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Google Analytics reports that every marketer should use


Google Analytics reports that every marketer should use

Review 4 reports that will easily give you relevant data to analyze your online business.
He has helped thousands of companies (American Express, HowStuffWorks, Citi) increase their online revenue through conversion rate optimization. Khalid Saleh , president of Invesp, a renowned Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists dedicated to conversion and optimization e-commerce, is recognized as a guru within the digital industry .

Therefore, it should not go unnoticed that you use the Google Analytics tool a lot and, within it, it suggests several reports that you should use to take advantage of your business.

It is important for marketers to have a deep understanding of the conversion measurement capabilities of this tool. After all, through it you can see if your efforts within the company are really being translated into results.

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Unfortunately, mastering Google Analytics can be a great challenge, even for experts. There is too much data and too few dashboards to put it all together. Therefore, below I present several standard and custom reports that can help you see the performance of your business:

Mobile performance report
Little by little we have become a mobile world. So much so that the total number of mobile users already exceeds the total number of users with desktop computers.

Google Analytics Reports – Mobile Performance Report

So important is the Betting Email List world that Google now penalizes web pages that are not adapted to be viewed on these types of devices.

The mobile performance report shows how well your website (not app) is mobile optimized and where improvements need to be made.

You can segment the report to the point where you can see what mobile devices / browsers your customers are using to access your website. Access is easy: Audience → Mobile → Overview

It will show you how your website works on different platforms:

Viewing Mobile Performance Report Visualization 2 Mobile Performance Report

If you want to know more about this, I invite you to read this post about conversions to measure success in mobile campaigns .

Report on traffic acquisition This report helps you know if people are clicking on your ads, if this is generating traffic to your website and if your SEO strategy is working .
Access through Acquisition → Overview

Viewing Report on Traffic Acquisition

By clicking on “Referral” (Acquisition → Overview → All traffic → Channels → Sources)

Visualization in Google Analytics of the report on the acquisition of traffic

Choosing a specific page will show you the exact pages visited by the users who used to get to your web page.

Viewing the Traffic Acquisition Report in Analytics

Keyword analysis report
Since Google started encrypting data in 2012, all organic traffic words will almost always display like this:

Visualization of the Keyword Analysis Report in Google Analytics

However, you can gather information from all visitors to your website with keywords that are not encrypted. This report created by eConsultancy analyzes the most popular keywords arrived at your website.

Analytics view of the keyword analysis report

New vs recurring visitors report
This report will show you the percentage of users who keep coming back to your website .

Audience → Behavior → New vs Recurring Visitors

Visualization in Google Analytics of the new vs recurring visitors reportVisualization Analytics Report new vs recurring visitors

Usually, the metrics for new and returning visitors are a bit different. Recurring members tend to stay longer on the website and have a lower bounce rate.

In short, Google Analytics is an essential tool for any “marketer”, but sometimes it can be difficult to take advantage of it because of its difficulty. By being able to use reports that you create yourself or that you can download from the Google Analytics gallery , you will be obtaining relevant data for your business.

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