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Growth hacking and inbound marketing: how they are related and examples of actions


Growth hacking and inbound marketing: how they are related and examples of actions

How many times have you heard the term “growth hacking”? This concept seems to be the order of the day, but the reality is that it has been talked about for several years. As usual, it is a technique that started out being very popular in the United States and has now fully reached Spain and Latin America.With growth hacking, we turn the more traditional Egypt Phone Number List strategies around to achieve exponential user growth, as companies such as Facebook, Amazon or Airbnb have done.Do you want to know how to stay up to date and start it? Keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What is growth hacking?
How to keep up to date with growth hacking techniques?
The growth hacker work phases
Growth hacking in inbound marketing: 7 examples of actions to implement
What is growth hacking?
Growth hacking is a set of techniques and tools that aim to generate rapid growth for the company, with the least expense and the least possible effort .


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If we analyze the words that make up the concept, we see the following:Growth: growth.
Hacking: hacking, or the ability to program creative solutions to solve real-life problems.
As I was saying, its main premise is to grow . Every action we take in this direction will be aimed at making the company grow.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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A term related to digital Betting Email List and start-ups
As we have seen, growth hacking has very clear objectives: to achieve, with the minimum possible expense and effort, quickly and noticeably increase the volume of users, income or popularity of a company . In short, it is about making a company grow without using large resources, especially economic ones, but also of another nature, such as, for example, personnel, technicians, infrastructures or logistics.It is not surprising, then, that growth hacking impacted in its beginnings especially in start-ups, since, by definition and its emerging nature, these are companies that do not usually have great economic possibilities, nor powerful investments , to start the more traditional methods of growth.

Growth hacking is, in short, a different way of conceptualizing the products and services generated by a company, so that they reach the maximum number of people possible. Is there a place for it in your marketing strategy?The answer to the above question should be “yes”. And if you are developing an inbound strategy , growth hacking is already part of it. Inbound strategies and marketing automation make businesses grow, either by closing more sales, building customer loyalty, or increasing recruitment.How to keep up to date with growth hacking techniques?
New technologies advance at an exponential speed and business digitization is essential to keep up with this new reality, which is why more and more professionals see the need to include these growth techniques in their companies.In fact, if you already know the concept of growth hacking and want to learn more techniques to increase your sales, we recommend you attend an event like Let’s Talk About Growth . The third edition of this growth marketing and growth strategy event will take place next Thursday , February 25 in streaming , and it is completely free .If you want to learn more about digital marketing trends in times of uncertainty like the current one, process automation, growth loops, artificial intelligence as a lever for growth, among others, you can sign up for Let’s Talk About Growth here .Growth Marketing
The growth hacker work phases
The growth hacker is a professional with an analytical profile and, at the same time, very creative, and uses these skills to start a company growth process divided into the following phases:Find fit between product and market. It makes an exhaustive analysis of the product or service of the company that you want to promote, seeing how it currently fits in the market and what its strengths and weaknesses are.Find relationship between functionality and marketing. It redefines the characteristics of the product, finding the functionalities that, in themselves, can be part of the marketing. For example, an ecommerce application that we can access with our Facebook and Twitter accounts.Promote and viralize. It enhances the strengths or opportunities for improvement, and tries to give them maximum visibility by making them viral. A great growth hacking idea was the one that Dropbox launched in the beginning: offering free space!
Build loyalty and improve. The loyalty of customers and the acquisition of new ones is not compatible with a condescending, passive and conformist attitude of the company. It is necessary to make every effort to add improvements and new functionalities, both in the products and services offered by the company and in its internal operation, especially the customer service part.
Repeat. As good marketers, once we have found the system, we must repeat the process over and over again to continue finding new actions to implement and differentiate ourselves from the competition.
You could say that the growth hacker is at the top of the pyramid of digital marketing experts, whose goal is to scale and grow the organization. The north of a growth hacker are the users, it is a profile that masters all marketing techniques to implement disruptive, original and creative strategies .

Growth hacking in inbound marketing: 7 examples of actions to implement
You may have already realized that growth hacking and inbound marketing share goals and work philosophy . Both disciplines try to attract users and convert them into registrations (leads) and clients through new techniques (different from the traditional way of advertising) and without putting in place large economic investments. We tell you some!

What techniques could be considered growth hacking within an inbound marketing strategy?
The answer is quite simple: all those ideas that are characterized by being original and effective (and sometimes effective) and that cause an adequate return on investment (ROI), since they do not require large expenses.

Let’s see some examples:

Promote news on social networks. The different social networks continually bring out many news that companies can take advantage of. If it fits your audience, we recommend that you be among the first to explore and use the new features. In this way, you will learn before the competition and you will differentiate yourself before your audience by advancing to use them.
Launch the same product as if it were new. Although it seems that we are cheating, we mean that we can offer the same product or with some small modification to other sectors of the market that may also fit them. The key is to create smaller circles of action, so that you send more personalized messages and your contacts will think that you have created something new for them, making them feel special.
Perform A / B test. This is a tool that we all have within our reach and that we should promote more. Not only to improve the conversion rates of our landings and web pages, but also of emails, calls to action … in this way we will know what works best for us and we will obtain better results doing the same.
Create exclusive invitations . A blog or social networks can be the ideal channel to offer exclusive invitations to go, for example, to the offline presentation of a product or a demo. It is undoubtedly an effective method to attract and retain customers.
Perform gamification actions . It consists of creating small games within the products in order to seduce users, making them participate in our products or their news in exchange for small rewards. They have fun and you take the opportunity to ask them certain questions and get to know them better, so you can take advantage of this information to get closer to your audience in a much more personalized way.
Viralize content . Content can be made viral by adopting a different format and tone. For example, a funny and humorous video to explain the new features of the dating software we just launched.
Take advantage of the competition. If your competition has more travel than you, you can learn from it. Investigate which channels it gets more traffic from, where it advertises the product, which keywords it works, sign up for their newsletter … with all this you can get an idea of ​​what they do that you could also do.
Growth Marketing
Now that you know what it is, what do you think of growth hacking? Do you think it could help you grow your business? Can you think of methods other than those mentioned to integrate this practice into your inbound marketing strategy? If you have something to tell us and you want to share it with us, don’t hesitate: write to us in the comments area!


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