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Has the influencers bubble burst?


Has the influencers bubble burst?

@Arii is an 18-year-old American who has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. He is an influencer and of course lives off brands. At the beginning of this month of June, it went viral because it tried to launch its own clothing brand and, despite having a list of followers larger than the total population of Barcelona, ​​it failed to sell 36 units of each of its seven designs. , a requirement demanded by the Sweden Phone Number List that was in charge of producing them.

The debate generated by this situation revolves around two axes. On the one hand, it seems clear that the followers of this person’s Instagram account have been able to increase by being bought.

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It is well known in the social media marketing sector that on the Internet you can buy likes, subscribers, comments and card-based reproductions. The problem is later for brands, when they rely on these subscribers to advertise but fail to obtain positive returns on investment in their Betting Email List . Why does this casuistry happen? Because, to begin with, a high number of followers is not a good indicator of the engagement that person generates with their audience since it is usually less than that generated by small influencers or because, as we have been commenting, they are bought. If an influencer like Arii is not able to mobilize even 1% of his community, it is because the product he advertises is very bad or it is false.

The other reflection that is extracted from this case is the following: It seems that society no longer looks favorably on influencers and that their commercial promiscuity is not convincing, since there are more and more obvious signs that their recommendations are the result of trade agreements. According to an analysis by Bazaarvoice, 47% of people present on social networks distrust them and their low-quality content. 54% of those surveyed believe that they distort life and 4 out of 5 trust the recommendation of an unknown person before that of an influencer. In addition, many of them, now turned into celebrities, promote brands that do not match their values ​​and it is at this point that the audience loses engagement with them.

Nowadays, as we have worked throughout the master, it is evidence that those who are well valued are the micro and nano influencers, who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. These are focused on a more niche audience and that is why they do not generate as much reach but a high degree of credibility, trust and engagement with their followers.
As the essence of minimalism makes clear, less is more. Both in the recipe that we are going to prepare, in the outfit that we are going to wear and also in the fan account.

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