or, for example, requests certain information to register for a course, workshop, webinar, etc.
Monitor the return on advertising investment to know how your active paid campaigns are working and what you can do to improve them.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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A sum of intelligent processes to generate business opportunities
We understand then that automation marketing is truly useful when it helps us to get commercial or business opportunities .We all know the process to capture leads and it is one of the first phases of the conversion funnel. We just have to combine a series of online marketing actions and integrate them into a single strategy. For example, we create quality SEO-oriented content, we optimize our website for search engines, we manage social networks to spread that content and generate interest in our target audience, and we even manage paid advertising campaigns.But what happens when we get a few leads? How can we go one step further and get them interested in our products and services, not just in a post?What to do to get business opportunities
Although each company is different, it all depends on how we approach our actions, since the dynamics is very similar in all companies. What we will have to differentiate is whether we are dealing with a Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer B2C company or a very niche in which we will have to focus on account-based marketing (ABM) .

Once we are clear about this, we will set objectives and carefully define our buyer persona.

That is when, before automation, we will carry out the capture of leads by creating quality content , as we have commented previously. We won’t be able to move on if we don’t do this process well.

The importance of content in the recruitment process
It is very good to automate, but for this we must have a database of potential customers, how to attract them and how will it affect their quality?

Inbound is based on content. We like to compare it to networking at an event, for example.

Imagine that you are at an event and you see that there is a person who fits 100% with your buyer person. What would be the best way to get closer to this person? Starting a conversation and attacking some problem that this person may face. For example: “I have seen that the production of homemade bread has increased by x% in 2020, how has it affected you based on the selection of products at Carrefour”? Or “I have a company that distributes homemade bread products, why don’t we sit down and consider a possible collaboration?”. In our opinion, we believe that the first option generates more confidence and will perform better.

So, regardless of the format with which you address your audience, what you should work with is the message you offer, the argumentation and the approach with which you attract their attention. And this is applicable in face-to-face, in email marketing or in social media posts.

PPC Vs. Inbound
We have two options to attract new contacts in the digital field:

Execute traditional online marketing and through organic and / or PPC channels
Choosing an inbound marketing 3.0 methodology
marketing automation to get business opportunities

Which of the two ways is the most convenient?

We explain why betting on inbound marketing is equivalent to getting more business opportunities without using intrusive advertising techniques.

Traditionally, it has always been considered that inbound focuses on attracting qualified profiles through the organic route (creating SEO optimized content, including capture points, etc.). This route is fantastic, but it is true that it takes time . We do not always have this time and we need short-term results to be able to justify the investment.
The contacts captured in this way have an indisputable quality, since, if the content has the correct approach, we will attract people who proactively seek solutions, in addition, we will know what their problems are.
Inbound is no longer just organic. Inbound is the delivery of the right content at the right time and context . Inbound is the study of the buyer persona, their problems / pain points, the creation of support and help content and the promotion of content, either through organic or paid channels.
The account-based marketing
Is your buyer persona difficult to find, are there few people who fit this profile? Tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you segment and directly access your target profile. If you think that you are not going to impact the right profile through organic or paid channels, make sure you know the tools and methodologies that can best refine this search for you.

phases of ABM account based marketing

Marketing automation: generate business opportunities
If we really want to attract consumers to generate sales opportunities, we must know how to reach the right audience through personalization strategies. It is essential to adapt the content to the specific needs of each buyer persona, that the user can receive the information that interests him and when he needs it through automation techniques.

For all this, we must go one step ahead, anticipate their needs without them being aware of it and, above all, being useful to them.

What is the first thing we should automate?

Start with good segmentation to generate leads
There are many types of automations that can be done with databases. There are specific campaigns, automated chains of emails based on objectives, information chains related to the product, etc.

How do we propose automation campaigns, lead nurturing type ?

First we must segment our database, not only based on the characteristics of their profile (sector, industry) but also on the stage in which they are in their purchase process, are they close to buying or not? If they are, we can now pass the lead to the sales team, if not, no.

What could be a possible segmentation? The minimum groups that make sense would be:

Larger group – People who fit the buyer persona.
Person who not only fit the buyer persona, but also interact with your content.
People who are in a purchasing process (you can know this based on the interactions of your contacts – if they look at your rates, if they look at your contact page, if they download content related to the configuration of your products).
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Lead nurturing by phases
Many times we go blind, we do not know how to approach the emails, which is given by poor segmentation. If you work with a segmentation similar to the one proposed in the previous section:

People who fit the buyer persona. What we want is for it to go from group 1 to group 2 → We need it to have interaction with the content, so we need to create a chain of emails that maximize interaction.
Person that not only fit with the Buyer Persona, but also interact with your content. What we want is that this group of people who already have interaction with the content, give us signs of whether they are in a purchase process. Send them information related to your services and then analyze how they have interacted: have they spent time on the page? Have they clicked or searched for more information on your site?
People who are in a buying process. If you are in a shopping process, we need you to talk to us. → This group could also be impacted by inbound sales techniques . This methodology is summarized in the phases:
Identify , which we will have already completed
Connect : with which leads can we connect, for example, through a business call and at what time?
Explore when, once we have established a first commercial contact, you wonder if the solution we offer really fits the needs and characteristics of the prospect
Advise : In this phase we will try to convince the prospect to buy by providing them with timely advice or influencing the advantages they would obtain.

Is the email dead?
It is not that it has died as such, but there are new formats in which we must focus to impact the user .

Today email marketing as such is a format in which there is a lot of competition and, with the new RGPD law (General Data Protection Regulation), the user is more aware of what he receives and has more facility to unsubscribe. in the subscription. So you have to work on much more efficient and insightful automated email chains through the use of specialized software that allows us to easily design emails, perform A / B tests, personalize content, etc.

Ultimately, we will have to optimize email marketing automation campaigns designed for conversion .

There are many ways to impact the user, lead nutrition is advancing and converting through different platforms:

Chatbots, implemented on the web or via Messenger or telegram
This option is still in an embryonic stage and depending on the business or its geographical location, its use may vary.
The transition between marketing and sales of leads
In conclusion, we can say that the biggest challenge when it comes to getting business opportunities lies in the development of a joint marketing and sales plan .

In this sense, collaboration between the marketing and sales departments is essential, since, in the end, the end goal is the same: generate sales opportunities . To do this, it must be understood that the marketing team must work on automation processes to generate quality leads, while the sales team must take care of inbound sales automation to connect with prospects at the right time and through the most appropriate format. suitable.

Together, we can talk about Sales Enablement , the most effective model to generate sales and that brings together a set of content, processes and technology to reach the objectives of the company more quickly.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the limits of your automation strategy will also be marked by the tool you use: the best one to our liking is HubSpot.

Thus, the sales cycle that you optimize at all times will lead you to generate income and many more customers than you imagine. Get to work!

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