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Hello, I am a Facebook bot. How can I help you?


Hello, I am a Facebook bot. How can I help you?

The geek in the gray t-shirts, also known as Mark Zuckerberg, has big plans for Facebook: to be more than a social network and to become the dashboard of our lives.
I’m not sure when it all started. I suppose that, like all revolutions, it has occurred in a stealthy way, sneaking into our day-to-day life without us even realizing it. Suddenly there is no going back: even my hairdresser encourages me to book an appointment via Facebook . And do not believe that it does it in a rudimentary way. The system is much more sophisticated than you might expect from a small neighborhood barber Chairman Email Lists. Type of service, estimated duration, person in charge and, of course, day and time. You can select absolutely everything without having to cross a word or pick up the phone. And so, as someone who does not want the thing, we have begun to reserve a table for 4 in the Japanese corner and to schedule our next manicure. Everything, of course, through the ubiquitous Facebook.Poncho, a bot.

Chairman Email Lists

Zuckerberg is no longer hiding and has started his fight for relevance at full throttle. Social networks come and go (if not, tell Myspace); Offering a valuable service guarantees you a certain permanence. Therefore, it is not surprising that good old Mark appeared at the F8 conference for developers announcing the reinvention of Facebook Messenger as a communication platform between brands and users.

On the horizon, Mark happily glimpses how brands create their own bots and introduce them to Betting Email List to interact in a much more natural and comfortable way with their customers. Of course, you also get a glimpse of the millions of dollars that your latest bet can earn you.

But what is this about bots?
Bots , Ro-Bots. This introduction to James Bond reminds me that we are talking about little robots that will imitate human behavior and will learn to assist us in any request we make in the Facebook chat.Another example of a bot at Hyatt

The idea is to develop Siri cousins-sisters, virtual assistants that will help us order a taxi or know the weather forecast by heart. We will have the sensation of talking directly to someone from the brand, but in reality the conversation will take place with a machine intelligent enough to recreate this interpersonal interaction. Although today’s artificial intelligence technology still has robotic seams, from here to the voice of Scarlett Johansson and we fall struck down with love like Joaquín Phoenix in the movie HER, there is only one step.


The functionalities that bots may have are yet to be discovered, but the truth is that, from the outset, they provide a golden opportunity for customer service to manage doubts and complaints. We all exercise our right to tantrum where it hurts the most and where there is more public exposure: on social media. Deriving these criticisms to a one-to-one chat system and thus cleaning the wall, seems a more than interesting option for companies like Vueling or Vodafone.

And, who knows, I’m sure before I can imagine, I’ll be able to ask my hairdresser’s Facebook bot what haircut he recommends for the summer.

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