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Guide to dating (or how to be a good Community Manager)


Guide to dating (or how to be a good Community Manager)

I believe in analogies as the best way to explain concepts. In this post you will find what dating to establish relationships has to do with being a good Community Manager . You sign up?
In a previous post we saw the tasks and functions that this profile should develop. Let us now see a practical example applicable to, surely, some moment of our life. Go figure. After years alone, oblivious to what is happening around you, you decide to make a change of attitude ; from now on you will dedicate more time and skills to manage the IT Directors Managers Email Lists around you. It will be like a kind of personal Community Manager . Let’s go out to flirt! First steps…
Taking into account that this personal Community Manager will be in charge of the representation of your image , you must ensure:

Good presence and accessibility . A first impression is always important, and it doesn’t hurt to be accessible through some contact channels (do you have WhatsApp?)
Definition of your target audience and adaptation to it. Face it, that flashy flowered shirt or stockings don’t usually attract the kind of people you’re looking for .


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But before leaving home … Isn’t it true that, even if you still want to flirt, you wouldn’t behave in the same way at a disco, at a library or at a tennis course? Learn to adapt your language , be good regardless of the channels through which you move.

And do not forget! Come up with a strategy! (and report it) Bring the action… You already have the objective clear but… how do you get their attention? Differentiate yourself , be original. Don’t ask “do you study or work?” And look at the Betting Email List ! Don’t imitate, but pay attention to what works for them. And it develops, with total empathy , the following actions: two Listen , how are you going to know but their preferences or opinions?
Extract the most valuable information . You’re doing it right?
Explain , what are you offering? Talk , it is important that you put into action your most communicative and understanding attitude.
Share the most appropriate content for your audience. If he likes movies, why don’t you take him / her to a premiere?
Connect and Analyze , to be 100% informed. It would be like asking your friends what they think of you… What is being said about us will affect our brand .
Give feedback to continue improving previous actions.

Be patient , Rome was not made in a day. Develop your creativity (the same old plan ends up boring, don’t you think?) And your humor ( here are some references). And of course, do not flirt without caution , take a look at the legal problems that a good Community Manager must bear in mind , so that things like this do not happen .

If you carry out the above actions, have an eye for dissatisfaction and enough flexibility to overcome it by modifying your initial plan, you will be successful!

In short, as well as your change in personal attitude to improve your relationships, the Community Manager has also come to stay .

PS: And if you are not very analogies, take a look at this cool prezi on the functions of the Community Management professional, based on the book by Oscar Rodríguez Fernández called “ Community Manager . Become a Social Media Expert ”.

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