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Health marketing strategies: why apply inbound marketing?


Health marketing strategies: why apply inbound marketing?

The Internet , as has happened with so many other things, is also transforming the panorama of the health sector and, especially, the way of acting of users who, at a certain moment, have a need that affects their health.In this article I will address the changes that are taking place in the profile of consumers in this sector and how to implement health marketing strategies. Keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
How is the consumer profile changing in the health sector?
What is inbound marketing?
The 3 key phases of health marketing
Conclusion: success stories of health inbound marketing
How is the consumer profile changing in the health sector?
The first thing that has changed is the way of finding out , it is increasingly common for people to connect to the network to try to clear up doubts and danish cell phone companies the different options of services and products that can help them solve an issue as important as a health problem.health marketingBefore deciding to go to a certain clinic or medical professional, many users search the Internet for information about their symptoms, testimonials from people who have experienced a similar health problem, recommendations from doctors, professional associations and other institutions related to health.The channels on the subject of health are numerous : health blogs, profiles on social networks, forums … Sometimes the problem lies in discerning the truthful information from what is imprecise and even erroneous.


The user of the 21st century has been living with the internet for some time, and this has generated a culture of consumption of very good content and information . In addition, on a topic as delicate as health, this digital consumer profile does not settle for just anything: it seeks quality, contrasted and rigorous information and, above all, is reluctant and annoyed with content with a focus on very commercial. He is clear that one does not play with health, and in this field he wants the best for his family and for himself.Therefore, it is increasingly Betting Email List  to awaken the interest of this user profile and, above all, to earn their trust. And, of course, we are not going to achieve it with disruptive, annoying and aggressive advertising .In the health sector there has also been a pronounced paradigm shift in which the sales process is completely transformed , and a new strategy has come into play: inbound marketing .Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to our blog!EMAIL *
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What is inbound marketing?
The Inbound marketing is a very complete methodology , composed of various online marketing technologies, with the aim of which is the user himself who comes to us seeking information on our website / blog or help to solve their need or problem. This represents a great change in the relationship with customers and even in the philosophy of work compared to traditional advertising (outbound), based on the sending of ads in an abrupt and aggressive way, without counting on the conformity and involvement of the user. .The 4 phases of inbound marketing
Inbound marketing, as developed in the article Inbound Marketing: what it is, origin, methodology and philosophy , tries to accompany the customer throughout the purchase process. From looking for information on a certain topic to solve a need or simply out of curiosity or interest, until you decide to buy a product or service, look for options, compare and, in the end, carry out the transaction.

To execute the process in its entirety, an inbound marketing strategy or project is based on 4 stages , each of them with different specific objectives and actions:First phase: attraction . The first objective is to generate traffic to a website or blog through content marketing and other digital marketing techniques.
Second phase: conversion . It is about getting a visit to leave us their data by offering higher quality downloadable content (ebooks, product comparison, infographics …) and other techniques.
Third phase: education . Through marketing automation, potential customers receive emails with valuable information in order to qualify them and prepare them to advance in the purchase process.
Fourth phase: closure and loyalty . The idea of ​​this phase is to maintain a positive and lasting bond between company and customer.
Health marketing strategies: why apply inbound marketing?

The 3 key phases of health marketing
In a health sector project, inbound marketing faces three main challenges :

Connect with your potential audience .
Convert visits into records or contacts in the database .
Nurture these records from the database, that is, prepare them for purchase.
Each of these challenges constitutes a phase of the inbound marketing strategy , and the application of the correct strategies and actions in each of them will depend on the success of your health project.

Read on … I’ll help you do it.

First phase. How to reach your audience?
A large part of your potential audience may not even know your company and what it can offer them. For this reason, in inbound marketing it is essential to work hard on a good SEO positioning strategy through the generation of articles of interest so that the public finds you in the top positions of Google.

health marketing

The potential audience that interests you is the one that may have needs that your product or service is capable of meeting . To reach it , an inbound marketing strategy implements the following actions:

First of all, you have to define your buyer persona or ideal customer archetype as well as possible and with as much detail as possible . In addition to their needs, you have to define their sociodemographic characteristics: sex, social position, educational level, interests, hobbies, consumption habits, etc.
Next, you must investigate and analyze the keywords that your buyer persona may be searching on Google, in order to clarify their doubts and their health-related needs. You should not make the mistake of focusing only on keywords related to your productor service, but in more general matters. You have to bear in mind that, in these initial phases, many users are still not aware of their needs. For example, a woman who is considering having a child may start by looking for general information about pregnancy and later limit her research to specific products that you can provide, such as a prenatal or fertility test. This is one of the secrets of a successful inbound marketing campaign. Nor should you think of very technical terms that most users do not know. The key is to put yourself in the shoes of users and do searches as they would.
In the health sector there are various elements that may interest and capture the attention of your buyer persona :
Real testimonials from patients or clients.
Interviews with referents of medicine and the sector.
Success stories from other patients (so that people can feel identified).
Second stage. How to convert the visit into a record?
Visiting our website is fine but it is not enough, since they are anonymous and we cannot track them. Once the public has reached your page, it will be crucial that they do not stay alone in a visit and end up giving us their data , becoming a lead in our database.

To do this, you must offer them relevant content that interests them enough to give you their data through a form . In a subject as delicate as health, we must be careful with the type of questions we ask in a form, since it can cause distrust in the user and make us lower the conversion rate.

Picture 3

What interesting content can we offer in the health sector?
We have several options:

Subscription to a blog with interesting articles.
Download free ebooks or guides with relevant information on the health and educational sector for your buyer persona.
Questionnaires (Quiz) to provide information to users on where they can direct their problems.
Free advice from a specialist in the healthcare sector in particular.
It is important that the user must necessarily accept the privacy policy of the company in accordance with the current RGDP (General Data Protection Regulation). Although at the legal level it is mandatory in all business sectors, in the health sector the issue of confidentiality takes on even greater importance.

health marketing

Third phase. How to nurture your database?
Once you have generated records, it is time to nurture them, that is, to mature them and prepare them for the purchase to materialize . For this, inbound marketing uses lead nurturing techniques based on the sending of an automated chain of emails with the aim of:

Generate engagement with your buyer persona.
Show and remind you that you are in a purchasing process .
That finally the client requests a commercial contact . This is proof that you are ready to buy and is where the sales opportunity really begins.
In the preparation of purchases is where inbound marketing in the health sector generates a lot of value, adapting to the new sales process of the 21st century, where cold and intrusive calls are less and less effective.

Conclusion: success stories of health inbound marketing
Finally, we want to cite two examples of success stories in the health sector that have applied inbound marketing strategies:

Baviera Clinic
Company in the health sector with a presence in Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy, dedicated to ophthalmology. In just the first year of his inbound project, he managed to convert a high volume of organic traffic into a database of people who wear glasses, from which contacts can be gradually matured into queries. and, finally, in clients.

Some figures from the inbound marketing project of Clínica Baviera :

It has allowed them to accelerate their website traffic and get 887,252 visits, in the first year alone.
They generated 4,795 records (leads) and closed 57 first inquiries in the same period.
At the end of 2018, they reached one million visits only from the organic channel (Google).
inbound health marketing

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