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Growth hackers vs Lovemarks Is it better to be loved or measured?


Growth hackers vs Lovemarks Is it better to be loved or measured?

What is more important? Numbers or love? Being growth hackers or builders of Lovemarks?

The digital maelstrom that had gripped the world for years was only accelerated by the pandemic. Digital transformation … is the mantra in a world where confinements and social distancing have marked the agenda; However, in the midst of the whirlwind it is easy to get lost and question what are we looking for? What should we measure? How long do the results take?

Followers, video views, likes, subscribers … we have come to think that the success of our brands is measured by those numbers. How many more followers did we have on social networks? How many views did the video achieve? How many likes or reactions did our last post on Instagram get? How much traffic did the latest content give us?

Growth hackers vs Lovemarks
Quantity vs quality
In this regard we have a reflection: are we so focused on digital numbers that we may be forgetting why we do what we do?

It is true that we must have metrics but it is also true that metrics per se does not determine the success of our brand or organization.

Gary Vee, who has millions of followers on social media and creates tons of content daily, pointed out in a video a week ago that while his agency measures sales, a true indicator of the quality of work in terms of content and networks, is to measure the positive feedback.

You can buy followers , likes, reproductions, visits, even mailing lists … but you cannot buy real comments that express emotions that our audience feels about our brand or organization. That kind of engagement can’t be paid for.

Your content has no comments, then how do you really know if you are doing it right?

And although they are not correlated, the paradigm is constant that when a brand has a lot of positive comments such as “feedback”, its sales are much better.

Simple example?

Growth hackers vs lovemarks
We can then become growth hackers, that is, marketers focused obsessively and exclusively on acquiring the largest Kenya Phone Number List of users and engagement at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time … and live and die for the numbers.

Or we can understand that numbers are very important and metrics, but at the heart of our efforts as brands and organizations must be creating those connections that unleash reactions and emotions … and yes of course, as a consequence, it will give us engagement, leads, sales and loyalty. As Kevin Roberts would say, make them fall in love, create Lovemarks .

There is nothing wrong with being hackers. It is valid … but we must decide what we want to do and who we want to be. Growth hackers vs Lovemarks.

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