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Hashtag, players and a million followers (almost two)


Hashtag, players and a million followers (almost two)

Do you know which is the English football club with the most followers on YouTube?

Surely they have thought that it is Manchester United, City, Chelsea or perhaps Arsenal. Wrong answer.

What if I give you another clue and tell you that it is an amateur club, the players do not get paid and that not only is it not registered in any league, but that they have created their own competition system?

Here things are already starting to sound very strange.

What if I tell you that the club is not even two years old?

I am not going to make you dizzy any more and I will introduce you to one of the most unique sports clubs in the world of football today (do not believe, El Salvador Phone Number List   there are more rarities out there). With all of you : Hashtag United!

Club founded in 2016 from the figure of a well-known YouTuber, Spencer Owen, the Hashtag today has 1.9 million followers on its YouTube channel . Far away are clubs like Manchester City (900k) or Chelsea (600K). And, although it is on the video platform where they stand out, they do not do anything badly in the rest: on Twitter they have 111k followers and 259k on Instagram.

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Where does your secret lie? They have managed to create a cocktail between video games, football and YouTube that has hooked a legion of followers, mostly millennials . The team’s matches are posted on YouTube, as are other videos of the most diverse: Spencer playing FIFA, a friendly match on a muddy field or a goalkeeping challenge in the water with flyboards. Videos range from 500k to 3M views.

In its short life, the Hashtag has played matches against employees of Google, Vauxhall, Betting Email List City or Crystal Palace. They have come to play at Wembley and have a commercial agreement for the shirts. They have developed their own line of merchandising and even appear in football video games such as Football Manager or Top Eleven.

In fact, the Hashtag Utd. has created an e-games section, with three prominent FIFA players. One of their big shots was when they launched a campaign last year to sign Adebayo “the Beast” Akinfenwa , a well-known player in England; that, unlike the team, stands out more for offline than online: it measures 1.8 meters and weighs 102 kilos. They did not succeed, but the impact was enormous.

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